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Lothian win wet battle against Ayrshire

Lothian 4

Ballantyne 2, Henderson 12, Windram 23, Jones 70

Ayrshire 0

  • Thursday, 31 October 2013
  • Forrester
  • Under 18´s
  • SSFA Senior National Trophy

Sascha Bolder | YFS South East Region Journalist

Right from the beginning, Lothian controlled the match and created their first scoring opportunity in the first minute. James Flynn got hold of the ball in midfield and switched it to Dean Ballantyne who entered the box on the left wing. Although his shot was blocked by an Ayrshire defender, the ball bounced back to Ballantyne who was about to release a drive from short range when being fouled. The penalty kick resulting from that was also converted by Ballantyne which gave the Lothian squad an early lead.
Considering the difficult conditions owing to endless rain, both teams played good football, kept the ball on the ground and created triangles. The Lothian team was dominant, however, and put the Ayrshire side under pressure with fine combinations and one touch football. In the 12th minute, David Henderson extended the lead for the home side with a beautiful goal when he curled the ball into the upper right corner of the net from the left wing after a corner kick.
The match was decided in the 23rd minute. Calum Windram’s free kick from almost 50 yards was miscalculated by Ayrshire’s goalkeeper so that the wet ball slipped out of his hands and found his way into the net.
Ayrshire could have got a foot back into the game in the 31st minute but they were not able to convert a penalty due to a fantastic save by Sean Brennan.
  • Half Time:
  • Lothian
  • 3-0
  • Ayrshire

Despite the suboptimal performance in the first half, the away side did not lose their courage. In fact, Ayrshire was the better team at the beginning of the second half and was able to create a couple of scoring opportunities with shots from wide range.
Twice, a Lothian defender standing on the goal line had to help out his beaten goalkeeper.
However, again it was the Lothian side that scored. In the 70th minute, Sam Jones received the ball on the inside right, sidestepped a defender and passed to Ryan Smith who found himself unmarked 14 yards from the goal and converted into the bottom left corner.
Lothian held out for a clean sheet and put themselves in a strong position to progress from Group 3. They await the result from the encounter between Paisley and Dumfries & Galloway, before knowing exactly what they need from the trip to Queen of the South's Palmerston Park, later this month. A victory in that match would guarantee them qualification, but if Dumfries & Galloway fail to beat Paisley, a draw will be enough.
Ayrshire are all but out of the competition, although they aren't mathematically eliminated, as a Paisley victory over Dumfries & Galloway, combined with Dumfries & Galloway victory over Lothian - both with a favourable goal difference swing - could still see them through.
  • Full Time:
  • Lothian
  • 4-0
  • Ayrshire



1. Sean Brennan
2. Daniel McSorley
3. Harry Oliff
4. David Scobie
6. Calum Windram
7. Greg Binnie
9. James Flynn
11. Sam Jones
12. Jamie Dishington
13. Cameron Tulloch
14. Ryan Smith
15. Fraser Thomson
16. Stuart Talac
17. David Henderson
18. Dean Ballantyne

1. S. Watson
2. B. Lockhead
3. K. Shankland
4. Z. Ross
5. K. Gilmour
6. R. Black
7. J. Sloan
8. L. McCrail
9. A. Sibbard
10. G. Forbes
11. R. Allan
12. S. McCarvey
14. S. Hedger
15. J. McLeod

Star Player
Calum Windram won nearly all his challenges and scored a goal with a free kick from 50 yards.
Despite his mistake which led to Lothian's third goal, S. Watson prevented a couple of goals with brilliant reactions.
Magic Moment
David Henderson's goal in the 12th minute was not only beautiful but also gave the home side a comfortable 2-0 lead.
The away side had their best phase immediately after the halftime break. Had they scored in the first minutes following the restart, they might have been back in the game.
Club Views
Simon Oliphant, coach of Lothian, said: "Getting the penalty very early settled the boys. We played some very good football keeping in mind that the conditions were very difficult."
Andy Boyle, coach of Ayrshire, said: "Lothian was the better team today, but in the second half we came back and had a couple of good chances."
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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