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YFS team up with easyfundraising to raise funds for clubs

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Youth Football Scotland has teamed up with easyfundraising to help teams and clubs across Scotland to raise funds. 
At YFS, we know how expensive it is to run a football team. Between kit, equipment, facilities and referees, the player subscription fees are tested to their limits. It becomes necessary for clubs to run a number of fundraising events to stay afloat, which can be great fun - but also require a lot of hard work. 
What if we were to tell you that you could have a year round fundraiser, without changing what you do? No requirements to collect tokens, to go around the neighbours asking for sponsorship and no bag packing at the local supermarket. Interested?
The concept of easyfundraising is simple. You register your team or club; you ask your players, parents and fans to become 'supporters'; and when they shop online, a percentage of their spend is donated to the club. Over £200,000 has been raised for football clubs so far.
Does this mean people have to go out of their way and shop at certain stores? The answer is no. Amazing, Ebay, ASDA, M&S and Argos are amongst the huge list of organisations helping clubs raise funds through the scheme.
Ready to give it a shot? Here's how to get started:
1. Click here to register your team.
2. Tell all of your players, parents and supporters to get involved by clicking here.
3. It's then just a case of sitting back and watching the club funds build up. Every purchase a supporter makes adds to the total and when you reach the threshold, a cheque is sent to the club.
How do you ensure your online purchases count for easyfundraising commission? The best way to do it is by installing the easyfundraising toolbar. It doesn't change your search engine, pester you with adverts or do any of the annoying things associated with toolbars. It simply tells you if a website you are browsing is valid for donations and allows you to check a box - you are now ready to go.
If you are uncomfortable with the toolbar you can go onto the easyfundraising website and login, then browse their list of shops. However, statistics show toolbar users to make an average of five times more than those who don't have one.
If you have any questions about easyfundraising don't hesitate to get in touch by clicking here. Otherwise, good luck from all at YFS!
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