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Mid Season Interview: Paul McGroarty of Rossvale FC

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1. Name: 
Paul McGroarty
2. Team and age group:
Rossvale FC Under 14's
3. Sum up your season so far in one sentence:
Joined Rossvale recently from Partick Thistle but haven't looked back since.
4. What has been the low point?:
Being put out of the Scottish Cup in the early stages.
5. What has been the high point?:
Winning the Grahamston Tournament and reaching the 4th round of the Regional Cup so far.
6. What are your team's goals for the second half of 2013/14?:
To win the league, Regional Cup and League Cup and land the treble.
7. What are your personal goals for football in the calendar year 2014?:
Just to keep developing and perhaps find the scoresheet as I haven't scored yet this year.
8. Funniest story from season 2013/14 so far?:
it has to be the miss from Craig our striker in the Grahamston Cup which was highlighted in one of your videos. Only kidding Craig!
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