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Team United scoop €50,000 award

Written by  Matthew Muir

A Scottish disability charity has won a €50,000 UEFA award for their work during lockdown.

Team United aim to support young people with disabilities, in particular autism, and have been working hard to provide support for their young people during lockdown as well as continuing to make progress with exciting new projects for when sporting activities do eventually return.

As a result, they have deservedly been recognised by UEFA for their work and have won the UEFA Foundation 2020 Children’s Award and received €50,000.

Ann Brown, Team United director said: “We were nominated by The Scottish FA and I believe this is the first time in over 10 years that they have won through a nomination from a partner. 

“We are absolutely delighted, and this will help to increase our work and further develop the pathway for young players with autism.”

In addition the charity have also been offering online coaching, challenges, a super scoreboard score card for the German league, and are also, with special permission from the SFA, able to hold individual one to one sessions with young people who have been more affected by lockdown and the impact of their mental health.  

Team United have been involved in many projects of late, and amid the COVID-19 pandemic have been working hard to ensure that they can deliver it as soon as they return which includes their new TEAM LEADERS Project.

Ann continued: “TEAM LEADERS is aimed at young people aged 14-16 years who would like to be more involved in football-related matters off the pitch but also combine their skills and talents in football helping achieve results that will prove invaluable later in life. 

“Six young people are currently working on specific areas that will enable us to deliver a successful league launch. We are connecting with them via Zoom on a one to one basis and they then come together monthly to discuss and progress ideas.”

Young players, from the age of six, have been working on this project through their ‘player workbooks’ which focuses on allowing an individual to work on their own whilst looking at activities that enable them to think more about teamwork and the benefits of this. The workbook also covers diet and exercise. 

Prior to lockdown, Team United received some funding from ‘Awards for All’ to further develop a new, innovative project called The Generational Game.

Ann explained: “Team United players will develop a dream team of the greatest 11 players and a manager from the 1990 to 2020 period. 

“Once selected, the team will appear as part of a special exhibition within the Scottish Football Museum at Hampden Park. Young people have been working during lockdown on the dream team and when back, we hope to join up with the Euro 2021 project team to progress.”

If you would like to find out more about Team United and their work, you can like their Facebook page or go to their website at http://www.team-united.org.uk/.


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