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Joga Futsal Academy to represent Scotland at Squadra Cup

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The Joga Futsal Academy in Glasgow will represent Scotland at the Squadra Cup at the beginning of next year.
The Squadra Cup is a tournament set up by respected Belgian futsal club Squadra Mouscron and involves some of the biggest futsal clubs from across Europe, covering age groups from U9s to U17s.
Joga Futsal will be competing at the U13 level and have been drawn in a tough group against Sporting Paris, Old Fox Fribourg and the hosts Squadra Mouscron.
The tournament will run from 4th – 7th January and will take place at the Kipstadium in Tourcoing, France.
Joga Futsal founder and head coach David Galt is relishing the prospect of facing off against some of the top teams in Europe, “Squadra Mouscron is a very prestigious and respected futsal club across Europe so to be involved in such a competition is a massive privilege for us all at Joga Futsal Academy.
“We have been for a number of months keen to challenge our futsal teams to new levels out-with Scotland and have been in regular communication with futsal academies across Europe for a number of months.
“We then were introduced to Giuseppe of Squadra Mouscron and despite his English not being too good and my French likewise, thankfully we had Google translate and he has been of great assistance in welcoming Joga Futsal Academy to be part of the Squadra Cup and already began talks of looking to bring them to Glasgow.”
Joga Futsal Academy has been running out of Glasgow for the last two years and have been regularly playing matches across Scotland and, towards the end of the year, more teams from south of the border.
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