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Erskine YFC's Ryan Muir heads to USA on scholarship

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It is already a summer of success for Erskine YFC with one of their most talented youngsters already on their way to the USA to join up with a squad at Gardner-Webb University in North Carolina.
Ryan Muir, 17, has been at Erskine for five years and credits the club for giving him the best possible start to his career. He told Youth Football Scotland:  "They’ve really brought me on as a player. It’s been really good for competition and the training and the coaching has been really positive.
"That basically really helped me to go on and do this football scholarship to have fun while also doing my degree."
Studying Exercise Science at the college, Muir hopes that the footballing experience alongside the obvious benefits of a degree will help him going forward in his career. "I’m going there to get my degree at the University," he said. "But whatever I can gain out of the football playing side whether I can get picked up or gain experience out there and try and become a coach [will be a benefit]."
The scholarship is a hotly contested one with applicants coming from across the world. Muir said that “it’s all international, there’s Welsh and English but also central European and a lot of Latin American players. "I think last year there was an African player as well so it’s very international," Muir said.
The ultimate goal for Muir is to get his degree and possible stay in the USA. "I’ll be out there for four years and getting my degree and once that’s finished I’ll have a look at my job opportunities out in America and stay out there if I like how it was," he said.

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