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Pre Season Interview: Sara McWhirter of Rangers LFC

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1. Name: 
Sara McWhirter
2. Team and age group:
Rangers LFC 15's
3. Sum up your last season in one sentence: 
My season last year was a joy to play in. However at times, it was not very challenging except when we were playing Hearts and Celtic.
4. What has been the low point?:
The low point of the season was not winning anything and being put out the cup against Glasgow City.
5. What has been the high point?: 
Getting to captain the 13's squad and coming second in the league with Celtic coming first. 
6. Which player from your squad has improved the most from the previous season?:
Everyone has improved so much, but If I had to sum it down to one girl it would be Shelley Campbell.
7. What are your team's goals for the season 2014?
To win the treble. Make sure we beat Hibs, Glasgow City and Celtic everytime we play them.
8. What are your personal goals for football in the calendar year 2014
To make sure I get a start in every game, to get physically better and to work on my running technique.
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