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NFL Draft News Guide

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The National Football League Draft, also known as the NFL Draft, it’s an event performed annually and is one of the many ways to recruit new players. In fact,  this is the most common method of recruiting new players for the league.
According to this article, the first event was held in 1936, and ever since then, it has been done every year. Nowadays it is performed in spring, during April.
How Does It Work?
NFL teams usually complete their rosters using three methods of recruiting: trading players between teams, free-agent signings, and drafting. The NFL draft is all about how teams draft college students who are eligible through the drafting process. This even in specific lasts up to two days, and 32 teams take their turns to select players.
The draft is usually done during weekends and has 7 rounds. The first three rounds are held on Saturday, and the last four rands are held on Sunday. On average, each round consists of 32 picks. Considering that there are 32 teams participating, each team has one pick per round. In some cases, a team will not be able to draft during a round, but that depends on certain circumstances. On the contrary, there are teams that might be able to select more than once during a round.
Something interesting to add is that, between 1977 and 1993, there were 12 rounds per event, and before that, from 1967 to 1976, it was 17 rounds.
Now, when it comes to a team’s positioning in the list for the drafting process, it depends on its performance during the previous year, but in reverse. For example, the last team placed in the previous year is placed first during the draft. After deciding a team’s position, a team can either trade their position in the drafting process, trade a player for another player or select a player from the draft.
Normally, a team starts analyzing the players available for selection months, and even years, previous to the event. They compare the statistics of hundreds of players that are categorized as the best players before making a decision. Considering how important scouting is, this is an absolutely necessary step to decide whether a player is good or not.
There’s another event held previous to the NFL Draft that allows teams to get to know players available during the draft before the event. This is known as the NFL Scouting Combine and is held in February. This event lets more than 300 players showcase their skills and performance.
This lets teams create their own list of players they want during the drafting process. Also, they may create an alternative list of possible candidates considering how difficult it is to get the players they want depending on their positioning on the event.
For more detailed information, you can visit https://entertainment.howstuffworks.com/nfl-draft.htm-.
Who Are Eligible For Drafting?
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Well, believe it or not, teams can get themselves whoever they want. There’s a case where the Dallas Cowboys got themselves two players with no experience in playing football.  Carl Lewis (Known for winning an Olympic gold medal) and Bob Hayes.
With that said, most players eligible for drafting are those who played football during college. One of the few rules of the drafting process is that players can only be eligible once three college football seasons have ended since they graduated from high school. This means that most people entering college are not eligible for the event.
For the Fans of the Event
During the start of the event, fans can actually get to cheer and enjoy the whole event if they purchase a ticket. One person can only buy one ticket, and it allows it to participate in the event for the whole two days. Most of the cases, people prefer to enjoy the event through television or streaming services, though.
You can always check Fanspeak daily draft news for more information on the recent news.
Mr. Irrelevant.
Although being the first pick is something to enjoy, some people may want to be picked last during the drafting process. The last player selected during the event is known as Mr. Irrelevant. This may sound kind of dispraising for the player, that player gets a formal celebration in its name.
Mr. Irrelevant gets to fly to California, participate in several events, and even go to Disneyland. That’s why, for some people, being Mr.Irrelevant is more than an honor.
That player also receives a trophy known as the Lowsman Trophy, which consists of a statue made of bronze representing a player with a ball. This trophy is usually described as the opposite of the Heisman Trophy, which is given to those players that are considered the best among the best.
This whole thing of formally celebrating the last pick during the NCL Draft has been done since 1976 thanks to Paul Salata, a receiver from the Baltimore Colts during 1950. This makes Paul Salata the savior of those who were selected last during each draft ever since then.
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