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Meet the team: Largs Colts U13's

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Written by: Campbell Coupar (Coach/Secretary)
Date Established: 2012
The League you're participating in: Central Ayrshire YFA
Home Pitch: Barrfields, Brisbane Road and Inverclyde Sports Centre, Burnside Road
Coaching Staff: 
Morris McTaggart (Head coach) 
Andy Smith (Coach) 
Campbell Coupar (Coach & Secretary)
Squad List: Jonathan Irwin, Rudi Carrino, Declan Barbour, Kian Murdoch, Dylan Smith, Callum Wilson, Robbie Coupar, Lewis Dalglish, Kieran MacNeil, Glen McTaggart, Dylan Weir, Jamie Coupar, Liam Duddy, Lewis Florence, Paul Lidbury, Adam Brown, Owen Cullen, Kieran Kavak, Craig Loudon.
How did your team get on last season (13/14)?: Largs Colts 2002 had two seven a side teams in CAYFA leagues. One team was stronger than the other and generally the results were positive with the stronger 7 only losing both games to one club. The players developed skills and fitness during the season and have been working on the transition from 7's to 11's in recent months.
What are your hopes for this season (14/15)?: First and foremost it is for the players to improve individually and for the team to develop into a highly competitive outfit. As for more precise targets, in the league the aim is to finish in the top 5, with a stretch target to make the top 3. Getting a good run in the cups would also be great for the players and for the club. There is a great togetherness amongst the players which we want to build and foster, both on and off the pitch.
What is the mood in the camp ahead of the new season?: The mood within the camp one of excitement and expectation. Pre-season has been building nicely and although results have been mixed, performances are improving both individually and collectively. Given it is holiday season it is difficult to get continuity in line up and playing style. Getting a good start in the league is important and the training is geared towards getting the team ready for that first game.
Has there been any 'Summer Transfers': Recent newcomers include 'keeper Jonathan Irwin and prior to that a few players from Ardgowan including MacNeil, Weir, Loudon and Brown. 
What is your footballing 'philosophy'?: Our football philosophy is about possession, passing and pressing. Working together as a team with focus on team ethics and doing the simple thing at all times. Respect for everyone is paramount, respect for your team mates, the opposition, referee and coaches.
Biggest Achievement to Date?: No single item, only to say that the team has come on tremendously in a short space of time. From losing games to teams by double digits to winning comfortably against the same outfit in less than a year. Largs Colts 2002's are now asked to play against the top outfits in Ayrshire, a clear sign we have developed into a team respected by others in the game.
Do you know much about your opponents? If so, what do you make of them?: Largs Colts have played a number of our CAYFA teams and respect each of them. Tass are arguably the team to beat and despite defeats to Tass at 11's, Colts are confident they can compete at that level.
Your Sponsors: McTaggart Construction are great sponsors of Largs Colts 2002 as are Tom Smith (WK) Ltd Plumbing and Heating.
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