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Teams are always looking for new and exciting activities.  Whether it is celebrating the end of a great season or looking to build team moral, activities can be hard to come by that are convenient and suitable for football teams.  
We are excited to present to you Zorb Football; a twist on 5-a-side football.  We take the conventional game of 5-a-side and throw in large individual inflatable protective bubbles to add a whole new way to play.  We can come to your training ground and tailor the event exactly to your needs.
These zorb balls are not only a lot of fun but they are a really great work out.  The intensity of constantly falling down and getting up creates a high-energy workout session without players even realising they are training!
Zorb Football is more than just football in a bubble. We have loads of other games that all involve the Zorbs!  Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, and Last Man Standing are just a few example we can offer that develop team work and strategic thinking.
When working with young people it requires a special kind of leadership that ensures everyone is full engaged with the sport, play safely, and have the best possible experience.  That’s why we pride ourselves in the quality of our event leaders.  All are professional youth workers, having gained vast experience running successful events for young people with schools, councils, and charities.
If you are interested in what we could provide for your team, please get in contact!  We not only run Zorb Football but also have a range of other team building activities that you can check out on our website! We guarantee an incredible time!  Check us out at…
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