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Celtic BC reach half-century mark

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- Celtic BC are 50 years old this year, forming back in 1966
- Over its existence, approximately more than 6000 young people have been involved with the club.
- The club also has a number of events planned to celebrate the anniversary.
With a simple aim of providing youngsters in Glasgow with the opportunity to take part in organised games of football, the Celtic Boys Club celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2016.

But the simple premise has become much more than just that. Nowadays, the Celtic BC is invested in supporting young people and bridging communities through football, developing a shared sense of belonging, in an environment of equality that allows individuals to thrive and feel safe.

By promoting core values for children with the aid of sport, it is expected that those who are involved with Celtic BC will grow to be responsible adults, who are resilient and hardworking while demonstrating acceptable behaviour and respect for self and others.

Through the course of the first 50 years of their existence, Celtic BC believes that more than 6,000 young ones have been involved with the club, while being orientated by 900 coaches, a number that would represent more than 1% of Glasgow’s population.

But the glory is not solemnly focused on social awareness. Inside the field of play the club has won the European Youth Cup at under 16s level in 1974 and won the Scottish Youth Cup/Amateur Cup on an amazing 21 occasions. Players like Chris Burke (Nottingham Forrest), Dale Keenan (Stranraer), Declan McManus (Greenock Morton) and Scott McManus (Queen’s Park) have all played for the club.

“Extremely proud with what we have achieved but still very conscious of our responsibilities towards our members, especially the younger ones and the communities we serve. We are forever grateful and indebted to our volunteers who continue to help keep this club running.”

To mark the occasion, the Celtic Boys Club has released special merchandise available to purchase on the club’s website. Celebratory events have also been planned.

By looking towards the future, the Celtic BC aims to continually honour the club’s heritage, serve the needs of children and young people in the communities. “Always serve better than ever before and be there for future generations”.

Daniel Smith | YFS South East Region Journalist
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