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Bannerman edge tense final against Holyrood

Holyrood Secondary School 0

Bannerman High School 1

Anderson 65
  • Monday, 12 May 2014
  • Toryglen Regional Football Centre
  • Under 13´s
  • Castle Cup - Final

Darren Carrigan | YFS West Region Journalist
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It was a tense and nervy final at Toryglen, Holyrood Secondary took on Bannerman High in the Castle Cup. Both teams knew it would be a big task today and you could tell form kick off the lads were right up for it.
Holyrood seized the initiative from the get go, Michael Welridge and James McDonald caused terror for the full backs. Blistering pace and quick passing let them get in behind twice, only for Bannerman’s defensive duo of Tom McCabe and Lee Adens out-muscled the defenders both times.
Andrew Paulley found himself ten yards from goal with the ball at his feet only for Holyrood’s own defensive bulwark Danny McGeever to slide in and block the devastating square ball he attempted.
McDonald cut in off the left wing for Holyrood; a brilliant little touch set him up for a curling shot that could only find the side netting.
McDonald was again the instigator for the next move where he beat three men on the right side, a quick cross searched for Alexander Mundy but the attempted Ronaldo heroics lacked enough power to put the blues in front.
Mundy sprang to life again a moment later, running through to pounce on a lovely ball sent forward by Joseph Cannon. Mundy took it first time firing off a low drive to the far bottom corner but Mark Petifier has safe hands and dives quick to triumph on the one v one.
Holyrood were really ramping up the pressure, a strong opening was being built upon as they kept on pressing the Bannerman blacks. The back four stood strong under the leadership of Tom McCabe, but it Petifier who was commanding the 18yard box in a completely professional manner. Time and again he collected from crosses provided by Holyrood’s dead ball maestro Mark Docherty. He also went about denying several tempting killer balls with his speed off the line.
Bannerman were all about the break in the opening, looking for pacey Paul Harvey and Ruairdh Anderson’s creativity. It looked to be on the verge of paying off; a quick clearance to Paulley was sent up to Anderson, who took one touch by his man into space. It looked like Blair Stewart’s sticks were about to be rocked until McGeever slid into his side and took him down. It was a painful tackle but a smart foul to concede and he must have felt he had to do it.
Another counter break for Bannerman High after Tom McCabe single handedly shut down Holyrood’s attack. He fed through Harvey only for Holyrood to dispossess the blacks and counter; Welridge sprinting by Reiss Hamilton, forcing the right back to concede a dangerous free kick.
Docherty’s cross pierced a Bannerman defence that completely turned off; McDonald chased down the bounce and it was down to the man of the moment Petifier to dart in and snatch it from his feet.
Bannerman’s back four looked formidable but Holyrood must have smelled blood after the brief display of weakness.
The sides went into the break deservedly level, the game having been end to end for the first forty minutes. Holyrood fans will have been delighted at the performances of McDonald and Welridge whilst the supporters in the black will have been proud of Anderson and Harvey’s threat on the counter attack. Both defences were rock solid however; Kyle Connor held the fort for Holyrood - a solid anchor in his holding midfield role. Whilst the centre back McCabe was in for a shout of Man of the Match at this point.
  • Half Time:
  • Holyrood Secondary School
  • 0-0
  • Bannerman High School
The second half picked up where the first left it, McDonald causing the fullbacks trouble and chasing down everything Mundy and Welridge could provide. But the man of the hour continued to claim everything, as Petifier was off his line more often than he was on it.
Gary Clark took a long free kick for Bannerman and it seemed like little would come of it, but when his cross curved to the top corner everyone held their collective breaths until Balir Stewart managed to push it out to his right.
Bannerman’s back four weren’t as perfect as they seemed, a hopeful Docherty corner was allowed to bounce 6 yards out. All Welridge had to do was get a touch to put it over the unbeatable Bannerman keeper – but in the end his leg couldn’t make it and the Petifier clean sheet continued.
Another minute another break; this time Mundy fell deep, in a move that should be on Match of The day he almost pulled his marker to the 30 yard mark before turning and blitzing into the gap. Connor provided the ball and Mundy launched a missile of a shot to the corner, only for the keeper to unbelievably push it out for a corner.  At this point Holyrood must have thought they needed a miracle.
Bannerman broke off the corner; Anderson moving through the centre like a man possessed leaving Connor in his wake. In the end only McGeever could keep up and the centre back slid in and scythed the strike in a blatant foul. The referee’s card was already out his pocket and the blues were left a man short at the back with 65 of the 80 minutes played.
It only took 5 minutes for Bannerman to break the deadlock, despite the seeming stalemate in the aftermath of the sending off.  All it took was one perfectly weighted cross from the right and out of nowhere Anderson headed Bannerman High in front.
Holyrood looked to bloody their rivals back, Docherty throwing in crosses at every opportunity. Free kicks and corners all looked to be promising for the blues. Despite 10 men on the park Holyrood were standing toe to toe with Bannerman if not getting more out the game.
Holyrood had a free kick out wide and for some reason it was Cannon who took it. He picked out McDonald with a great cross, but he couldn’t head it goal ward. It fell to Mundy who couldn’t position himself to strike it, instead delivering it to the keeper.
The numbers game began to take its toll and Holyrood’s key playmakers were tiring. Bannerman were applying pressure, but being careful not to throw everyone forward – they surely knew Holyrood could and would take any chance they offered. In the end, a defiant Holyrood couldn’t get their equalizer, despite a great attempt at a fight back. Bannerman played excellently throughout and in one of the hardest fought and most even finals took home the trophy. Not a single player had a bad game, though Petifier should remember the game for the rest of his days.
  • Full Time:
  • Holyrood Secondary School
  • 0-1
  • Bannerman High School


Holyrood Secondary School
Bannerman High School

1. Blair Stewart
2. Mark Docherty
3. Jay Hunter
4. Danny McGeever
5. Christopher McFadden
6. Kyle Connor
7. Joseph Cannon
8. Tyler McGee
9. Alexander Mundy
10. Reece Scott
11. Sean Murray
12. Jonathan Kavanagh
14. Michael Welridge
15. James McDonald
16. Pearse McGarvvey
17.Paul O'Brien

1. Mark Petifier
2. Gary Clark
3. Anson Lung
4. Andrew Paulley
5. Tom McCabe
6. Cameron McEwan
7. Paul Harvey
8. June Livingstone
9. Ruairdh Anderson
10. Alex Smith
11. Kieran Lawson
12. Steven Lanre
14. Lee Adens
15. Craig Watson
16. Jay Allison

Star Player
Holyrood Secondary School
Bannerman High School
John McDonald was an absolute teror, switching wings to terrorize both fullbacks. His pace,passing and speed were simply too much to handle for the Bannerman back line.
Mark Petifier, absolutely dominated this match. His 1v1s, contorl of his area, defending crosses and long shots were all impeccable. Why this boy is not professional yet I will never know.
Magic Moment
Holyrood Secondary School
Bannerman High School
Holyrood had a number of great plays that could go here, but one must be Alexander Mundy's rocket that would have beaten anyone on any other day.
The save of Mundy's shot comes to mind. But the reaction form the players to Anderson's goal made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.
Club Views
Holyrood Secondary School
Bannerman High School
Holyrood coach, Mr Wilson said: "The lads played well today and unfortunatley came off second best."
Mark Petifier, Bannerman Goalkeeper said: "This was a really good victory and I'm realaly glad we managed to win this cup. We deserved it, even with the numbers advanatage I think we worked harder and that's what got us the victory."
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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