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Monday, 03 February 2020 09:41

How Drugs Can Destroy a Footballers Career

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A report from the BBC in June 2019 revealed that drug-related deaths in Scotland soared to 1,187. That marked a 27% increase on the previous year and gave Scotland the unwanted record of having three times the number of deaths than the rest of the United Kingdom and more than any other country in the EU.
And while there are many organisations offering support for drug users, there is little in the way of awareness and prevention, especially within youth and the community to educate on the ever changing drugs market.
However, a St Andrews based company is hoping to change that with their unique strategy of educating young people on the dangers of drugs.
St Andrew Print Solutions has started an initiative of scratch and sniff cards called "Drugs - Know Your Smells", containing the associated smells of four illicit drugs: Cannabis Weed, Cannabis Resin, Mephedrone and Amphetamine. 
These cards are ideal for staff training, education and youth/community engagement on ‘Drug Awareness’, helping learners to identify the signs of illegal drug misuse. 

Ralph Chalmers, owner of St Andrew Print, said “We have found that these interactive cards generate many questions, not just for young people but also for communities, as part of awareness, and, more importantly, parents who know very little about the significant changes to drug issues and the severe consequences, until it’s too late. As far as we are aware, no one else in the world is producing an interactive drug prevention and awareness initiative that involves a range of drug associated smells.

”Having worked very closely with medical professionals, professor of chemistry, police drug squad and ex drug addicts, we have successfully replicated these smells, which are very distinct and somewhat off-putting. Although the two smells of cannabis are of the raw drug, the two smells of mephedrone and amphetamine ARE NOT THE DRUG but the effect of taking the drug and what smell is emitted, in the form of body odour, which then contaminates clothing.”

Another initiative created by St Andrew Print are ‘Gambling with your Life’ a scratch card relating to New Psychoactive Substance, formerly known as legal highs, showing how random the consequences are in taking this drug.

Some people do not realise the affect drugs can have on your appearance, so St Andrew Print created a card showing faces of both male and female drug users with before and after images. The cards are called ‘The Real Face of Drugs’ and some of the faces are unrecognisable.

Check out their website and testimonials on drug awareness: http://www.standrewprint.co.uk/products/drugs-scratch-sniff

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