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Cambusdoon Find the Light During Lockdown

Written by  Luke Mazoyer

Despite the coronavirus pandemic ending their season early, Cambusdoon FC had reason to cheer after installing new floodlights at their sports centre.

The new additions mean that come the winter months, the Ayr-based club will be able to play long into the dark nights.

Sam Hornell, club president, told YFS: “Over the past four or five years, they have become very expensive as the floodlights were failing a lot just due to old age. We had to upgrade the pitch first, which we did in 2017 and the next thing was to move on and do the lights.

“It was actually going to be cheaper renewing the lights than what it was with the old ones and constantly repairing, and it was probably around 12 months ago when we actually agreed we would move ahead with that project.”

As the sports centre is right in the middle of town, the club’s president stated that the next plan for the sports centre would focus more on the social side.

“80% of our members come from the immediate location, around walking distance, so our next sort of aspect is probably going to be reviving the social side, enhancing what we provide to our adult members. 

“We encourage family members and a significant proportion of our membership is family based, so we will be looking at enhancing our social programme and the dining facility.”

After the social upgrades to the sports centre, Sam indicated he would like the sports centre to be a big part of the community.

His goal for Cambusdoon is to be “the place where it is used as the social hub of the local community and obviously the playing hub for football, cricket and bowling. 

“We would see football being completed - in the next three years we will add another age group meaning that will give us everything from under-5s to under-18s, [and] formation of a senior team. 

“It will be boys and girls, as I think the football club has plans for a senior ladies team as well.

“[After] getting those done and completed, we would like to see the bowling side of things attract more members and the cricket side keep on going, as they are in a regeneration mode at the moment, the rebuilding of membership phase and on the social side, really a place where people go for their Sunday lunch and enjoy themselves.”

Good luck to Cambusdoon for the coming season!

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