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Brothers Clean Up East End Pitch

Written by  Owen McCarrey

Two young brothers have cleaned up their club’s football pitch after piles of rubbish were left scattered over the astroturf.


Aiden and Aston Blair, who play for East End United, had gone for a kickabout with their dad, John, when they noticed the mess.


John Blair spoke to YFS regarding the boy’s gesture, saying: “I was thrilled, amazed and absolutely proud of them”.


Now that Scotland is officially in Phase Two of Covid-19 lockdown easing restrictions, families and friends are now permitted to go and spend time together if they follow Scottish Government guidelines which have been outlined.


Most of the population have been making the most of this opportunity, spending time with family after a long period apart however small minorities of people have been going against this and have caused disruption to local community facilities.


On June 13th, pictures of the rubbish-infested pitch of East End United were released on the club’s social media pages. 


A statement said: “The pitch has access for people so they can enjoy a kickabout for both young and old. It’s worrying the lack of respect and care for each other that we’re willing to let broken glass remain on the park where a child could get seriously hurt.”


The club confirmed that broken bottles and several empty cans of alcohol among many other things had been left abandoned on the pitch.


“All we’re asking for is to show respect” - the message from the club as the statement was concluded.


The morning after the statement was released, Aiden and Aston, who play for East End United 2007’s, went down to the local facility and picked up and disposed of all the rubbish that had been dumped without being asked.


“I took the boys down for a kick about down the pitch and they said to me to take some rubbish bags down and we can clean up the mess,” said Aiden and Aston’s father.


“The incident was mentioned on the parents WhatsApp group and originally all the parents were going to get together to dispose of the rubbish, but Aiden and Aston didn’t know about that,” John added.


The news of the brother’s goodwill gesture was posted on the club’s social media platforms, to which they were rightfully credited and praised in a post which said: “Two young boys cleaning up after young boys and girls but how embarrassing they’ve cleaned up after adults. Well done Aiden, Aston, and also your parents”.


The fantastic efforts of the boys have not been taken for granted by the club by any means, as it was announced that a representative from the club will buy both boys a gift, as a token of the club’s appreciation.


“Following on from today’s events and with a generous offer of recognition from Big Alex, both boys will be receiving new football boots of their choice,” a post on the club’s social media pages announced.


“We want to stress that the boys did not wish anything for their efforts today, but these sorts of acts shouldn’t go without a thank you,” the club added.


When asked about if Aiden or Aston had decided on what boots they would be choosing, John said: “The boys still haven’t picked what boots they would like, they’ve been going through hundreds and hundreds of pairs but their spoiled for choice and can’t decide!”


YFS would like to extent the gratitude shown to Aiden and Aston by saying a massive thank you and well done for a fantastic gesture, especially during the current challenging times everyone is facing.

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