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Q & A with: goalkeeping coach Ross Ballantyne

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So tell our audience a little about yourself?
My name is Ross Ballantyne. I currently work as the senior goalkeeping coach at Albion Rovers and I am head of goalkeeping development at Queens Park. I also have my own goalkeeping academy called ‘Savehands’ which has been running for five years and is currently based at Toryglen and St Ambrose (Coatbridge).
What does your academy aim for?
The aim is to develop a more technical goalkeeper. We look after boys and girls aged eight, right through to junior/senior level. We make an effort to see that each and every one of these people achieve their goals.
So you have any success stories to tell us about?
In the five years since the academy has started we have had 45 people who were signed senior junior or pro youth. One of the highlights was having two signed full time at Partick thistle and St Mirren. We have also had one of our kids represent Scotland School Boys. On top of this we have had 20 goalkeepers representing SYFA regional select squads.
Any plans for the future?
We are planning to open more centres in the West and Central Scotland. Also in the summer 2015 we will be on the road throughout Scotland with one or two day camps and working on a residential camp also.
The biggest plan is to keep developing a good standard of goalkeeper for all levels of football in a fun filled environment.
What would you say to all the aspiring goalkeepers out there reading today?
Follow your dreams and keep working hard. Also relax and don't be too hard on yourself.

Gillen Reid | YFS West Region Journalist
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