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Spartans Reds reach Scottish Cup quarter-finals

Dyce BC 2

Lewecki 55' Clark 70+2'

Spartans FC Reds 7

Barclay 15' Currie 20' 30' 44' 53' 69' Bright 70+1'
  • Sunday, 06 December 2015
  • Clark Commercial Pitch
  • Under 13´s
  • SYFA Scottish Cup

Claire Gulline | YFS Aberdeen Senior Reporter
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For their fifth round Scottish Cup tie, Dyce BC and Spartans Reds braved the cold and soggy conditions. Spartans secured their quarter-final place with a 7-2 win, with goals from Chad Barclay, Lewis Bright and five from Josh Currie, while Dyce’s goals were scored by Kacper Lewecki and Rhys Clark.
Dyce looked dominant in the opening passages of play, with Josh Byres and Kacper Lewecki both driving forward for the home side. However the opening chance of the game fell to Spartans, with Chad Barclay pressing forward and shooting from twenty-five yards, only for his shot to go wide.
The home side were soon pressing again, with Byres, Lewecki and Jack McKenzie exchanging passes and reaching the box but Barclay was able to clear before they could take advantage of the chance that they had created.
Spartans’ Josh Currie then showed off his pace, as he weaved through the Dyce defence and shot from just inside the box. However the ball curved wide and Dyce had the chance to rally their defences.
Dyce had a corner which Byres crossed into the box but Lewecki headed the ball over the crossbar. A second corner by Byres also reached the box but was tapped wide.
Spartans were then awarded a corner at the other end, but Dyce were able to clear and Lewecki drove the ball forward and shot from the edge of the box. However Spartans goalkeeper, Miko Komocki, kept it out and Spartans rallied their defence.
The visitors exchanged a great series of passes to return play to the other end and Currie crossed the ball into the box for Barclay who slipped it past Dyce goalkeeper, Harry Cowie, in the fifteenth minute.
Taking inspiration from their score, Spartans continued to press and Currie drove forward but his shot from just outside the box went just wide. However the visitors continued their assault on the goal, with Barclay shooting from the edge of the box. Cowie knocked it away before Lawson McConnell tried to send it in but Lewecki headed it clear from the line.
End to end play ensued before Currie broke through the defence and into the box to slip it past Cowie into the bottom corner of the net in the twentieth minute.
Once again, end to end play ensued and Dyce looked dangerous with Byres, Lewecki and McKenzie setting up interchanging play to press forward but Spartans were looking strong in defence and closed down Dyce’s attacks.
In the thirtieth minute, Spartans were awarded a corner which was crossed into the box. Although Dyce’s defence tried to clear, Currie headed the ball into the net to increase his side’s lead.
As Dyce won a corner at the other end, Byres offered a short pass to Lewecki who passed it back for Kyle Murphy. However Murphy’s shot from twenty-five yards was wide.
Spartans tried one more attack. Currie beat the defence and shot from the edge of the box but Cowie pushed it wide and Lewecki cleared to bring the half to an end.
  • Half Time:
  • Dyce BC
  • 0-3
  • Spartans FC Reds
Dyce started the second half in the same way as they started the first, looking strong in attack. Eli Whitelaw used his impressive footwork to control the ball before passing to Byres but he was unable to penetrate Spartans’ defence.
The home side then won a corner, but the visitors were able to clear. Currie made a break and reached the edge of the box but hit the post.
With forty-four minutes on the clock, Lewis Bright pressed forward and shot from twenty-five yards but the ball was caught by Cowie. However the visitors continued to press and Currie slipped it past Cowie to open the second half scoring.
Byres began pressing forward for the home side and crossed the ball into the box for Lewecki, who passed back to Murphy. Although the three players continued to search for an opening, Spartans held their defence to deny any opportunities to score.
Spartans were soon able to counterattack and Glen Lorimer crossed the ball into the box where it was deflected off Currie and into the net in the fifty-third minute.
Although down, Dyce were certainly not out and a corner provided them with the platform that they needed. Byres crossed the ball into the box, Spartans cleared but the ball came back to Byres who crossed it in again and this time, Lewecki tapped it into the net to get Dyce on the score sheet in the fifty-fifth minute.
Dyce took confidence from their goal and continued to exert pressure on Spartans but Matteo Carlier’s shot hit the crossbar and Spartans scrambled their defence to clear the danger.
Play went back and forth with Dyce looking threatening in attack while Spartans held their defence before managing to counterattack. Currie drove the ball forward and beat the defence before sending the ball into the bottom corner of the net in the sixty-ninth minute.
Already into stoppage time, Spartans continued to press and Bright managed to break through the defence and tap it in to add his name to the score sheet in the seventy-first minute.
However, Dyce had one last chance and in the seventy-second minute, Byres sent the ball into the box where Rhys Clark was waiting to tap it into the top corner of the net just before the final whistle.
  • Full Time:
  • Dyce BC
  • 2-7
  • Spartans FC Reds


Dyce BC
Spartans FC Reds
1. Harry Cowie
2. Harrison Bratton
3. Ryan Catto
4. Rhys Clark
5. Eli Whitelaw
6. Jack McKenzie
7. Ethan Walker
8. Josh Byres
9. Kacper Lewecki
10. Robbie Urquhart
12. Jay Robertson
14. Lee Taggart
15. Matteo Carlier
16. Finlay Wilson
17. Kyle Murphy
1. Miko Komocki
2. Reece Cairns
3. Jack Tait
4. Dean Wilson
6. Alistair Adam
7. Sebastian Russo
8. Aiden Savage
9. Kyle Robertson
10. Joseph Nicholson
11. Chad Barclay
12. Glen Lorimer
14. Lawson McConnell
17. Lewis Bright
18. Pablo Bell
19. Josh Currie
20. Charlie Peat
Star Player
Dyce BC
Spartans FC Reds
Jack McKenzie - Was an effective player in Dyce's attack, using his impressive footwork and pace to create chances for his side, and challenge Spartans' attacks as well.
Josh Currie - Had a fantastic game, as shown by his five goals. He created chances for himself and his teammates throughout the game.
Magic Moment
Dyce BC
Spartans FC Reds
Dyce's second goal, which came in extra time, was well worked. The cross into the box by Byres was well placed and allowed Clark to find the net, giving Dyce the goal that they had been working for since their earlier score.
Spartans' first goal was well worked, with Currie setting it up for Barclay. It proved to be a statement of intent from the visitors who built their performance on this early piece of play.
Club Views
Dyce BC
Spartans FC Reds
I spoke with Jamie Clark, the manager of Dyce BC, who said, "I thought it was very clinical finishing from Spartans today. Our bys were caught cold on several occasions. Spartans were true winners today."

On their aims for the rest of the season, he said, "From the start, we've been aiming to win the league and to do well in the cup competitions as well. We're still in all of it so the boys have got more than enough to play for."

I spoke with Kevin Wilson, the head coach of Spartans Reds, who said, "I thought Dyce started off really well, the first ten minutes and passed the ball really well. I think we took control after that and played a decent game of football. Dyce are a very good football team but we did well today."

On their aims for this season, he said, "We want to stay in the competitions as long as we can, to progress in the league and to develop boys individually."

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