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FC Kilmarnock LFC announce game changing partnership

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Following a highly successful meeting on Monday 25th of November, Kilmarnock FC and FC Kilmarnock Ladies are delighted to announce a partnership between the two clubs.
There have been various meetings over the past few months with Kilmarnock FC being represented by Paul di Giacomo and George Craig and FC Kilmarnock Ladies by Brian Emmerson, David Howie, Elizabeth Munro, Hugh Emslie, Hugh Flynn, David Johnston, Stewart Bell and Kirsty Munro. Additionally, SFA representative Shirley Martin has also been present during what has turned out to be a significant and rewarding occasion for ladies football in Ayrshire.
So what will this partnership mean to the players of FC Kilmarnock Ladies? 
The Club will become a Football Academy with a variety of qualified coaches available to all players at all levels, including fitness with sports science and fitness training available to all players. The players will enjoy the very best training facilities the town has to offer, which will be reserved solely for use of the squads on their training nights. The U17 and senior squads will have free membership for the use of the gym facilities at Kilmarnock FC’s fitness centre. 
The senior squad will play their home matches at one of the local junior grounds and negotiations are already underway with various local clubs in Ayrshire. Kilmarnock FC did not rule out the possibility of making Rugby Park available to host certain 1st XI fixtures in the future, which would be a huge bonus for the players of the club. 
To assist with player identification and recruitment, player development pathways will be introduced throughout the Region. Players who participate in the Scottish FA and Kilmarnock FC grass roots programme will be encouraged to join local clubs at U9 and U11 ages with a view to joining the Girls Academy at U13. 
New coaching roles will be created to be responsible for the coaching syllabus and curriculum for all the squads. 
A fully qualified physiotherapist will be assigned to the club and will be responsible for medical matters on designated club training nights. The physiotherapist will also be available for the seniors on match days.
The players and coaches will be provided with Kilmarnock FC strips, track suits and training kits. This is to ensure the Club be identified to Kilmarnock FC and will be of no expense to the players or coaches. Suitable sponsors are being sought for the various ventures such as training kit.  
These are just some of the many benefits players will enjoy by signing up for FC Kilmarnock Ladies. With Kilmarnock FC leading the way there will be a more professional approach to all business, playing and coaching affairs ensuring the future of the club is bright. 
Head Coach Hugh Flynn is delighted with the new set up, which will permit him and his coaching team to have a long term plan for youth development and to attract new players of all ages for the coming season. 
However, part of the negotiations for the above benefits is that ALL players will be unconditionally required to pay their regular fees by Direct Debit to Kilmarnock FC. This new payment system will begin in January 2014 and players/parents should be aware that payments will be paid monthly over 12 months.
No cash will exchange hands with FC Kilmarnock Ladies Coaches from there on in. For the Seniors, fees will be £25 per month and Juniors £20 per month. More details will follow on this shortly. 
There will be an informational meeting on Monday 16th December at 6.15pm in the Park Suite and the Club invites all parents/players and anyone with an interest in joining the club to attend. In attendance, amongst others, will be Paul di Giacomo (KFC Community Engagement Manger), Shirley Martin (SFA), George Craig (Coordinator), Paul Green (Sports Science) who will discuss the partnership in detail and will be happy to answer any questions.
Anyone interested in playing for FC Kilmarnock Ladies please get in touch in the first instance by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our web site and use the contact form at www.fckilmarnocklfc.co.uk or our Facebook Page by clicking here.
Please make sure you arrive early for the Q&A session with representives from all parties. 
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