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Why We Need a Scottish Fantasy Football League

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Fantasy football is a big deal. You only need to type the phrase into Google and you will see just how big it is, and how many different fantasy football sites there are out there.
However, what you will notice is the lack of a Scottish fantasy football league. That’s a shame, because while it isn’t as huge as the EPL, La Liga or the Bundesliga, the Scottish Premiership is one of the most exciting football leagues out there. It’s utterly action packed and there’s rarely a dull moment - wouldn’t you agree?
It’s high time a Scottish fantasy football league was launched. We’ve listed the reasons we think it would be of great benefit!
Some Great Reasons For a Scottish Fantasy Football League
1 - It Would Put the Scottish League In the Spotlight
We said above that the SPFL is one of the most exciting leagues out there, and we stand by that statement.
With bitter rivalries, fast-paced games and passionate fans, the Scottish Premiership is a little gem waiting to be discovered by the rest of the world.
A Scottish fantasy football league would bring a lot of awareness to what’s on offer from players around the world. Since fantasy football is so popular to begin with, there’s no doubt people from all over Europe and beyond would jump in and begin playing for fun.
In the process, they would learn a lot about the league, which leads us to our next point.
2 - That Awareness Would Improve the League Itself
When people from around the world start playing fantasy football, they might naturally become curious about who some of the players are, and about the teams with rich histories and passionate fans they are learning about through the fantasy leagues.
This would likely lead them to start following the SPFL closer, and perhaps watching games. More viewers and supporters means more revenue and bigger clubs, which in turn would allow teams to purchase bigger, better players.
Overall, the more interest there is in the Scottish Premiership, the more money will flow into the pockets of Scottish clubs. This can only improve the quality of the football we witness all year round.
A fantasy league would be a great way to grow the league itself and create lots of new supporters.
3 - Because It Would Be Super Fun
While playing any fantasy football league is fun, there’s something extra special about one based on the home teams and players.
If you’re Scottish, you have to admit a Scottish fantasy league would be extra fun. It would also give Scots an advantage, since we naturally know more about it than others from around the world would.
It’s almost a sure thing a Scots lad (or lassy) would be crowned King (or Queen) in the first Scottish fantasy league, and a heck of a lot of others would have great fun along the way.
Fun is a good enough reasons to do almost anything in our opinion.
4 - There Would be a Lot of Footy Lessons Learned
Since the topic of this site is football, we can assume you have at least some interest in playing the game.
Watching the SPFL closely through a fantasy league would cause you to spot things you wouldn’t by just watching casually. For example, you might spot weaknesses in a certain team’s defence, and then realize they also apply to your own team. This could be a valuable lesson and could help you improve performance.
Not only this, but following the game closely would improve your own football performance. Putting on the manager’s cap and running your own fantasy team gives you great insight into football and how it works. Valuable lessons can be learned here.
Sure, you can learn these lessons in any fantasy football league, but combined with the other reasons above, it’s another great reason to have a Scottish specific one.
5 - You Could Meet New Friends Locally
This is one of the best bits of fantasy football of any kind - there’s a huge social element behind it.
While some of the bigger fantasy football leagues based on the EPL have participants from all around the world, a Scottish league would likely involve lots of locals, giving you an opportunity to create new connections and make new friends with similar interests.
In some big cities it is even common for fantasy football players to meet up and socialize with each other. A Scottish league would help weave together the Scottish footy enthusiasts and would build up a community.
If you already have enough friends and aren’t so keen on the idea of making new ones, this would be something super cool to do with your existing friends, too.
It’s something to have a chin wag about, if nothing else!
6 - You Develop New Skills & Get Smarter
We sort of touched on this in one of the other points, but putting the manager’s cap on has many benefits. You can develop some great skills which will help you out in other areas of your life, such as:
●     Decision making
●     Weighing up pros and cons
●     Judging risks
●     Thinking strategically
Who said games were a waste of time? These are genuine life skills lots of people lack, and you will have an advantage over these people if you develop them.
There are enough reasons here to give a Scottish fantasy football league a shot!
There are probably even more reasons we haven’t considered, but what we have listed here is enough to get it started.
The Scottish Football League is fantastic, and it’s high time it was recognized with a fantasy football league of its own. Get on it SPFL!
Do you agree? Would you like to see this? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.
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