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Friday, 02 September 2016 17:09

Five Ways to Zip into Team Spirit

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Whether you’re on the court or in the field, team spirit is a crucial part of your team’s success. Team spirit can bring a team together. It can also aid in bringing the team closer together. There are hundreds of ways for a team to build team spirit. From custom props to intangible expressions from the heart, your team will appreciate your efforts in creating team spirit that abounds.

Here are five ways to express team spirit.

Gifts to Remind

One of the best ways to bring about team spirit is to get your team a gift that will remind them of team goals and working together. There are various gifts that can be given that are perfect for creating team spirit.

  • Custom t-shirts

Get your team custom t-shirts made with the team name and in your team colors. Let your team wear them in other places outside of the game. Your team will appreciate the gesture and will also have a sense of being a part of a team with their matching t-shirts.

  • Custom Zipper pulls

This is a unique gift for all members of your team. These custom zipper pulls for team players allow you to customize them with a photo of your choice. You can also add text and color to customize to match your team spirit! Get your team a special gift to wear on their sport jacket or gym bag. This is the perfect custom gift for everyone on your team.

  • Team Photo

Have everyone get together and take a group photo. Make everyone a copy and place in a special frame. This will remind your team members what it is like to be in a team.

Pep-Talk Them Up

You can give your team instant team spirit by giving them a pep talk not just during the game but before and after. Make an effort to pep them up as you see the team members in daily life as well as before the game. You can also pep them back up after a loss on the field or court. Let them know you are proud no matter what happens. Win or lose, allow them to understand that acting as a team is successful on its own.

Praise, Praise, Praise  


There’s nothing better than complimenting your team. Take a few minutes to go through each team player and list things they are great at. Have the team do the same and create a board to place in the locker room. Whenever your team members see it, they will be instantly reminded of the amazing team they are on. You can also go around the room and let them all speak about the amazing job they do on the field. Let them lead the conversation.

Have a Pep Rally

A not so old tradition, the pep rally, is still a great way to show team spirit today. Gather your team members together to have an old fashioned pep rally for all to see. Let them give speeches and show off their skills whether inside or outside. Gather together the cheerleaders, the team and the coaches and have some fun. For added fun, let your team dress in all of their team colors from the top of their head to their feet. Get everyone involved!

Set Proper Goals

Perhaps the best way to raise team spirit is through the reaching of team goals. Set reasonable goals for your team that they can meet with a little effort. Once they are met, set more goals that coincide with them. These goals will contribute to the team’s sense of wellbeing and overall attitude about the game. Make sure these goals are communicated to the players as well.


It’s simple to show team spirit, however, it can be challenging to create it. With these five ways to evoke team spirit, it will be simple to zip right into. Let your team rise to the occasion and shine by giving them a token of the team, an amazing pep talk and proper goals to meet.

Friday, 02 September 2016 13:31

Free app and digital marketing course for your club

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Youth Football Scotland has teamed up with Free Courses in Scotland, to offer a game-changing opportunity to youth clubs. If you would like a FREE bespoke smart-phone application for your club and a digital marketing qualification, then read on.
Most teams and clubs are heavily reliant on digital platforms nowadays. Between club websites, Facebook pages and Twitter feeds, they aren't many clubs that don't have an online presence. However, within the space of a few months your club could be standing out from the crowd, with it's own custom made app for iPhone and Android devices.
Free Courses in Scotland, in association with Glasgow Kelvin College, is offering the final batch of places on a fully funded digital marketing course to grassroots clubs. This is an online course, done in the comfort of your own home, offering a NCFE qualification. If your club are looking to use digital platforms to promote the club's achievements and attract new players & volunteers, it's the perfect opportunity to appoint a dedicated media officer, send them on this course, and get ahead of the game.
As part of the course, your club will be able to build it's own app. Built from the ground up (with help from the professionals) to showcase your club, you can choose from 15 features from over 40 options... your app can look and feel exactly how you want it to. And it can be downloaded directly from the App Store or Google Play.
Places on the course are limited. If you'd like to register for more information, please fill out the form below.
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Wednesday, 24 August 2016 12:04

How To Make Money As A Football Fan

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Football is a billion-dollar industry. Athlete contracts routinely reach seven figures or more. The clubs, stadiums, TV networks, and other entities involved in the sport are all cashing in on the fever. Since fans are the ones ultimately funding the whole enterprise, then they should be able to reap financial rewards from their passion as well. There are a number of things that you can do earn money. One of them is online gambling which can take on many forms. You could, for instance,play table games at Royal Vegas casino. All the classics can be found including poker, blackjack, baccarat and more. 

Play in the Fantasy Leagues
Another possible source of income is fantasy football. There are countless leagues that you could join. Learn about the rules being implemented in each before taking the plunge. It's a great way to spend your free time while making use of your extensive knowledge of the sport as well. Large prizes await the champion so these can be quite competitive. In a nutshell, you start the season by picking your own personal dreamtime from the active players on the rosters. Their statistics are then tallied at the end of each game. In head-to-head battles, the fantasy teams with the best aggregate statistics win.
Write What You Know
You can also use your decades of expertise to write a blog about football. Try to make this as unique as possible. For instance, you may want to inject humor if you are so inclined. You may also fill it with statistics and analysis to prove a point. Each approach will draw a different audience. You may get invited to write guest posts on professional blogs or even on newspapers once you have build a following. These are paying gigs for doing something that you love. It may not be much at the start but it can lead to more opportunities down the road.
Buy and Sell Memorabilia
Go online and you will see plenty of sports items being traded. Lots of fans are heavy collectors of memorabilia, especially those related to their favorite teams and players. Study the scene by observing what's in great demand and what turns the most profits. It would help if you have some experience in this or know someone who does. You will have to invest a bit to get into this business but smart decisions can quickly result in good earnings.
Become an Affiliate Marketer
If you are not keen on making investments, then stay on the safe side by becoming an affiliate marketer. Look for products that are related to the sport that you think other people would love to have. Post these on your site and simply wait for the earnings to come. These pay out a percentage of the price so the more units you move, the better your earnings will be. There are a lot of ways to entice more visitors to purchase. Read about these methods and try to implement a few of them to see what works.
Thursday, 07 July 2016 15:42

Get your club's own sticker album & raise funds

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Got, got, need! The timeless words of football sticker collectors swapping doubles in the playground. Scottish, English, the Euros, the World Cup. Every season, every competition, you just couldn't wait for those packets to hit the shelves. Appearing in the albums yourself was a pipe dream, however thanks to one Scottish company that dream could come true for young players across Scotland.

words & pictures, a photography company from South Queensferry, has invented 'W&P Stickers™'. It gives youth clubs the chance to have their own album, to be filled with stickers from packets featuring players across the age groups. There is no start up cost to the club and every packet that is sold results in a donation being made - so it's great fun but also great for funds. Not only that, but it's the perfect tool to help players from across the age groups get to know one another, a key part of many community clubs' ethos.

The first club to sign up is local outfit, Kirkliston and South Queensferry FC. Club chairperson Kate Richardson said: "We are delighted to be celebrating our 25th anniversary by being the first grassroots club in the UK to commission a Collectors Album featuring W&P Stickers™. This terrific souvenir will remind our players, coaches, parents and supporters, of their time with the club and will be something we're sure they will treasure. We hope that we will see some of our players in professional teams in the future and we will be proud to know that they started with KSQ. Our thanks go to the entire team at Words & Pictures who have produced the album for us."

Also signed up are Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts. Would your club like to be next? Fill out the form below and we'll be in touch with more information. 

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Blue Brazil Boys Club 2001’s are the first team to be nominated for Youth Football Scotland’s team of the month. Head coach of the 2001’s age group and club chairman, John Mitchell, spoke to YFS about the team’s season, and about a recent kit deal that the club has agreed with Colin Campbell Sports.
The club, which this year celebrates its twentieth year of existence within the town of Cowdenbeath and the surrounding villages, currently has eleven age groups from under 5’s to under 15’s, with around 180 players, and boasts fantastic facilities. Mitchell said, “Our home is at Alex Venters Park in Cowdenbeath which has a full size 11’s pitch and a 7’s development size pitch. Work is ongoing at our home to provide a development size 11’s pitch to add to the two existing pitches. We have our own Clubhouse which was opened in June 2013, and replaced the original fire damaged building that stood for our first fourteen years. Within our pavilion we have four dressing rooms, home and away shower rooms, a referee room, a kitchen, toilets and storerooms, which are available to all of our teams.”
The season has proved to be successful across the age groups of the club. Mitchell said, “The season has gone very well so far for our Club with all our small sided teams performing very well at Pitreavie in the Fife Soccer Sevens Development Leagues. Our three 11-aside teams have also faired very well, all playing the Fife Development Leagues, and although non-competitive our U13’s have progressed well. Our U14’s are still contesting their League and reached the fifth round of the Scottish Cup only to lose out on the day to Harmony Row from Glasgow.”
The 2001’s side, Youth Football Scotland’s team of the month for June, have also had a successful season, and Mitchell shared their success as well. He said, “Our U15’s are only one win from securing their League title. The U15’s also made it to the fifth round of the Scottish Cup, losing after extra-time to Lewis United from Aberdeen.” The team also recently beat Kirkcaldy Eagles 5-2 in the Fife Cup semi-final, and progress to the final where they will play AMSoccer Club.
Having developed their club facilities in recent years, the attention of Blue Brazil turned to their kit and they have recently established a three year kit deal with Colin Campbell Sports. Mitchell said, “We recently agreed a partnership with Colin Campbell Sports to supply all our teams with training kit, playing kit and tracksuits. We have definitely benefitted with the three-year Stanno deal as we get cashback incentives throughout the three years.”
Mitchell was full of praise for the company and the service that they have provided to the club. He said, “We have been delighted with the service we have received from Colin Campbell Sports. From the very first meeting, it was evident that we were dealing with people who put our needs first and understood the budget that we had.” He added, “Colin Campbell himself was instrumental in getting us on board and made sure we were well informed all along the way. Through the order and delivery process we have dealt with Scott McKenzie who has made sure all the timescales and delivery times are met. The personal touch we receive is also very good where nothing is too much to ask. We would recommend CC Sports to any youth team looking for kit wear as they know what’s required.”
Blue Brazil will celebrate their twentieth year this June with a Sportsman Dinner. Mitchell shared the guests for the evening will include their previous U15’s squad who won the Scottish Cup in 2006. YFS offer their congratulations to Blue Brazil Boys Club on their fantastic new kit deal, their twentieth anniversary, and to the 2001’s age group for being name Colin Campbell Sports' team of the month for June 2016.
Click here to view Colin Campbell Sports full range of teamwear and equipment.
We have teamed up with Colin Campbell Sports to offer one lucky school or club the chance to win 20 brand new adidas starlancer footballs! All you need to do to enter is fill out your details via the form below and like the Colin Campbell Sports Facebook page by clicking here. Closing date for entries is 31/07/2017, Finalists announced 01/08/2017 - good luck! 
{rsform 66}
We have teamed up with the Edinburgh Dungeon to offer two lucky readers the chance to win a family ticket to see their new show: Deadly Diseases.
Edinburgh’s history is rife with diseases such as cholera, typhus and the plague. Now, thanks to The Edinburgh Dungeon, they’re all about to be
unleashed again. Who will survive?
Launching on March 18, 2016, the new show takes guests back to the disease-ravaged streets of the capital where they will come face-to-face with its
victims and their ghastly ailments.
Delivered with the mix of cheeky humour and gripping storytelling for which the award-winning attraction is known, visitors will learn about thecurious cures concocted by the city’s bloodstained barber surgeons – the men treating those unable to afford a doctor. Those lucky enough to escape will then venture down a plague-ridden
street of Old Edinburgh, the Street of Sorrows, and meet the Foul Clenger – the plague cleaner.
But the scary fun doesn’t stop there. At the end of the tour, visitors find themselves on Market Street – the Dungeon’s new immersive shop. Below
them are rat-strewn cobbles and above are hanging awnings as well as swinging rows of tankards, bottles and cages. Meanwhile stalls
spilling over with wares combine to offer a new retail experience.
Deadly Diseases is on from March 18 2016 for a limited time only. For more information or to book tickets please visit www.thedungeons.com/edinburgh or
follow @EdinDungeon for updates.
Through their agreement with the Norway Cup, Youth Football Scotland have been allocated twenty spaces for Scottish teams to participate in the world's biggest youth football festival. Rossvale Reds 2002’s are one of the lucky teams who will travel to Norway to take part, and they have had the added good fortune to acquire sponsorship from SIG Technical Insulation, the largest supplier of insulation and related products in Europe.
The company operates from around seven hundred sites over eleven countries and employs over ten thousand people. YFS spoke to Cathie Mitchell, the regional sales manager at SIG, who explained why the company has offered it's support to the club.
“One of our customers, Select Insulation, approached us and asked that we support this cause,” Mitchell said. “We are honoured to be given the opportunity to support Rossvale on their journey to Norway.”
Rossvale 2002’s currently sit third in the Glasgow District league, and are in two quarter-finals, with one being the regional cup. The sponsorship that SIG are providing is a major factor in the team being able to participate in the tournament, and the company are delighted to support the club. Mitchell said, “In our view, we have a corporate responsibility as well as a self-interest to improve the well-being of individuals and to use our best endeavours to enhance local community life.”
Mitchell explained how the company believes supporting groups in their local community will benefit the firm as much as the groups that they sponsor. “SIG believe a positive approach to our community relations is in the best long term interests of our company and those who work within it. Locally we have been involved in many charitable events over the years, mainly Cash For Kids, and take great enjoyment and pride from being able to help in our community. It has been our pleasure to be involved in this endeavour and follow [Rossvale’s] journey with considerable interest.”
Rossvale Reds 2002’s are sure to have a fantastic time at the world’s largest youth football festival. The Norway Cup will be a fantastic experience for the all the coaches and players involved and all at YFS will be following the club’s journey with as much interest as their generous sponsors at SIG Technical Insulation.
The Football Programme at Borders College are now welcoming applicants.
Gain essential employability and academic qualifications while developing your football skills. Students will have the opportunity to:
-Train up to 15 hours a week
-Follow an Individualised Strength & Conditioning programme
-Analyse and evaluate own football performance to gain improvement
Fill out the form below to register your interest in a place:
{rsform 64}
Would you like to combine high quality education with YOUR passion for football? Successful applicants will study academic qualifications at Borders College that are structured to run alongside devloping your practical skills. Players can take courses at different levels such as National Progression Awards at S.C.Q.F level 6 or HND at S.C.Q.F level 7 & 8.
The Football Programme is designed to allow for individual and team development in a structure to support those wishing to progress towards professional football, along with academic study and essential career management skills.As part of the programme you will also receive guidance and education on team cohesion and development, nutrition, conditioning and psychology. 
Alongside this you will have the opportunity to undertake accredited coaching courses. The Football Programme is run by UEFA-qualified coaches who have vast experience in the professional game. The coaches manage the players and the academy on a daily basis; ensuring players are working equally hard on and off the pitch. Training is designed to be fun, challenging and rewarding with players given the opportunity to develop at their own rate of learning. The coaches also work to educate the players on life skills for use outside of football such as teamwork, personal organisation, punctuality and self-discipline which are all essential in gaining employability and academic qualifications.
The programme has produced numerous success stories, including Lewis Allan and Allan Smith who went on to win contracts at Hibernian and Dunfermline FC respectively. Fill out the form below to register your interest in a place:
{rsform 64}
Click here to learn more about the football programme.
Thursday, 25 February 2016 12:22

Dana Cup Hjorring Registration Now Open

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The Dana Cup Hjørring 2016 will be held from the 25th to the 30th of July in Hjørring, Denmark.
Where will you be when 1.100 teams from 45 nations walk into the new Hjørring Stadium for the opening ceremony of the 35th Dana Cup tournament?

Join us and the thousands of other young soccer players from all around the World who unite to play the wonderful game of football. Boys from under 11 to under 19 and Girls from under 12 to under 19 fight it out on one of Northern Europe´s best football arenas and in their spare time hang out at our event area and makes friends for the rest of their lives.
Our entry deadline is the 1st of May 2016, you can enter online at anytime here.

The Dana Cup is ready to welcome your team here in Hjørring, for further information check out our website www.danacup.com or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.
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