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Live Debate Show - Girls & women's football (13th March)

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The fifth YFS TV : Live Debate Show, hosted by Ryan Rowe, on the topic of girls & women's football in Scotland.
The panel consists of:
- Donald Gillies - Head of Girls’ and Women’s Football, Scottish FA
- Ian Dibdin - Central Football Academy's Head of Football.
- Doug Johnston - Linlithgow Rose Girls Section Secretary.
- Anna Johnston - Linlithgow Rose youth player.
- Sammy Hyett - Chair & captain of Edinburgh Caledonia Ladies. Founder of Heriot-Watt Ladies FC. 
Topics discussed included:
- Introductions.
- Girls and women's football is definitely on the up in this country. Scotland has qualified for the Euros at senior level and numerous youth international tournaments. How would you summarise the growth over the last 5-10 years? 
- What are the next steps for the continued growth of the game? Where does it go from here? Where could it be in 5-10 years?
- What are the big differences between the girls and boys youth game?
- Many female players choose to play with boys teams until 13/14 and some girls teams have even started joining the lower reaches of the boys leagues (PJ&DYFL U13 & U14). Should more of this happen?
- The summer season was introduced a few years ago. Has it been an unquestionable success?
- At youth level, there are a lot of mismatches. Some elite leagues have been created. How can this be resolved?
- There is very little competition between school teams, with the exception of the Scottish Cup. Is there potential to improve this?
- At the top level in the Scottish domestic game, despite being able to compete with some of the best in Europe on the international stage, our players are still amateur. Can this ever change? If so, how?
Watch the debate in full below:
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