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Wednesday, 28 August 2013 01:00

Seeking a sponsor for 2013/14?

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Author: Mr Fund Raiser
It's that time of the season. New kit is being ordered, and unless you're lucky enough to have a long term backer - or have recently struck gold, you're looking for a kit sponsor. Kit, equipment and league registration comes at a cost and passing that straight back to the players and their families is far from ideal. Local companies are no doubt feeling the pinch and being ever more careful with their hard earned money. However, we may just have the answer to your prayers!
The Sponsorship Raffle
Raffling your team's sponsorship is not a new concept. Professional clubs such as Queen of the South (pictured, right) are well known for their high profile sponsorship raffles. Hundreds of pounds for a ticket and a chance of gracing the shirt of a team in Scotland's second tier. But a youth outfit can't offer the same rewards, can they? Perhaps not entirely, but there is still a way...
Let's start by doing some maths. An average eleven-a-side squad will contain eighteen players, perhaps less with players coming in and out, so let's say sixteen to be on the safe side. If every player could sell ten tickets at the value of £10, then the team would generate £1600. Does that sound like more than you would typically get from a shirt sponsor? Is it enough to fund the kit and equipment you had in mind for 2011/12? If the answer's yes, then there's your incentive, now to get down to work!
Firstly, it's important to gather the squad for a team meeting - parents included - to explain how it is going to work. Everyone needs to play their part if it is going to be a success. So don't risk Chinese whispers or e-mails that may not be checked. 
So, for £10, what will the raffle ticket buyer get?
- A ticket for their shot of the big prize - the team's home or away shirt sponsor.
- As many runner up prizes as possible: individual player sponsors for each squad member, a link on the club website, a mention on a YFS news article - sharing their generosity with the nation, ticket to any club functions - race night, end of year awards evening, etc. Suddenly as opposed to it being a long shot, they are now guaranteed a return with lots of chances to get a little more.
- Invitation to the club's first pre-season match, or another event at which the winners will be drawn.
- Create a certificate that is sent out electronically to every entrant. It's easy to make one and doesn't cost you a thing to send an e-mail out. You never know, it may just take pride of place on the wall of some. They'll be proud to show their customers their community investment.
- The knowledge that they are supporting a local community based club, that is ran by volunteers to promote youth sport. Corporate social responsibility is the official term, which in a nutshell means a business being active in supporting worthwhile causes.
All of that for £10? Suddenly it sounds like it's you that's doing the buyer a favour, rather than the other way around! You'll be surprised by the amount of people who want to buy more than a single ticket.
The final piece of the jigsaw? Getting out there and making the sales. If possible families should go for a division of labour, it's easier for a few people to sell three or four tickets than one person selling all ten. Players should take the tour of local shops, parents should send an e-mail (give them) to all of their friends and colleagues at work. 
And it doesn't have to just be organisations either. Your grandparent or friend of a friend may not be a business owner themselves, but should they win one of the main prizes, they will no doubt know someone for whom it would make a nice gift. And it gives them a chance to support the cause.
Finally, make extra tickets readily available. You will have at least one parent who knows every single person in the post code area! £1600 is your minimum target, you have the potential to make a lot more. 
Questions? Click here to ask us. We're happy to help AND promote your raffle, before and after, via YFS.
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