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Dreghorn 05's give back to the community

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Dreghorn YFC 2005’s have donated a fantastic £100 to Ayrshire cancer support after a successful fundraiser for their upcoming trip to Blackpool.
Colin Ross, coach of the team said “Dreghorn 2005's have been running for four years and have established themselves as well respected group playing in the Central Ayrshire league. The boys are a tremendous bunch who work hard and try to play their best football week in, week out.
“This year the coaches decided to reward their hard work by entering the Blackpool Cup on the Easter weekend. To do this everyone has been fund raising for the past year to get the amount required.  
“We had our last fundraiser a couple of weeks ago and this went really well, so it was decided amongst the coaches and the players that we would donate some of the money raised into the community.
“Ayrshire cancer support is a fantastic charity that does great work and we all agreed this would be where we donated the money.” 
Colin concluded by saying, “In times when raising money for youth teams is hard, we think it's a great gesture from the wee ones and felt they deserved a wee bit of recognition.”
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