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Saturday, 15 June 2013 17:53

City See off Gers to win back to back finals

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Glasgow City
Rangers FC Girls
Hay 11
Boyce 40, 66


15's SWF West League Cup - Final
Toryglen Regional Football Centre

Darren Carrigan

By Darren Carrigan
YFS West Region Reporter
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With supporters swarming into Toryglen, Glasgow City 15's took on Rangers Ladies after the Glasgow City 13's lifted their trophy against the other half of the Old Firm.

Rangers kicked off the game and City chased them down and put pressure on right from the whistle, Brogan Hay made trouble for the Rangers defence right off the bat – intercepting a back pass but the Rangers defenders were on the ball to ensure they didn’t concede within the first passage of play.

Rangers looked nervous as Glasgow still continued to close down every Rangers player who got a touch until City won the ball and managed to find Carla Boyce who turned her marker and laid off Robbi Armstrong who had a go first time, only for it to rise above the bar.

Glasgow continued with the momentum and found Armstrong on the left, who cut in skilfully to lose her marker before picking out Boyce. This time Boyce couldn’t get a second touch as she was crowded out by the Rangers back four.

Chantelle Brown picked it up out right for Rangers after the scramble and sprinted down the wing managing to get one on one at the corner of the 18 yard box but Annie Earley did well to dive low and hold on to the low effort.

Earley punted it up and Brogan Hay overpowered her marker out wide and pushed ahead to the corner.

Armstrong was screaming for it in the box but instead of playing the easy cross Hay went for goal, though Jordyn Elliot easily collected her shot.

Rangers couldn’t clear their lines for long however as a clearance from Glasgow City luckily bounced into space setting up a race between Brogan Hay and Rangers’ Megan Felgate, Felgate had to play it safe for a corner.

Robbi Armstrong takes the corner and her cross is cleared off the line, only for Brogan Hay to finish the rebound from outside the box, hammering it low into the bottom corner of the net.

Play restarts and Claire Adams goes forwards for Rangers, standing strong to resist two tackles but Aimee McGourlick slides in to dispossess her and win back play for Glasgow City.

Rangers looked hungry to get the score back level, committing to every challenge and a loose ball fell to Shannon Mcnichol who tried to find Chantelle Brown at the penalty spot, but Brown’s shot went wide.

Claire Adams picked up the ball and found Mcnichol out on the right wing but Mcnichol’s attempt to cross the ball finds no one but the gloves of Annie Earley.

The next passage of play again put the spotlight on Earley as she had to charge out to deny Brown who chased down a long ball over the defence, snatching it from Brown’s feet.

Claire Adams again found Mcnichol, this time with a magnificent diagonal pass that switched play from left to right. Shannon Mcnichol took the shot early, but her shot was slightly too high connecting with the bar.

Rangers again came forward this time winning a corner as McGourlick opted to play it out instead of racing the speedy Mcnichol.

The corner came in high but Carla Boyce was strong in her own box to head it away. The rebound fell to the feet of Taylor Davis but her effort was snuffed out by the charging defence.

The ball fell to Rangers’ left back but Carla Boyce was lightning quick to dispossess her, she tried to find the net but her shot slowly crawled inches wide.

Claire Adams picked it up off the goal kick and chipped the defender to find Brown who stood tall despite two hard challenges, the ball got away from her a little and as she chased it a third tackle thundered in, clearing the ball and giving Chantelle Brown a nasty looking knock, but one she would shake off after treatment.

The ball was given back to City and they sent it up the park instantly, Katie Rice overpowered her marker and attempted a diagonal ball towards the penalty spot that would have put Brogan Hay en-route for a second goal if Taylor Davis wasn’t alert enough to intercept it and keep things level.

It was picked up by Brown who turned and found Lauren Doran-Barr on the left who took it by Lyndsay McCall, but before Doran-Barr could get a cross away she backtracked and knocked it out for a shy.

Rangers had really imposed themselves on the game, dominating most of play – but Glasgow City were still creating chances on the break with Brogan Hay and Carla Boyce.

Rangers had shown they had quality too, with Claire Adams picking out passes like a 15 year old Pirlo, it seemed like the strikers just needed a little luck and things would be even again.

Adams picked it up in the midfield and switched play amazingly, putting it over the defence for it to bounce right in front of Mcnichol, who launched it right towards the top corner; only for it to go millimetres over.

Rangers continued to command the game with some beautiful football that switched play from side to side effortlessly but in the end the final ball was lacking and rolled through to Annie Earley between the sticks.

The half ended with Glasgow City going into the break with a 1-0 lead.

Glasgow City started well and took full advantage of the opposing side being unsettled in the beginning but Rangers settled well and were far from out of it as there play was dangerous , finding Mcnichol and Brown well to open up Glasgow City.

Half Time: Glasgow City 1-0 Rangers FC Girls

Right away Rangers dispossessed City and switched it to Doran-Barr, she found Brown in the middle with a quick pass but Amy Burrows slid in to take it off her and the tackle ran to Robbi Armstrong who after taking one touch played a long ball right down the line to Carla Boyce. She did well to compose herself, her first touch took her one on one with the goalkeeper; her second set up the shot onto her right foot before calmly picking out the top corner in a finish that will surely be on her highlight reel. 2-0 Glasgow City.

Doran-Barr commanded midfield, competing for every challenge, playing lovely passes and picking out strikers. She really brought the whole team together with her great connecting play. She collected the ball from a goal kick calmly before turning her marker and dribbling past another City challenge. She tried to touch it beyond one more player but was brought down harshly for a free kick 20 yards out.

Mcnichol stood over the ball and shot, though it was right at Earley who collected and held it easily. Claire Adams won the ball in the midfield and played it out left to Doran-Barr who held it up before returning it to Adams. Another pass out to Doran-Barr gave her space to cross it but she instead played it to Chantelle Brown at the edge of the box, a lunging tackle came in but Brown touched it through McGourlick’s legs cheekily – only for her touch to roll too far and be cleared.

Glasgow tried to push forward with Armstrong, using her strength to beat her marker but the attempted pass only found the Rangers centre back.

She sent it up the park and found the head of Brown who had come deep and right, she headed it towards Doran-Barr in the centre. Doran-Barr took it down and fired off a low effort that went under the defender’s outstretched leg but was pounced on by Earley.

Play stalled as both sides cancelled each other out, Glasgow attempting to find Boyce and Rangers trying to find Mcnichol but both players were being marked tight after their earlier performances and it was now Brogan Hay for Glasgow City and Chantelle Brown for Rangers who looked more likely to score.

Claire Adams was another player targeted by City due to her standout performance in the first half, it seemed like every time she took a touch she was crowded by three orange jerseys. Instead play for Rangers now flowed through Doran-Barr who was proving to be more than up to the role of playmaker.

She collected the ball out left at the half way line and beat Armstrong for pace and then cut inside to beat Amy Burrows too.

She played it back out wide for Brown who had the chance to cross, but instead she tried to chip Earley from the tightest angle. Her shot was almost equal to her aspirations, leaving the keeper stranded and the crowd with hearts in their mouths as it came back down towards the bottom corner. Only for it to hit the post and out into the box where the City defence protected their keeper amazingly instantly reacting and clearing the shot.

Boyce collected the clearance and held it up in the centre, trying to slow the game down. She had her back to goal and did well to stand strong despite pressure, managing to get out to the left and win a corner.

Glasgow almost capitalised on the switch in momentum as Hay’s corner landed right for Chloe Gilfoyle but her header went just over the bar.

Rangers didn’t take the scare lying down as they found Adams free for the first time this half, she played an early ball to Mcnicholl who also found space out right.

The Ball perfectly landed in front of her forcing the one on one and she launched a rocket towards the opposing top corner. Earley probably couldn’t even see the shot in time but pulled off an instinctual lightning quick save to hold onto her clean sheet.

Rangers kept on coming and it was a testament to how well Glasgow City’s defence and in no small part Earley were playing that they still hadn’t conceded, on any other day Rangers could have scored 3 or 4 goals.

Doran-Barr came deep in her own half to collect the ball and slowly brought it up with her. She managed to get by her marker and attempted a cross to Mcnichol only for the ball to come back out to her.

Doran-Barr positioned herself under it and had to wait for the ball to come down and took it on the volley, it looked like her foot got slightly under the ball as it turned into more of a lob which Earley was more than happy to catch.

Robbi Armstrong collected the ball off her defence and took it past Doran-Barr on the left, she looked up to find a pass but Doran-Barr was back on her feet and sprinted back to regain the ball.

Adams was the first to pick up the loose ball and switched it towards Mcnichol as she had done all day, who in turn picked out Brown at the edge of the box but Marianne McDonald slid in from nowhere to cancel out the attack.

Rangers picked it up and restarted their attack, finding Brown out left who came across her marker and the next challenge before being on the sore end of a 50/50 in the box. The Rangers fans cried for a penalty, but McGourlick’s tackle was deemed fair and play continued despite Brown staying down.

Claire Adams fainted well to take it by her marker on the left and win a free kick for Rangers in a crossing position.

Mcnichol took it and shot for near post only for it to hit the side netting.

The Goal Kick fell to Katie Rice who played a long ball for Boyce who collected well and struggled with her marker before she turned and slotted it past the oncoming keeper to put Glasgow City 3-0 ahead.

4 minutes later the referee blew the whistle on an end to end game that could have went any way, separated only by the clinical finishing of Glasgow City. Both teams came out and gave it their all with some great football and if a little bit of luck was on Rangers’ side the score line could have been much closer or much different.

Full Time: Glasgow City 3-0 Rangers FC Girls


Glasgow City Rangers FC Girls

20. Annie Earley
2. Murron Cunnigham
4. Amy Burrows
5. Marianne McDonald
6. Lyndsay MCall
7. Carla Jane Boyce
9. Brogan Hay
10. Katie Gardner Rice
11. Robbi Armstrong
13. Sophie Paul
14. Aimee McGourlick
15. Chloe Gilfoyle
16. Chantelle Knox
17. Jennifer McDonald


1. Jordyn Elliot
2. Lyndsey Carlyle
3. Abigail Crawford
4. Rachel Ross
6. Claire Louise Adams
7. Claire Farquhar
8. Morgan Wood
9. Shannon McNichol
10. Chantelle Brown
11. Taylor Davis
12. Lauren-Anna Doran-Barr
16. Megan Felgate
17. Lucy Ruth Pollock
18. Megan Galt
21. Samantha Geddes

Carla Jane Boyce kept hitting Rangers on the break at every opportunity and finished her chances well in difficult circumstances. Her strength and positioning were outstanding and her finishing was fantastic.
Lauren-Anna Doran-Barr gave the game everything, challenged every ball and showed great creativity and flair. Her passion bled through into an impressive performance on the left wingto create countless chances.

Carla Boyce, said: "We had a good game and pressed them right for the start and aimed to play on the break. My first goal felt amazing, it was great to put it in the top corner."

Chris Shanks, Glasgow City Head Coach, said: "It was a great team performance and we thoroughly deserved the win as we didn't give in."


Lauren-Anna Doran-Barr, said: "We played really well but just didn't take our chances, I thought we could have got a few more decisions and I think it's unfair how many goals we lost by."

Kieran Reilly, Rangers Head Coach, said: "We started slow and conceded a corner early on and were second to every ball, we settled after 5 minutes and played nice football. We created chances that weren't converted. All in all City deserve the win as the standard in which they took their chances was first class."
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