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Thursday, 16 December 2010 19:14

Why the Future of Scottish Football Looks Bright

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Having qualified for Euro 2020, it would be fair to say that the Scottish national team is in good hands right now with Steve Clarke and his team of coaches.

While the ‘present’ is in rude health for Scottish football, there is every sign that the future will prove to be even more fruitful given the number of quality youngsters that have either broken out at club level or on the brink of doing so.

Andy Robertson, Kieran Tierney and Scott McTominay are flying the flag in the English Premier League, and this collection of young hopefuls will be hoping to emulate them on both a domestic and international level in the near future.

Billy Gilmour

There was no going quietly for Billy Gilmour earlier in 2020 as he gate-crashed the first team picture at Chelsea. Still only 18 at the time, the midfielder earned rave reviews and the Man of the Match award for his performance in an FA Cup tie against Liverpool, and he became a regular figure in the Premier League too for the Blues.

This season, his chances have been more limited due to injury and because Frank Lampard has reverted N’Golo Kante back to the defensive midfield role in which he made his name and which Gilmour had been occupying in 2019/20.

But make no mistake, the Glasgow born youngster is very much part of a bright future at Chelsea. They remain among the favourites in the Premier League outright winner football betting market given that they are in touch with the leaders, and you can be sure that over the course of the season Gilmour will have plenty more chances to shine.

Ross McCrorie

How impressive has Ross McCrorie been in Aberdeen’s excellent start to the campaign?

The Dons sit just three points behind Celtic in second at the time of writing, and central to their stellar run has been the combative midfield performances of McCrorie, who is still only 22 years old.

A key figure of the Scottish Under 21s side, the Dailly youngster is getting plenty of game time after leaving Rangers, and it seems almost a given that the all-action midfielder will ascend to the senior national team ranks soon enough.

Lewis Ferguson

Announcing himself to the world with a stunning bicycle kick goal against Burnley in a Europa League tie, Lewis Ferguson has enjoyed a stratospheric rise ever since.

Aside from his red card in the Scottish Cup semi-final of 2019, the midfielder has been a colossal figure for Aberdeen and his outstanding performances in 2020/21 have already delivered eight goals in just thirteen appearances – a very healthy ratio indeed for a midfielder.

The now 21-year-old, the nephew of Rangers legend Barry Ferguson, has represented Scotland at all youth levels, and a big money move to an Old Firm club or abroad looks to be the next likely step in an already impressive career.

Aaron Hickey

Like buses, you wait for a quality left-back to come along and then three appear at once.

To compliment Robertson and Tierney comes Aaron Hickey, the 18-year-old sensationally snapped up by Bologna after impressing in his debut season with Hearts. So there’s plenty of quality traffic in his way at national level, but Hickey can also operate as a defensive midfielder thanks to his mature reading of the game.

Scotland look set to have another excellent generation of talent come through to compliment the top players already in the national team side, so there's plenty of reasons for the fans. All the players listed will no doubt be eyeing a place in the senior squad for the Euros.

Thursday, 16 December 2010 19:08

How to choose a reliable bookmaker?

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Nowadays there are so many different bookmakers all over the world with different features. In this review, we will look at the main criteria by which betting companies should be evaluated in order to make the right choice.
  • Line and odds. Different bookmakers differ significantly from each other,  both in the coverage of sports and events, as well as in the number of markets and types of bets. If you bet on popular sports and leading leagues, then there will be no problems with the presence of matches in the line, they will be presented in 100% of bookmakers. But if you are looking for profitable bets in all sorts of minor leagues, you will not find the right events on every website. So we suggest to conduct a preliminary review of all popular bookies and check the availability of interesting Championships.

  • While choosing the bookie the margin factor is almost the first in the list of importance.Margin plays a significant role. Different bookmakers have various   margins, the indicators also differ in time. The margin usually fluctuates significantly from the initial version of the line to the start of the game. Usually, it is high at first, but the closer to the match, it decreases. Professional betters always tend to choose a bookmaker with a minimum margin, relative to competitors in the market.

  • There are both local and global bookmakers. Not all sites are suitable for non-English speaking players. It is also important to make sure that the site is allowed in your country, otherwise it will be impossible to play. After all, when verifying your account, you will need to provide documents. Therefore, make sure to choose the legible bookmaker.

  • Payment systems must be convenient for you. The wider the list of options, the better. You choose either to operate with Visa Bank cards, or electronic wallets such as Skrill, Neteller.

  • You must register and pass identity verification immediately upon registration. This may not be very convenient, but it gives a higher reliability rating. If you have requested identity verification, do not be surprised – this is a common practice, just send everything that you are asked. These can be scans of your passport, Bank card, utility bills, or Bank statements. As practice shows, after verification, cases of sanctions and freezing of funds are extremely rare. This is mostly the player's fault when he hits frauds that are explicitly prohibited by the rules of almost all sites. Periodically, some community members face blocking of accounts and cutting of maximums but it happens rarely, while most players continue to work normally and withdraw funds.

  • An important factor is customer support, especially for beginners. Some bookies provide the support that is quite formal. They are easy to solve obvious problems, explain technical details. But if the problem is non-standard, it will take you more time  to find a solution. Still, several bookmakers care a lot about the quality of customer support. 

Thus, there are several factors that should be considered when choosing a bookmaker. We recommend you to check top online sports betting websites here. HTML code: top online sports betting websites.

Any player can choose the most suitable one based on his preferences.

Thursday, 16 December 2010 18:52

Impact of Covid-19 on Football

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COVID-19 has changed the lifestyles of billions of people around the world. One has forgotten what it’s like being in a big crowd. Like every other industry and organization, the pandemic has seriously disrupted football associations.
Financial losses, in-stadium experiences, sports betting, and content strategy have changed tremendously in the wake of COVID-19. This upheaval equally disheartens the players, coaches, agents, organizations, and fans. Many tournaments and leagues got either postponed or rescheduled.
The UEFA European Football Championship got postponed to next summer in June-July. The Copa America game, organized by South America’s football organization CONMEBAL, also got rescheduled from 11 June to 10 July 2021. The major leagues that remain suspended are European leagues like Italy’s Serie A which, while originally scheduled in October, got postponed as many players contracted the virus.

Other major leagues like Spain’s La Linga and Germany’s Bundesliga have also gotten postponed from their original dates. College tournaments remain cancelled altogether.
Health takes the foremost importance in this field, and one has to change with its needs. The rescheduled matches are happening with digital fans and some associations allowing 20% fan capacity.
The term “behind closed doors” is avidly used in 2020 sports content, meaning spectators are not allowed to watch the game in a stadium. In Europe, many domestic and international leagues chose a behind closed doors medium to host their games. Champion’s League, Europa League, and various other domestic leagues like La Liga got held without any fans cheering them.
The pandemic has created great havoc in the sports industry, with some ups and downs specific to the football industry. In this article, we’ll analyse COVID-19’s impact and trends in 2020 football.

Financial Changes

Football has a reputation of being a rich man’s game. With international, domestic or league matches, this game generates a surplus amount of money every year. COVID-19 has changed this scenario altogether. The 2020 football season is behind closed doors. Such impositions create a huge loss for small leagues like Liga MX, La Liga and many others, as their main source of income is from the individual match-day merchandise, gate tickets and hospitality market.
The Premier Leagues face great profit loss as they owe broadcast rights authorities millions as payback. The English Premier Leagues face a loss of around 20 million euros as they host games with zero or very few spectators. The FIFA chairman reported that the pandemic would cost the US over fourteen billion US dollars.


Sponsorship Changes

Sponsors pose great value for players’ training and gear. Football or sports sponsorships during the pandemic have used different strategies to connect with their audiences. With zero spectatorship, sponsors have tried to curve their market value through the digital sphere, rather than pulling out their sponsorship.
Leagues’ and sponsors’ division is easily noted by the audience, which can negatively affect both parties. Social media is a great platform to keep the audience engaged and building personal brands.

Viewer Patterns and Behaviour

COVID-19 precautions have led to at-home spectatorship experiences being a new normal. With the pandemic looming high and low worldwide, it is unlikely that viewers will return to stadiums any time soon. According to Deloitte State of the Consumer Tracker July 2020 reports, 57% of people in the UK plan to limit their leisure travel.
It shows the possibility of fans returning to watch a game in the post-pandemic scenario. But the digital consumption of games has seen an upward curve of about 25%, according to the Deloitte Digital media trends survey. This includes the re-watching of previous games through various OTTs and livestreaming through television or online websites.
Premier Leagues and clubs have increasingly promoted their brands through social media platforms. Clubs have initiated home-workout routines to keep their fanbase engaged. Broadcasters cater to the needs of consumers, delivering high-quality content.

Sports Betting Trends

College football and NFLs have the leading sports betting audience. Fortunately, the 2020 pandemic has influenced the gambling trend in football positively, according to a report on https://www.slotsformoney.com. This includes sports betting trends in the digital sphere as well as the geographical sphere.
Online sports betting market participants like 888 Holdings, bet365 and Churchill Downs Inc., which offers sports betting services to some of the big leagues, have seen tremendous growth in their market. Technavio reports that the global sports betting market will grow by 136.06 billion dollars from 2020-2024.

Player Performance

Players make the greatest asset in the sports industry. COVID-19 has infected some of the highest profile players like Brazil’s Neymar, Paul Pogba, Daniele Rugani, etc. As sportsmen, they require constant physical strength training to maintain their well-being. The ban and restrictions on movement affect their physical as well as mental health.
Players have started alternate training methods to keep their workouts consistent through this difficult time. Videos of athletes engaging in physical activities have gone viral over the past months.

Job Loss and Pay Cuts

Like any other industry, sports have also seen huge financial losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Around 10,000 layoffs have already occurred in this field, and more could happen. With no spectatorship in the stadiums, merchandise and gate passes have seen a significant dip in revenue. Brand merchandise and tickets make up the major income-generating section in this industry.
In the US, the financial impact of COVID-19 on sports is 1.3 million jobs lost, amounting to a 12.3 billion loss in earnings.

Broadcast Trends

As behind closed doors is the new norm, broadcasters have taken up new content strategies to cope with the current situation. Broadcast agents play a pivotal role in sports in 2020.
Remote production is the new trend, where the broadcasters produce live-quality content sitting miles away from the stadium, not compromising on the health risks of crowding. They use different camera angles and technology to give high-quality content. 
The overall change in sports due to COVID-19 is varied over its sub-fields. One cannot determine when spectatorship will return to its normal state.
Meanwhile, the digital transformation of broadcasting has changed creatively to incorporate the consumer’s needs. Sponsorship and sports betting remain unchanged. Brands and clubs will have to engage the fanbase through innovative strategies to pursue their growth.
When you think about the game of football, many things come to mind, and if you’re an enthusiast, many feelings come to mind too. From outstanding players to explosive matches, and crowds cheering, all the senses come to play. However, in all games, there is one thing that separates this sport from many others – the net.
A goalpost is a must in every home, and when looking to purchase this for your back yard, keep in mind that there can be nothing better than watching your children playing outside and being active instead of sitting in front of the television screen repetitively playing the latest version of FIFA, you may want to read the information below to get you stepping in the right direction and score that goal! (excuse the pun).
During proper professional matches, three different types of goalposts nets are usually used which include the Stadium box nets, Straight back nets, or the Standard Nets and everything you need to know about them and their “netting grades” can be found on this online source. However, when you are buying one for your home, for your children to play with, the selection process may be a tad less rigorous, but still a thorough one.
Things to Consider When Buying A Football Net for Your Kids
There are a few things to look for in a goalpost that will make or break a good football game, and we look at a few of these aspects below.
1.      Where Are you Setting it Up? It could be your back yard, the park, the garden, or even a local park facility. The size of the area is an important determining factor. Small areas should have small posts and big areas can have both small or big. Before you order or purchase one, make sure you measure the area, not just by looking at it and guesstimating, but with a measuring tape, making notes as you go along.
2.      What Are Your Kids Ages? Again, another important one to look out for is the age factor. Whoever said “age is nothing but a number” might not like this point because age will matter when choosing a goalpost. According to the Football Association, the sizes will vary. For example, under 7-8-year-old format 5vs 5, the goal size should be 12”x6’ or 8’x6’ can also work. If they are under 9 to 10 years and playing a format of 7vs7 then they should use a goal size of 12”x6” and older kids should use the larger ones such as the 16” by 7’.
3.      The Type of Goal. Of course, this will matter significantly to the game and even when you are having fun. If it is left outside the whole year-round, you may want to consider a weatherproof material such as aluminum or PVC, such as the ones mentioned here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goal_(sports). Some posts can be disassembled and stored away during winter months, while others cannot, so be careful where you leave it.
4.      The Products Design and Durability. This will ensure it lasts a long time, so going for something that is made of solid material and constructed well, will guarantee you don’t waste your bucks on it or it breaks in a short time. Those that need to be installed, should be followed up with robust instructions such as online or via the user manual that you get with it.  
The Netting. This needs to be checked as well because getting a goalpost with a flimsy or cheap material net defeats the purpose. One needs heavy-duty, long-lasting football nets to stop the ball from getting lost or going into your neighbors’ yard, football, or in some country’s “soccer”, is one of the most popular ones that springs to everybody’s mind.
Commonly made out of polyethylene twine which is all weatherproof, these nets average about 2.5mm thick. In any case, whichever one you choose, make sure it is strong and thick and held fast to the frame of the post so any ball shots don’t unhinge it.
The best ones are not the flashy thin free-standing ones, but rather the robust sturdy metal ones that can stay in place and don’t topple over at the first shot of a kid’s foot. Then you get the “mini-goal” posts which can also do the job of acting as goalpost especially in your garden. This is good because it is easy to carry around and to store away. They are typically for use within the 4 to 12-year ranges and are a perfect option for small gardens or even indoor entertainment rooms.
Whichever one you choose make sure you buy the best quality one so it can last, and you can teach your kids yet another sport that will keep them active for hours, and who knows, even become the next Lionel Messi!

Back in the day it was standard practice for young players to pass their formative playing years at their hometown club or at least one based in their native country, before perhaps being farmed out further afield once their reputation in the adult game had been established.

All that is changing these days, with top teams recruiting fledgling talent to their books early on and then sending those same players out to foreign teams across Europe, where they can grow not only as a player but also as a man.

Here are just some of the Scottish youngsters who having made dream moves to Premier League or SPL clubs and who were then sent abroad to earn their stripes in the more technical European game.

Many Scottish youngsters are being asked to prove themselves in foreign lands

Liam Morrison

There are few better places to learn your trade than with the powerhouses of European football that are Bayern Munich.

That is the honour bestowed on 17-year-old Liam Morrison, who is currently plying his trade in the German champions’ youth teams, but is already being tipped for stardom whenever he gets to take his bow in the big leagues.

Fraser Hornby

The Blue half of Liverpool has always been a hotbed of talent, with much of it also having Scottish roots, and Fraser Hornby is certainly in that mould.

However, the attacking midfielder has been something of a road warrior, having played in Belgium before then making a recent permanent move to French Ligue 1 side Reims. His game time has been limited so far this season, but he is not a bad man to lump a bet or two on when the French side do decide to let him spread his wings, because he has an eye for goal and a killer through ball. Reims fans will probably be hoping that happens sooner rather than later, with wise punters currently using their sports free bets to wager on Reims getting relegated this season rather than achieving anything positive.

Training and playing in a foreign language is just one of the major tests that these young players face

Charlie Gilmour

This 21-year-old terrier-like midfielder has been bounced between the youth setups at both Arsenal and Norwich, before heading abroad to see what he is made of in the Dutch second division with Telstar.

He is now back at Norwich where he has been racking up some impressive performances both in the Premier League 2 and the EFL Cup. It seems only a matter of time before Gilmour forces his way into the reckoning at Carrow Road or elsewhere in the upper echelons of European footy.

The Premier League is rightly regarded as one of the best and most competitive leagues in world football. However, there is always a strong core of Scottish players that represent some of the biggest teams in the topflight of English football.
Nonetheless, it isn’t all about the Premier League as Scottish youngsters are now looking at other European leagues to make their mark. Ryan Gauld for example, has finally returned to Portuguese top division after being promoted with SC Farense.
Oliver Burke had an interesting spell in La Liga with Alaves, before returning this season to English topflight with Sheffield United.
Furthermore, success that has been achieved by Andrew Robertson at Liverpool is a huge example of what Scottish players can with them as a fresh dynamic to the team. And with the Euro playoff final set to happen in November, there is a glimpse of hope that Scotland will return to a major tournament once again.
That looks to continue in the future with a number of young Scottish players set to make their mark this season (and hopefully be into the cards for next Summer’s tournament, fingers crossed!).

Billy Gilmour

Scotland fans would have been purring last season after seeing Billy Gilmour produce one of the most exciting performances in many years during Chelsea’s FA Cup success over Liverpool.
Gilmour was able to hold his own against the runaway Premier League leaders, and instantly was the talk of an international call-up.
For football players in Europe, being able to play in the Premier League, is like a youngster in the College Football odds of BetAmerica being drafted for the NFL.
Billy is even lucky enough to be in one of the top squads of the league, so expectations are quite high.
The midfielder couldn’t be playing for a better manager at present, with Frank Lampard revealing time and time again that he will give his young players a chance to shine in the first team.
Injury towards the end of the 2019-20 season meant that he wasn’t able to continue his fine form for the first-team, but he has been given a new squad number this term, and he could be set to play an increased role for Chelsea throughout the season.


Sonny Blu Lo Everton

There aren’t many Scottish players that are as highly thought of as Sonny Blue Lo Everton. The winger was tempted to play for Scotland very early on his career, as the coaching set up was instantly aware of his talents. He is yet to make a senior start for Watford, but he has constantly been impressing for the U18’s.
Those performances have also been followed over to his Under 18’s performances for the Scottish national side, while he has played for the U19 and U17 Scottish teams too.
He has made a combined total of seven appearances so far at these two levels, and he could find himself playing a more regular role with the Hornets this term as they find themselves back in the Championship.
Their relegation could mean that an eye could be turned to youth, and Blu Lo Everton will be one of the players that could stand to benefit from that decision.

Fraser Hornby

Fraser Hornby has taken a leaf out of the Jadon Sancho handbook and has turned his back on English and Scottish football to develop his game further in a different European league.
Hornby was highly thought of during his youth career, and that saw Everton make their move to sign the teenager from Northampton Town in 2014.
However, he wasn’t given the chance to shine at the Toffees, with the only minutes that he played coming in a Europa League tie against Apollon Limassol.
He flourished on loan in the 2019-20 season with Kortrijk, in Belgium, where he scored three goals in 12 games. That potential was seen by Ligue 1 side Reims.
Hornby signed for the French side in the recent summer transfer window and has already made three appearances this season.
His future looks very bright, and it would only seem a matter of time before he scores his first goal in Ligue 1. That could lead to him getting a first senior call up further down the line after a couple of appearances for the under 21’s already.
These are the top 3 future Scottish prospects that we hope we can see in action for the national team already next Summer.
Who else you expect to bloom this season? Let us know!
Tuesday, 19 October 2010 00:08

Spreads in Football Index: What Do They Mean?

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There are different strategies you can use to improve your chances of enjoying more winnings on Football Index. If youre a complete beginner, you can make the most of your time by using a Football Index referral code while getting to know the basics of the platform. This will give you additional funds, which you can use to put together and bet on a winning player portfolio. You can opt to buy shares of media favourites, established players, or up-and-coming stars that will earn you dividends throughout the season.
Another way to go about it is by buying and selling player shares. To succeed in this, though, you need to come up with a strategy, and that almost always involves looking closely at the spread.
Minding the Gap between Buy and Sell Prices
The spread sounds like its a compilation of sheets and formulas, but the concept itself is not that complicated. Simply put, the spread refers to the difference between the sell price and the buy price, and its widely used in all financial and betting markets. Spreads are expressed in percentages.
If, for example, Player A has a sell price of £6.5 and a buy price of £6.3, then Player A has a spread of £0.2 or 3.17 percent.
Spreads can be categorised into 2: tight and wide. Its a tight spread if theres a small difference between the Sell and Buy prices, while its a wide spread if theres a significant difference between these numbers. The width of the spread can change considerably throughout the course of a players availability on Football Index.
The liquidity of the market dictates the spread width changes, which is why its important to keep an eye on the buy and sell prices. A tight spread may indicate that the market for a particular player is very active and has a lot of traders. Many buyers are interested in acquiring shares in that player, and theyre competing for every opportunity to purchase shares from sellers. Because theres a large number of buyers who are willing to bid higher amounts, closer to the price that sellers want for their shares, the difference between the buy and sell prices are effectively reduced.
On the other hand, a wide spread often means that theres not a lot of activity in the market for a particular players shares. The competition is less fierce, so buyers can afford to bid lower amounts without worrying that other buyers will match their offer. Sellers may be less than willing to part with their shares at a price below market value and suffer a loss, so they may choose to wait until the players sell price increases.
In summary, the spread is indicative of the value of a players shares, and a tight spread is a sign that a player is seen by buyers as a worthy addition to their portfolio.
Using the Spread to Your Advantage
How can you leverage this newfound knowledge on spreads? You can start by taking a closer look at the player shares in your portfolio. Its a sensible move to keep an eye out for narrowing spreads. If a player is gaining more attention from traders, consider if its the best time to sell your shares or if you should keep them longer and wait for their value to appreciate.
Check out the players with a wide spread as well, then decide if theyre worth holding onto. If you believe that Player A has potential, you can try to offer a higher buy price for additional Player A shares. This, in turn, will increase the value of the Player A shares you are currently holding.
The Key Is Knowing Exactly What Youre Doing
Relying on the rise and fall of the price of the player shares in your portfolio comes with its own advantages. Traders are primarily attracted to this strategy because it presents them with an opportunity to win big without necessarily spending a lot of money in the first place.
Just the same, there are downsides to using this strategy on Football Index. While buying low and selling high can earn you significant returns, theres also the fact that it can be quite risky. The market can end up becoming volatile, for example, and should your prediction run counter to the current trends, you may lose some money.
To improve your chances of enjoying all the benefits of betting on Football Index, you need to first and foremost ensure that you know what you are doing. Make every effort to familiarise yourself with how the platform works, cultivate a passion for the sport if youre not a fan of football just yet, and come up with a structured entry and exit plan. This way, youll be able to enjoy the game, use your newfound knowledge to make good decisions on the Index, and realise more winnings at the same time.

The Scotland national team has hugely benefited over the last five years from the emergence of some talented young players who are now excelling for club and country.

Kieran Tierney, Scott McTominay and Andrew Robertson are all examples of what can be achieved by young Scottish youngsters, if they have the talent and are willing to work hard.

Here is a look at three players who may well be the future stars of the Scottish senior team if they continue to develop in their careers.

Kai Kennedy

Rangers youngster Kai Kennedy was recently called up to the Scotland under-19 team and it may not be long before he is fast-tracked through the different levels.

The 18-year-old made his debut for the Gers back in January when he came off the bench in their Scottish Cup tie with Stranraer. A number of clubs in the Premier League are thought to be monitoring Kennedy, including Sheffield United as they see a lot of potential in the Scot.


Kennedy looked very much at home in Rangers’ under-20 tie with Atletico Madrid earlier this year which they lost 4-0. The Spanish side was full of quality but Kennedy matched them and was one of the standout players on the pitch.

Jamie Hamilton

Despite being just 18 years old, defender Jamie Hamilton is an integral part of Hamilton’s starting XI in the Scottish Premiership. He has made 17 appearances for the Accies and is getting better with every game.
Hamilton has represented Scotland at a number of youth levels. He currently features for the under-19 side and it won’t be long before he steps up to the under-21 level.
Coming up against some of the best players in Scotland when his side faces the likes of Celtic and Rangers is great experience for the defender. Hamilton are 10/1 in the football betting to finish in the top six this season and that would be a great achievement from the South Lanarkshire-based side. They will need Hamilton and the rest of their squad to be at their best in order to achieve that.
By the time he reaches his early 20s, Hamilton will have played a lot of football and may well be playing at an even higher level than he is doing right now.

Andy Winter


18-year-old Andy Winter had a dream debut for Hamilton earlier this year, scoring in his side’s 5-0 victory over Edinburgh City in the Scottish Cup. Winter has since featured for the Accies in the Scottish Premiership and is a player that Hamilton boss Brian Rice likes a lot.

The Scottish youngster is a forward who works very hard on the pitch. He has scored goals at every level he has played at. If he continues that trend in the Scottish Premiership, he could be set for big things.

Scotland have had some great forwards over the years and Winter may well be the next in line to shine for the senior team.

Good luck to all of the above three players as they strive to have a successful career in the game. 

Sports betting has become one of the most talked-about events in the world. More than 500 million people use different online websites to bet on their favorite sports and win quick cash. Online sports betting is fun and exhilarating, but it is also a great way to earn fast money.
If you have the right knowledge and good experience regarding your favorite sport, you will win quite a great chance. People around the world have won thousands of dollars by placing their bets on sports. There are websites like Betway where you can easily place your desired bet and win huge rewards.
Yes! That's possible, and people are already doing it regularly. Now it's your turn. Are you interested to know a bit more about it? Keep reading this blog that we have today.

Why Are People Fond of Sports Betting?

If you look closely, you will find many reasons why people are interested in sports betting.
  • Entertainment is the biggest and most obvious reason. It can help to increase the value and level of entertainment that you enjoy. It is enjoyable to watch live sports events, but it gives you an adrenaline rush when you have placed your bets on a game. Betting seriously takes the whole experience to a new level altogether.
  • Sports betting falls under the circle of competence for a lot of people. No matter what sport we love to watch, we have our favorite teams. We keep track of team news, about the players, their performance, and many aspects of the team. Isn't it?
So people are more confident in judging and deciding which game they will play well and which one will be an utter loss. That's why it becomes a lot easier for many to place their monetary bets.
  • Sports betting nowadays comes with no limitations. So, whether you want to bet $5 or $5000, no questions asked. It depends on you regarding how much money you are planning to bet.
That is the reason why many people consider sports betting as cheap yet fun. If you are not confident about any one of the games, then you can avoid losing a lot of money by placing a simple bet that won't cost you much.
These are some cool reasons why people are fond of sports betting nowadays. If they seem convincing and fun, then you can also visit an online betting website and start trying out your skills and luck right away.

Final Words

Sports betting is a new way to earn quick money and have fun while watching live sporting events. Be it football, basketball, or cricket, and it doesn't matter. Select your favorite sport, your favorite team, and your preferred betting amount.
You are all set to win right now! It is always recommended that you participate in sports betting only from verified and popular online websites. They are safe and pose no threat to your hard-earned money.
Team sports can be a very valuable activity for your child because of the many benefits they can gain from being part of a team and the exercise they’ll get while they’re playing or practicing. Being able to recognise each individual’s contribution to the team with trophies and medals is a tradition that has been around for a long time, and for good reason. Let’s look at why sports trophies are important and what benefits being celebrated offers to your child.

Why Play Team Sports?

The long-term benefits of playing team sports when you’re young are well documented
and agreed on by psychologists and physiologists the world over. Not only do they promote a healthy lifestyle through exercise, but they’re more important than ever because they get your child away from their device screen and into the outdoors. They can instil valuable lessons for your child too, like how to work as an individual in a team who are all working towards a common goal. It can also promote a sense of belonging and comradery.
When you play as a team, you’re also learning discipline and commitment because you learn to understand that your team relies on you and your contribution so you can’t let them down. Above all, you learn that while the drive to win and do well feels great and is worth the effort when you get presented with those engraved trophies, winning isn’t everything and taking part and having fun is important too.

Awards Encourage Attendance

It can be difficult to keep a child motivated and interested in something, particularly as they reach the age when their social life starts to mean everything to them. Sports can quickly fall by the wayside and the value they get from participating in these sports can be lost. When there are trophy cups handed out at the end of competitions, seasons or tournaments, that motivation might persist, and your child will likely be more motivated to get up and get to that Saturday morning game. Once there, they’ll give their best effort in the hope of getting their hands on that trophy. There are some compelling reasons not to celebrate perfect attendance, but recognising improved and good attendance is encouraged.

Awards Encourage Their Best Effort

If you’re playing in a football team and the prospect of victory comes with the promise of a shining gold football trophy for first place, you’re going to make sure you bring your absolute best to every practice and game. By offering these awards, you’re offering incentive, which is the strongest known human motivator. Perhaps the alure of a trophy will motivate your child to put in that extra little bit of effort that their team needs to get over that finish line in first place. They offer a free personalisation service and plenty of unique designs. No matter what our interests, the idea of a trophy engraving featuring our name is going to appeal to us!

They Teach Humility

There are valuable life lessons to be learned when you are given an award, just as there are when you aren’t a recipient. One of the biggest lessons we learn in life is how to win or lose well. No matter how good we are and how well we do at something, we’re not always going to win, and learning how to lose gracefully and with humility is as important as winning. Being able to feel happy for someone who has beaten you and congratulate them earnestly is a very importantly life skill. On the other side of the same coin, knowing how to win with dignity without boasting and gloating is also a good lesson that team sports will teach you.

Some Ideas for Awards

Of course, the basics like 1st 2nd 3rd place awards should be covered, but what about some more creative ideas that can celebrate not just the team but the individual performances? Joblot Trophies and Gifts is a trophy store that offers a wide range of trophies for many different sports and activities including golf, cricket, rugby and football trophy designs for very reasonable costs, each of which can be custom engraved with the winner’s names and the award title. Celebrate individual and team efforts to boost the confidence of your children and encourage performance and participation in the next season or even in broader aspects of life. Awards for improvement, attendance, highest goal or point scorers, special effort, representation and many others are great ideas to include at your club or school prizegiving. Try and celebrate not just sporting achievements, but achievements related to character and effort too.
Prizegiving and awards ceremonies are always a highlight of any sporting season and celebrating the achievements of children both on and off the field is a wonderful way of recognising their achievements. Many adults who won trophies as kids for their favourite sports probably still have them today, which shows just how meaningful an award can be if you’ve worked hard to do well and improve as a team player in your chosen sport.
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