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Grange Academy seniors shock teachers in charity match

Grange Academy Seniors 5

Wales (2), Stewart, Barlow, Own Goal

Grange Academy Teachers 3

Mr Allan (2), Mr Christie
  • Tuesday, 15 October 2013
  • Grange Academy
  • Under 18´s
  • Charity Event

Football coach and journalist wannabe.

Reporting from a school charity game obviously has a slightly different style to it. The magnificent Grange Academy slaughtered their tedious teachers by putting five past them before giving them a wee bit of consolation by allowing them to have three goals so it looked a close contest... Goals from Michael Stewart, an own goal, Andrew Barlow and an Adam Wales brace ensured that, for the first time ever, the Seniors beat the staff in the Children In Need charity game. 
The game was played in full competitiveness though, those teachers were determined not to lose! Even Mr Boyd refereeing could just not bear to see his peers face that kind of mockery, as he awarded every single decision he could in the staff's favour.
It did not make the blind bit of difference though as Wales broke the deadlock five minutes in. The teachers were soon level though, ex-pro Mr Adams teeing up Mr Allan to score; had it not been for  heroics of Allan Tipping in goals the game could have slipped away from the seniors.
Much to the joy of everyone who donated money to watch, Bellfield 97s club mates Wales and Stewart fired in a goal each within a minute to put the seniors 3-1 ahead. Stewart also cracked the crossbar with a ferocious drive that would have killed the game dead.
  • Half Time:
  • Grange Academy Seniors
  • 3-1
  • Grange Academy Teachers
Those teachers were out there like beasts, savaging all they could - it was like a drunken Stoke City FC team. They were totally outplayed and outskilled by the students; the students became the teachers when showing the Oldies how to play properly. My PE teacher Mr Alldridge had a top that had 'Pirlo' on the back. Andrea Pirlo?! He was playing more like Loose Women's Andrea McLean if you ask me...
Anyway, back out the teams went and the game was pretty even for most of the second half (as the pupils didn't want to hurt the teachers feelings all that much) and somehow the teachers scored two goals to level it at 3-3. Firstly, Mr Allan again was in amongst the goals with a real poachers finish. Then Mr Christie - of the Science department - briefly forgot who he was, and in an Argentina strip, he produced a low strike into the bottom corner like that man Lionel Messi. 
Could the teachers go on and win it? Pfft, they had no chance. Andy Barlow - ex-Kingswell and Killie Portland team mate of mine, and now like me is retired - back heeled the ball through the goalkeepers legs to put his side up 4-3. It was a great piece of skill and perhaps he's wondering if he'd like to come back out of retirement... 
The historic victory was sealed with three minutes to go. Stewart unleashed one of his rasping strikes that deflected and went in off of Andy Black in goal for the teachers, in what can only be classed as an own goal. 
The teachers tried to rally, but it was all in vain. 
Eight goals is none too shabby a match, and of course the real winner here is charity, as the game was highly successful and I'm sure raised a lot of money towards the overall fund Grange Academy donates to Children In Need each year. I have slated the teachers above in a joking manner, but of course thank you to them for contributing their part as well for charity. 
The Seniors all linked up well, with four Bellfield 97s in their rank, two u-19s Killie Portland players and two retired lads. On the whole, I think we've all came to the conclusion that this team would prove hard to beat in a competitive match, should this group of friends grace the same park at U-19s level next year. 
Anyway, that's all from me, and I would again like to congratulate both teams for coming together and raising a tonne for a great cause.
  • Full Time:
  • Grange Academy Seniors
  • 5-3
  • Grange Academy Teachers


Grange Academy Seniors
Grange Academy Teachers

1. Allan Tipping.(Gk)
2. Craig McKenzie. 
3. Craig Gemmell.
4. Scott Cowie.
5. Michael Stewart.
6. Scott Rowan.
7. Jamie McNair.
8. Adam Wales.
9. Andrew Barlow.

1. Mr. Black.(GK)
2. Mr Smith.
3. Mr Alldridge/ David Goodwillie.
4. Mr Allan.
5. Mr Adams. (Hail Thee)
6. Mr Christie.
7. Mr Baird.
8. Mr McGeady.
9. Mr Armstrong.
10. The Referee.
11. Mr Willdridge.
12. Mrs Ridland.

Star Player
Grange Academy Seniors
Grange Academy Teachers
Craig Gemmell. The big man was excellent - proved why he lifted the Scottish Cup whilst at Clark Drive at U-15s.
Mr Boyd was by far the teachers best player. He was supposed to be refereeing!
Magic Moment
Grange Academy Seniors
Grange Academy Teachers
There was a point in the match where Mr Allan had nutmegged Scott Rowan near the spectators, well when big Scotty got the ball a few seconds later he absolutely done the Head of PE with a great piece of skill into a nutmeg - delighting the fans! Unbelievable tekkers.
Mr Alldridge slamming Scott Rowan right through a fire exit door. I'll have to be sure not to get into the bad books in PE first thing on a Monday then eh? Only joking, I THINK it was an accident...
Club Views
Grange Academy Seniors
Grange Academy Teachers
Michael Stewart, Grange Academy senior, said: "Easy! Easy! Easy!" Whilst clapping his hands over his head.
Mr Allan, Grange Academy PE teacher, said: "The best team lost today." I'm sorry Mr Allan, I didn't know Kilmarnock Football Club were even playing that day.
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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