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Memories to last a lifetime – Barrhead coach excited to face the best teams in Europe

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Barrhead YFC Reds will be travelling to Barcelona this Easter with Trans World Soccer to participate in the Barcelona Easter tournament, and their coach has been discussing their excitement around the trip with Youth Football Scotland.
The 2003s Barrhead side are currently unbeaten domestically this season, and have won 4 major honours in their last two seasons. The Barrhead coach Paul Brogan is keen to emulate that success out in Barcelona against ‘the highest level teams from other countries’.
This is a tight-nit team with players who have been playing together since they were 6 years old, and that loyalty extends to the coaches who have been there for the same amount of time. Surely this deep understanding of one another will help them to succeed in Barcelona this Easter.
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1.    What tournament will you be going to?
We are going to the Barcelona Easter Tournament next year in March/April 2018. 
2.    What are you / the team most looking forward to for the trip?
I am looking forward to the team making memories that will last with them a lifetime. The opportunity to go to Spain with their team mates, make new friends and experience playing football at the highest level against teams from other countries. The memories they will make will stay with them a lifetime.
3.    What is something that people might not know about Barrhead YFC Reds? 
Barrhead YFC reds 2003’s are playing football at the under 15’s level. They have been playing 11’s for 3 seasons now. Our first season we won the 1st Division (highest league in the West Region) and won the League Cup. In our second season we have won the West Region Cup and the Scottish Cup. We have won all 4 Major honours we can within our first two seasons. This season we are still unbeaten and looking good for another great season.
The core coaching staff have been with this group of players since they were 6 years old and there is still a core of 5 players that have been with the team since they were 6, that’s 8 years. We do not poach players we coach players to develop them.
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