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Monday, 26 November 2018 14:34

YFS and Star Sixes team up for new youth club deal

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Youth Football Scotland is delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with Star Sixes, which will see youth clubs benefit from a specially organised discounted group rate. It promises to be one of the most exciting football events to hit Scotland and what better way to see in the new year with your youth football team?
The world’s greatest players will reunite in January at Glasgow’s SSE Hydro for the second edition of Star Sixes - an indoor international 6-a-side football tournament featuring the legends of the game.
The event will see a Scottish team featuring Barry Ferguson, James McFadden and Jackie McNamara take on top opposition from across the UK and beyond. England boast Michael Owen and Joe Cole; whereas the star studded Rest of the World select includes Robert Pires, Gaizka Mendieta and Jay Jay Okocha. Not to mention former Old Firm favourites Ronald De Boer, Stillian Petrov, Jorg Albertz and Pierre Van Hooijdonk.
To be held from 4-6th January. The tournament will consist of a round robin group phase followed by play-offs and final, when the prized silverware will be at stake. As well as world-class football action, there will be a spectacular show built around the matches making this an unmissable occasion for the whole family.
Tickets can be purchased by clicking here. Alternatively, if you'd like to take your football team along, Star Sixes are offering a 25% discount for groups of 20 and more. We recommend enquiring early if you are interested. Please fill out the form below and a tournament representative will be back in touch.

Young footballers from around the world are set to gain unprecedented access to St George's Park, home to the English National Football Teams in 2019.

The state-of-the-art training complex has recently been unveiled as the host venue for the 2019 UK International Cup, with all tournament matches being played on the hallowed turf on-site; a mouth-watering prospect for football fans of all ages and nationalities, giving Scottish teams the chance to experience the fantastic venue.

Sleep Like a Champion

In case your jaw wasn't already on the floor, it has also been announced that participating teams will have the opportunity to stay in the Official Team England Hilton Hotel, meaning grassroots players will be kicking back with their feet up in the very same beds as global superstars, such as Raheem Sterling and Harry Kane.

To Find out More

The tournament, which has a total capacity of 80 teams, has three age categories - u9, u10, and u11. CLICK HERE to find out more information and sign up!

UCFB is a world first in sports education, offering university degrees in the football, sports and events industries. Students are taught in world-class campuses in London and Manchester, which have the iconic Wembley and Etihad stadiums at their heart.
We recently spoke with Scottish student Declan Jackson, a BA (Hons) Sports Business & Coaching student, who explained to us his highlights at UCFB, why he chose the institution and the benefits of working with the Scottish Football Association…
What aspects of your course do you enjoy the most?
The opportunity to learn in both a practical and theoretical sense, as it caters for how I prefer to learn. The guest speakers that are degree specific, such as [former Hull City manager] Mike Phelan, are also massive in terms of developing my appreciation for the craft of coaching.
What was it that made you choose UCFB?
I chose UCFB as it was something different, unique, and an opportunity to gain entry into a career I've wanted to pursue for a long time. I could have remained in Scotland, but this opportunity was too good to miss, in my eyes.
How have you found the Employment & Enrichment features during your time at UCFB?
The opportunity to become qualified in a variety of different capacities, such as STATS, match commentary and digital marketing is certainly a huge bonus on a CV, and can give you that little advantage when competing for jobs. The guest speakers not only broaden your mind, but can also assist with your coursework if you can pluck the right ideas from them.
What are your plans after UCFB?
After UCFB, I plan to pursue a role within an academy setup, while studying a part-time Masters degree. This will allow me to use my previous certification, while furthering my education.
You’ve undertaken work experience at the Scottish Football Association. What was the role, what did you learn from it and how did you find the experience?
With the SFA, I undertook the role of an elite performance scout, where there was the opportunity to view and assess some of the best young talent coming out of Scotland. In my case, I was in the north of England, travelling to the likes of Manchester United, Liverpool and Everton.
To find out more about UCFB, visit www.ucfb.com
Sky Sports’ Hayley McQueen knows a thing or two about being a prominent female figure in the world of sport.
McQueen, one of Sky’s most popular anchors and presenters, has been in the leading pack of female talent on Sky Sports News which proudly boasts a number of the UK’s most respected broadcasters, including Kirsty Gallacher and Natalie Sawyer.
McQueen, daughter of former Scotland international Gordon McQueen, was a visitor to UCFB Wembley to talk to students as part of the Executive Guest Speaker Series about her exciting career path so far and to pass on words of wisdom to fellow females hoping to follow in her footsteps.
With media leading the way in the number of females employed in its rank, McQueen highlighted the likes of medical, marketing and sales roles as areas where more and more women are being employed, but hoped that public incidents, like what was seen between then Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho and doctor Eva Carneiro, doesn’t put females off working in the football and sports industry.
McQueen said: “Unfortunately that was the worst thing that could have possibly happened in that situation. The headlines probably came out because she was a woman and Mourinho undermined her position. I think that was frustrating because it set everybody back a little bit and thought ‘well maybe women can’t work in the industry’, ‘she made this mistake’ or ‘according to Mourinho she’s made this mistake’. I hope things like that won’t put women off.”
No stranger to football growing up, McQueen started her journey in the world of sports journalism with Middlesbrough’s in-house TV channel Boro TV as a reporter, before going on to Manchester United and then making her name on Sky.
Her advice to women wanting to enter the football and sports industry is simple: “See yourself as an equal, because you are.”
McQueen added: “Don’t think of yourself as ‘I’m a girl it’s going to be tough’, don’t even see yourself as a sex – just see yourself as an equal. As soon as you see yourself as an equal, which you are, other people will see that too. Women are equal in every other industry so why can’t they be in sport? If you’re someone who has grown up with sport, that’s what you should be doing, so don’t let it put you off.”

To find out more about UCFB, visit www.ucfb.com

With recruitment days now open for the 2018 Challenger Sports experience, Youth Football Scotland caught up with a young Scottish coach
who has been living the dream for the past two years. Challenger Sports offer you the chance to get paid to coach in the USA over the summer,
and Adam has never looked back since heading to the States.
24-year-old Adam Shaw attended a recruitment day in Glasgow 2 years ago, but could not have known how much it would have changed his
life, hailing it as the ‘best decision I have ever made’ to go to America and coach.
Like all Challenger Sports coaches, Adam was given a base to work out of in America – his being Gonzales, Louisiana. Adam has become
very fond of the club he coaches, saying;
‘They are an amazing club with some great people around it trying to make it one of the top clubs in Louisiana, they really believe in player
development over winning which is big for me..’
There are a lot of things to enjoy while out coaching in the USA, and one of the positive aspects for Adam was of course the sunshine –
saying that coaching ‘in nice weather makes it so much better’.
Coaching in the sunshine is great, but what really keeps coaches going back is the reward of working with the children and helping them
improve their game. Adam had some accent trouble, but the kids could understand him eventually;
‘I always enjoy teaching the kids new things about soccer. I always love when they struggle to understand me for the first day of camp
but when they get over that stage & try to intimidate me it is really funny to listen to them.’
Adam’s experience with Challenger Sports has kept him going back to America, with another trip planned in 2018. When asked if he has
advice for those who may be considering signing up, he said;
If you are lucky enough to be given the chance, DO IT! Going to America & working with Gonzales is the best decision I have ever 
made & I would not change it. It is an environment & lifestyle that you don't get back home in Scotland & one that you need to grab with both hands.
Leaving home for a summer and getting the opportunity to travel and meet new people gave Adam the chance to grow as a person. Acknowledging
that it can be a big decision to make, but that the reward is worth it, Adam said;
‘I have seen myself become a better coach & person from the experience. As a person, moving away from home can be daunting but it allows you
to grow up & mature. The people I have around me at the soccer club have helped me massively with this process.’
Another positive outcome of the Challenger experience for Adam was being able to stay with the Brizzard family, who took Adam in and treated him
as 'one of their own'. Coaches will travel throughout America, staying with amazing families who are happy to host the travelling coaches. Adam still
keeps in touch with the Brizzard family, and said: 
'I live with a family called The Brizzard's who have accepted me into their family & their home as if I was one of their own. They have 3 amazing kids
who I can now call my brother & sisters.'
With recruitment days in Edinburgh and Dundee now open, click here to register your interest and start dreaming of a Summer in the States!
Full interview below:
What drew you to Challenger Sports summer coaching?
1 - I had always heard of Challenger Sports & how good an opportunity it would be to coach in America. I was meant to be out with them 5 years ago but due to circumstances at home it wasn't possible for me to do it but I always said when it rises again then I would do it. I went to the recruitment day in Glasgow 2 years ago & met some of the people involved with the company. Overall that was great day as I found out then that I would be offered a contract which I was delighted with 
Where were you based in America, and what other locations did you coach in?
2 - Over the last 2 years I have been mainly based in Gonzales which is in south Louisiana working with the soccer club down there. They are an amazing club with some great people around it trying to make it one of the top clubs in Louisiana, they really believe in player development over winning which is big for me because it is something I fully believe in when it comes to coaching. During the summer camps I was based in Louisiana but I got to travel to some really nice places like Mandeville, Madisonville & Thibodaux to name a few. I stayed with some great families who I still keep in touch with whether I'm in Glasgow or Gonzales.
What was your favourite part about coaching in America? 
3 - My favourite part about coaching in America was the sunshine. Going out to coach is a joy anyway but doing it in nice weather makes it so much better... very warm but better. Another enjoyable aspect of coaching in America was doing the summer camps & being able to meet & work with new kids, I always enjoy teaching the kids new things about soccer. I always love when they struggle to understand me for the first day of camp but when they get over that stage & try to intimidate me it is really funny to listen to them.
Did you have the opportunity to travel at the end? 
4 - I never took the opportunity to travel at the end of my contract but it is something I'm looking to do at the end of 2018 & I would highly advise people to do it. If coaches don't choose to travel at the end then another opportunity for them to travel is during the 4th of July week, Challenger Sports give us the time off so I took advantage of that as I travelled to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida with Alex Edwards who also coaches at Gonzales Soccer Club. An amazing experience which will live long in the memory.
What piece of advice would you give Scottish coaches who might be considering this opportunity? 
5 - If you are lucky enough to be given the chance, DO IT! Going to America & working with Gonzales is the best decision I have ever made & I would not change it. For the summer coaches, look into the possibility of staying out as an Academy Trainer & working with a soccer club in your region. It is an environment & lifestyle that you don't get back home in Scotland & one that you need to grab with both hands.
What have you learnt from the experience as a whole?
6 - Since being here I have learned loads both on & off the soccer field. I have seen myself become a better coach & person from the experience. As a coach I have changed my outlook on coaching, when I coached in Scotland I wanted my teams to play nice passing football & try to win at same time but when we didn't when I would get frustrated which I now know wasn't a good way to be. Development is now the highest & only priority on my list when coaching. As a person, moving away from home can be daunting but it allows you to grow up & mature. The people I have around me at the soccer club have helped me massively with this process.
Anything else you want to mention?
7 - Something I would like to add for the ones who choose to become an Academy Trainer.... while working for the soccer club I get to live with an amazing family for the full duration of my time there before & after summer camps. I live with a family called The Brizzard's who have accepted me into their family & their home as if I was one of their own. They have 3 amazing kids who I can now call my brother & sisters.
Adam with the Brizzards
The chief executive of the Scottish Professional Football League, and UCFB advisor Neil Doncaster, has laid out his three top tips to succeed when working in the football and sports industry.
Doncaster, who also runs a unique management training programme at the institution’s London campus, which features Wembley Stadium at its heart, had this to say when UCFB asked him for his top tips:
Build your network
The former Norwich City chief executive said: “You cannot have enough contacts in the game. Ultimately, they’re the people who can provide opportunities for you.”
Work hard
Doncaster added: “It goes without saying, but I as an employer want to see people coming in with enthusiasm and a desire to work.”
Finally, the SPFL boss said: “This is absolutely crucial. If you really want something enough, then you should achieve it. It’s a competitive and difficult world, but there are opportunities for those who keep working, keep going and never give up. Those are the people who succeed in the end.”
For more information on UCFB, visit www.ucfb.com.
Thursday, 30 November 2017 09:47

UCFB and the SPFL join forces

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UCFB’s unique links with the football and sport industry grants students access to some of the biggest organisations in the industry, including the Scottish Professional Football League.
It’s not just Brendan Rodgers and Celtic making waves north of the border… UCFB students are also making a name for themselves at the SPFL.
The organisation’s chief executive Neil Doncaster has been a keen supporter of UCFB in recent years and is a member of the institution’s Employment & Enrichment Panel, regularly hosting workshops with students on the various facets of management and leadership in sport.
Always keen to promote young talent, Doncaster and the SPFL have employed a number of UCFB students on a work placement basis in recent years across various aspects of the business.
Most recently was Matthew Lang who spent time at the famous Hampden Park in Glasgow within the media and marketing team. As part of his role Matthew sat in on meetings making suggestions on how to raise the profile of the Scottish game. He also shadowed Doncaster and was able to see first-hand the day-to-day of a top level professional in the football industry.
Ross McDonald, digital manager at the SPFL: “Students from UCFB are always enthusiastic and keen to learn. We allow them to shadow us within the office environment in order to give them a feel for what it is like working for a governing body within Scottish football.”
Doncaster added: “The industry needs graduates with these qualifications and work-based experience as a way of both improving best practice and standardisation across the football business and associated industries.”
To find out more, please visit www.ucfb.com 
Tuesday, 19 September 2017 13:49

COMPETITION: Win Macron Kit for your school team!

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We have teamed up with Colin Campbell Sports to offer one lucky school the chance to win a full set of Macron kit for their school football team with £320! All you need to do to enter is fill out your details via the form below and like the Colin Campbell Sports Facebook page by Clicking Here. Closing date for entries is 25/09/2017, Finalists announced 26/09/2017 - good luck!
{rsform 99}
Thank you for your submission on the Indeed website. For over 20 years Challenger Sports and British Soccer, has given football coaches from the United Kingdom and Ireland the chance to travel, coach, and be a part of the soccer explosion in the US and Canada. You do not need to be an experienced coach to apply - there are opportunities to suit all levels.
Better yet, not only does this give coaches the experience of a lifetime, it can also lead to a potential full time career in football in the USA.
Visit the Grand Canyon, the Statue of Liberty and walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, all whilst coaching the best sport in the world!
The Scottish recruitment days for 2019/20 have just been confirmed! They are as follows:
- Glasgow: October 13th 2019
- Edinburgh: October 20th 2019
- Glasgow: November 24th 2019
Watch snapshot video:
Hear from a Scottish coach who has been to the States with Challenger:

So, how does Challenger Sports work? Here is all the information below that you'll need.
To register your interest in coaching in the States with Challenger Sports, fill out the form below and one of the team will get in touch with you. Please note you must be 18 or over by 31st May 2020:
Date of birth:
Select a recruitment day:
Please describe why you would be a suitable candidate for Challenger Sports USA*
I am aware that if invited to a recruitment day, I will be required to place a £50 deposit, refundable if I am not given the chance to coach in the USA.*
Saturday, 02 September 2017 14:48

Why We Need a Scottish Fantasy Football League

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Fantasy football is a big deal. You only need to type the phrase into Google and you will see just how big it is, and how many different fantasy football sites there are out there.
However, what you will notice is the lack of a Scottish fantasy football league. That’s a shame, because while it isn’t as huge as the EPL, La Liga or the Bundesliga, the Scottish Premiership is one of the most exciting football leagues out there. It’s utterly action packed and there’s rarely a dull moment - wouldn’t you agree?
It’s high time a Scottish fantasy football league was launched. We’ve listed the reasons we think it would be of great benefit!
Some Great Reasons For a Scottish Fantasy Football League
1 - It Would Put the Scottish League In the Spotlight
We said above that the SPFL is one of the most exciting leagues out there, and we stand by that statement.
With bitter rivalries, fast-paced games and passionate fans, the Scottish Premiership is a little gem waiting to be discovered by the rest of the world.
A Scottish fantasy football league would bring a lot of awareness to what’s on offer from players around the world. Since fantasy football is so popular to begin with, there’s no doubt people from all over Europe and beyond would jump in and begin playing for fun.
In the process, they would learn a lot about the league, which leads us to our next point.
2 - That Awareness Would Improve the League Itself
When people from around the world start playing fantasy football, they might naturally become curious about who some of the players are, and about the teams with rich histories and passionate fans they are learning about through the fantasy leagues.
This would likely lead them to start following the SPFL closer, and perhaps watching games. More viewers and supporters means more revenue and bigger clubs, which in turn would allow teams to purchase bigger, better players.
Overall, the more interest there is in the Scottish Premiership, the more money will flow into the pockets of Scottish clubs. This can only improve the quality of the football we witness all year round.
A fantasy league would be a great way to grow the league itself and create lots of new supporters.
3 - Because It Would Be Super Fun
While playing any fantasy football league is fun, there’s something extra special about one based on the home teams and players.
If you’re Scottish, you have to admit a Scottish fantasy league would be extra fun. It would also give Scots an advantage, since we naturally know more about it than others from around the world would.
It’s almost a sure thing a Scots lad (or lassy) would be crowned King (or Queen) in the first Scottish fantasy league, and a heck of a lot of others would have great fun along the way.
Fun is a good enough reasons to do almost anything in our opinion.
4 - There Would be a Lot of Footy Lessons Learned
Since the topic of this site is football, we can assume you have at least some interest in playing the game.
Watching the SPFL closely through a fantasy league would cause you to spot things you wouldn’t by just watching casually. For example, you might spot weaknesses in a certain team’s defence, and then realize they also apply to your own team. This could be a valuable lesson and could help you improve performance.
Not only this, but following the game closely would improve your own football performance. Putting on the manager’s cap and running your own fantasy team gives you great insight into football and how it works. Valuable lessons can be learned here.
Sure, you can learn these lessons in any fantasy football league, but combined with the other reasons above, it’s another great reason to have a Scottish specific one.
5 - You Could Meet New Friends Locally
This is one of the best bits of fantasy football of any kind - there’s a huge social element behind it.
While some of the bigger fantasy football leagues based on the EPL have participants from all around the world, a Scottish league would likely involve lots of locals, giving you an opportunity to create new connections and make new friends with similar interests.
In some big cities it is even common for fantasy football players to meet up and socialize with each other. A Scottish league would help weave together the Scottish footy enthusiasts and would build up a community.
If you already have enough friends and aren’t so keen on the idea of making new ones, this would be something super cool to do with your existing friends, too.
It’s something to have a chin wag about, if nothing else!
6 - You Develop New Skills & Get Smarter
We sort of touched on this in one of the other points, but putting the manager’s cap on has many benefits. You can develop some great skills which will help you out in other areas of your life, such as:
●     Decision making
●     Weighing up pros and cons
●     Judging risks
●     Thinking strategically
Who said games were a waste of time? These are genuine life skills lots of people lack, and you will have an advantage over these people if you develop them.
There are enough reasons here to give a Scottish fantasy football league a shot!
There are probably even more reasons we haven’t considered, but what we have listed here is enough to get it started.
The Scottish Football League is fantastic, and it’s high time it was recognized with a fantasy football league of its own. Get on it SPFL!
Do you agree? Would you like to see this? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.
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