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Brand new Smartphone App to create instant Match Highlights!

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Imagine there was a way to never miss another goal from your game. Well, thanks to sportvideos365, it is now a possibility to watch every goal from your team's game, at just the click of a button.
There are 326,000 football clubs worldwide, and billions of sport highlights are happening each week and local pitches, and only those in attendance can see the goals. sportvideos365 were the first ones to come up with an innovative Live Video Ticker solution: Grab an Android smartphone with a powerful camera, additional battery and a tripod, download the app 'sportvideos365 Cam' - - and bring football to everyone everywhere. 
Highlights available within moments
The philosophy of the Austrian based start up is simple. All you have to do is provide the filming, and sportVideos365 will do the rest. All highlights in short, real time videos only a few moments after they happen on the pitch, and posted on a personalised Club TV channel and with the new Android App - - for fans, free of charge and with no further operating costs. All files are automatically published & archived after you push one simple button. After that all highlights can be shared with fans or friends on club websites and social media within seconds. 
Easy app handling
While developing the app, sportvideos365 focused on an easy handling so that anyone can start to film after five minutes of setting up the equipment at a good spot. As there are only two zoom options, users don’t need to have any technical foreknowledge to successfully film goals and chances during the game, which will be uploaded automatically. After a short tutorial everybody is set up – already more than 30,000 games 75 million video views are proof that you don’t have to be Alfred Hitchcock to use the app.
“More and more teams are deeply contented with our simple but unique solution”, said Thomas Aigner, CEO of sportvideos365. “There are already hundreds of football clubs recording their games every week and using our match analysis feature and there is still a lot more to come. Right now we are working intensively on our iOs App, where fans won’t ever miss any actions again, and which will be launched this year.”

Match analysis
As Thomas pointed out, sportvideos365 offers the unique possibility for clubs to implement match analysis on an affordable basis. When the club decides to record a game with the app, the full 90 minutes will be available to the person that filmed the match.
Try it out for free
sportvideos365 gives clubs and teams a new video platform to promote themselves and their matches. Youth Football Scotland are looking for teams to try out this new totally free app, so if you'd like to give it a go, please fill out the form below:
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Kieran Green | YFS South East Region Journalist
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