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SPFL boss Neil Doncaster lays out top tips for working in the football industry

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The chief executive of the Scottish Professional Football League, and UCFB advisor Neil Doncaster, has laid out his three top tips to succeed when working in the football and sports industry.
Doncaster, who also runs a unique management training programme at the institution’s London campus, which features Wembley Stadium at its heart, had this to say when UCFB asked him for his top tips:
Build your network
The former Norwich City chief executive said: “You cannot have enough contacts in the game. Ultimately, they’re the people who can provide opportunities for you.”
Work hard
Doncaster added: “It goes without saying, but I as an employer want to see people coming in with enthusiasm and a desire to work.”
Finally, the SPFL boss said: “This is absolutely crucial. If you really want something enough, then you should achieve it. It’s a competitive and difficult world, but there are opportunities for those who keep working, keep going and never give up. Those are the people who succeed in the end.”
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