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Sunday, 11 March 2018 18:16

GoFitba project goes to Ayrshire and visits Kilmarnock Community Trust

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GoFitba is an exciting football-based health and wellbeing project for primary school kids presented by The Scottish Football Partnership Trust in association with various community football clubs across Scotland.

The project lasts 12 weeks and offers the kids a chance at the end of the school day to take part in enjoyable, physical activity. The weekly sessions provide a fun-filled and informative experience for the youngsters to discover ways in which they can stay active and improve their lifestyle through healthy food and nutrition.

One of the clubs involved with GoFitba is Kilmarnock Community Sports Trust. Kilmarnock are working alongside local school, Shortlees Primary, to deliver this new exciting initiative. Kilmarnock Community coach Mark Miller spoke highly of the project.

“We give these kids a chance to come in and train at Rugby Park which wouldn’t normally happen so the project is a great opportunity for them to do that”

The kids started off their day with an action packed training session. Here they took part in a variety of passing and shooting drills which help them build teamwork and communication skills, as well as learning different ways to complete vital skills in football.

They ended the football side of things with a penalty shootout in front of the Moffatt stand, an experience that the kids enjoyed massively.

Depute head teacher at Shortlees Heather Sabatini shared her thoughts on the positive reaction the school have had from the parents of the kids on the project.

“They were very enthusiastic, very interested in the kids taking part in it. The letters came back very quickly for the children to come to this event”

The youngsters then headed for the second part of their session, healthy eating. On the menu for them was tomato pasta and a glass of water with a selection of fruit. This is done to help with one of the key aspects of the project which is to promote healthy eating at home and steer the children away from junk foods.

Depute head Sabatini is already seeing the positive effects this is bringing, “One of the kids on the programme is already going home talking about the food they had here and the parents are starting to cook the meals we had here last week so already the parents are engaging with programme.”

An educational lesson on the ‘eat well’ plate brought an end to the day for the Shortlees youngsters. Mark Miller enthusiastically led a lesson on what they had been eating and the different food groups. He also recapped with the children what they had done during the course of the day and how this will help them throughout the rest of the course. 

Miller is hoping the kids are able to take something positive away with them from this project.
“The hope is to raise awareness for the kids about the benefit of healthy eating and give them advice on what they can eat and what to limit their eating of. Along with the fitness aspect to get them active, get them running about and to get that love for the game and have that done in a good environment for them”
Two weeks down and ten to go and it looks like the enthusiasm from these youngsters shows no signs of wavering. The GoFitba project continues!
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