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Westerton United U14's New Year's resolution

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Your team : Westerton United U14's
Your position in the team: Coach
What is your team's New Year's resolution?: To work as hard as possible in training to ensure we have the maximum chance of winning GADYFL 2001s league and the league cup.
Why have you selected this resolution?: So far the season has been the best we've ever had and we want to make sure the players eyes don't come off the ball. Whilst it's been impressive so far, winning a trophy would make it outstanding.
Who are your first-footers? (Who are you playing this weekend): Drumchapel United.
How do you think your team will get on in 2015?: If we continue to show the same desire, hunger and skill that we have shown in 2014 then extremely well.
What is your team most looking forward to in 2015? (Trips, tournaments, possible finals etc): The League Cup final and hopefully getting a chance to defend the Riverside Tournament.
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