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Lewis United reach Scottish Cup Final with fine win

Lewis United Youth 3

Smith 48, 81, Mackie 76

Syngenta Juveniles 1

Philips 80
  • Sunday, 29 March 2015
  • Spain Park
  • Under 17´s
  • Scottish Cup

Claire Gulline | YFS Aberdeen Senior Reporter
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With a place in the Scottish Cup final at stake, it was a tight game which saw Lewis United Youth secure the win with a 3-1 victory against Syngenta Juveniles. Lewis United’s goal scorers were Barry Smith and Craig Mackie, while Syngenta’s Blair Philips scored their only goal.
Play got underway with Syngenta dominating in the attack. Blair Philips and Dominic Croy set up a nice interchange of passes but Connor Dickie swept in to clear the danger. Yet only minutes later, Croy was on the attack again, beating two defenders to get into the box but his shot hit the side of the net.
Lewis United started to mount their own attacks, with Craig Mackie making several breaks. His shot from the edge of the box on the right hand side hit the side of the net and Syngenta were able to rally their defences.
Croy set up another interchange of passes, this time with Hamish Anderson, but Lewis United defended well and set up a counterattack through Richard Binnie. However Syngenta held their own defence to ensure that they wouldn’t concede any scores.
The play continued end to end as a free kick to Lewis United was taken quickly and Lewis Masson took the ball out wide but the Syngenta defence put pressure on and forced the ball out of play.
Syngenta’s Lewis McArther took a shot from halfway which Lewis United goalkeeper, Reece Duncan, caught. Minutes later, Lewis United were awarded a free kick around 30 yards out. Dylan Leslie’s strike found the box but Mackie’s header sent the ball over the crossbar.
It looked as though Syngenta would open the scoring as a throw in by Croy was well placed to the box but Lewis United cleared the danger and Binnie made ground with the ball, shooting from the edge of the box. However the ball went wide and the score remained unchanged.
Lewis United had a free kick from 60 yards but Syngenta defended well and Croy once again had a chance, beating several defenders, but was unable to find the net.
Leslie and Mackie made a great run, supporting each other, but neither could find the space to shoot. Eventually Marc Lawrence was able to take a shot but Syngenta goalkeeper, Kyle Fullerton, kept it out, with Mackie taking one more shot which sailed wide of the net.
Syngenta responded, putting pressure on the Lewis United defence. Cameron Scott sent it through but Croy couldn’t get to the ball before the defence cleared the danger. They set up another interchange of passes but Dickie was able to intercept and passed to Leslie, who made good yards but couldn’t penetrate the Syngenta defence.
In what was to be the last play of the half, Croy demonstrated great control of the ball and sent it back to Michael Philpson, who shot from 30 yards. He hit the crossbar, sending the ball over the top of the goal and both teams went in at half-time, still waiting to get on the score sheet.
  • Half Time:
  • Lewis United Youth
  • 0-0
  • Syngenta Juveniles
Both teams returned for the second half fired up but it was Lewis United who quickly took control of the play. A great run down the right wing saw Masson hit the side of the net. However the home side were awarded a corner which Leslie stepped up to take. The ball was well placed in the box for Barry Smith to head it into the corner of the goal.
Syngenta responded with Croy chasing the ball after a clearance kick but Smith made a tackle to deny the visitors a goal scoring opportunity.
Leslie created more chances for the home side. His chip through to the box found Philipson but he could not penetrate Syngenta’s defence. Leslie then took the ball into the box himself but his shot sailed just wide of the goal. Binnie and Lawrence set up a nice exchange of passes but they couldn’t make the final pass that was needed as Syngenta ensured that their defence held strong.
A free kick awarded to the visitors about 60 yards out gave them an opportunity. Although Ryan Laidlaw’s powerful boot sent the ball into the box, Smith was able to deflect the ball away before Laidlaw’s teammates could take a shot at the goal.
Soon after, another corner to Lewis United gave them the chance that they needed. Leslie’s cross was this time well placed for Mackie, who struck the ball into the top corner of the net, to extend the home team’s lead.
Syngenta were down but not out, continuing to press the Lewis United defence. A corner taken by Croy saw the ball well placed but was saved by Duncan. However a second attempt saw Philips well placed in the box to chip it into the goal, allowing the visitors onto the score sheet and keeping their hopes of a place in the final alive.
However Lewis United were not going to give up so easily, and from another corner taken by Leslie, Smith was able to head the ball into the net again to increase their lead once more.
Once again, it was end to end play. Syngenta were awarded a free kick around the halfway line. Croy’s shot looked accurate but Duncan saved, getting a hand to the ball with a high jump.
Lewis United’s Calum Youngson ran the ball from his own half and shot from the edge of the box but the shot was wide. In their responding play, Syngenta earned a corner. Lucas Dinis sent the ball into the box, where Duncan saved the goal.
Syngenta were awarded a free kick which goalkeeper, Fullerton, came out of his own half to take. Although teammate, William Picken, found the ball, he could not get it past Duncan.
Lewis United tried some more offensive play but Syngenta held their defence and Binnie’s shot wide of the net was to be the last play but it was enough for them to secure their place in the final.
  • Full Time:
  • Lewis United Youth
  • 3-1
  • Syngenta Juveniles


Lewis United Youth
Syngenta Juveniles
1. Reece Duncan
2. Lewis Masson
3. Clark Petrie
4. Barry Smith
5. Connor Dickie
6. Lewis Jopp
7. Calum Youngson
8. Marc Lawrence
9. Michael Philipson
10. Richard Binnie
11. Dylan Leslie
12. Bobby Olijide
14. Craig Mackie
15. Kristian Schmid
17. Owen Purdie
18. Drew Canale
19. Ben Souter
1. Kyle Fullerton
2. Blair Philips
3. Jordan McKean
4. Jack Henderson
6. Ryan Laidlaw
7. Michael Ross
8. Dominic Croy
9. Lewis McArther
10. Cameron Scott
11. Scott Munro
12. Liam Dillion
14. Hamish Anderson
15. Lucas Dinis
16. Neil Highlands
17. William Picken
Star Player
Lewis United Youth
Syngenta Juveniles
My home star player was Dylan Leslie. He took the three corners which resulted in goals, as well as setting up a number of chances with his quick pace and impressive footwork. He was unlucky not to score with any of his breaks but certainly had a fantastic game.
My away star player is Dominic Croy. He was a prominent figure in Syngenta's attacks, making several breaks and beating many defenders throughout the game. However, not only was he strong in attack but he put in a great defensive effort as well.
Magic Moment
Lewis United Youth
Syngenta Juveniles
The home magic moment was their third goal. Extending their lead gave the boys confidence that they could win the game and their place in the final, and this was reflected in their play. The final whistle must also have been a great moment, knowing that they had achieved what they set out to do.
Syngenta's magic moment was their goal. Having conceded two goals, the boys looked a little disheartened but then their chance came with Croy's corner, chipped into the goal by Philips. The goal seemed to restore the boys' confidence and their belief that they could still make the final.
Club Views
Lewis United Youth
Syngenta Juveniles
I spoke with Lee Youngson, the manager of Lewis United Youth. He said, "Both sides were very good. The first half was sticky for us but we were a lot better in the second half. Our set pieces were quite good. We work on them quite well in training, and the boys took that into the game."

On their aims for the rest of the season, he said "Hopefully, we can do a job in the final, and domestically hope to retain our 100% record."

I spoke with Mark Dillon, one of the coaches for Syngenta Juveniles. He said, "We're very disappointed with the result. The general play was quite even and it came down to the set pieces."

He said "We're disappointed to go out in the semi-finals but we've done well to get here. We've had to win 5 or 6 games to get to this point. Each time they've played, the games have been close, and that was the case again today. It just didn't go our way on the day."

  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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