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Murieston United Blues U15s finished top of the WLAYFC A League after a great season. We caught up with the head coach, Glen Harley, to find out all about it.
Winning the league is a great achievement, and something that everyone involved in the team aims for. So emotions are running high when the league is finally clinched. This is what Glen had to say about his team after the league victory. "It's hard to put into words. Having not won the league the week before it meant that a 'winner takes all' final game of the season. We'd won the league cup the previous Sunday and the boys were in a confident mood going into the game against Bathgate. The manner in which they played on the league clinching game on Tuesday - only two days after the league cup final - was remarkable. It is fair to say that the players, coaches and parents are all absolutely ecstatic to have won the league this year and the awards night is going to be something special." A great season all around for Murieston, winning the league cup final then two days later clinching the league. 
Glen's favourite moment of the season was an obvious and understandable choice. He said this, "We've had some great moments to relish this season but without a doubt, Tuesday's league clinching performance was worthy of winning any league and a great experience."  A great choice from Glen and an obvious one as nothing comes close to a league clinching victory. 
Despite the great season, Murieston still had some challenges that they had to overcome. Glen said this about their biggest challenge. "Our biggest challenge this year was early in January. We'd been on a great run up to then and I think we had only been beaten by Spartans in the regional cup. We went into the Scottish Cup last 16 tie against Blantyre with a weakened side due to injuries and illness. We lost the 3-1 tie and we all felt pretty down. A couple of other defeats, one in the County Cup added to the woes. But we knew we were a good side. We sat down with the boys to talk about it, worked hard at training, got focused again and went on a great run shortly after, right up to the end of the season." Being able to keep the heads high and have the work ethic to go through gruelling training sessions in order to do what needs to be done is a hard task. But the boys managed to push through and work together as a team in order to win the league. 
Being able to pinpoint the main reason for a teams success is a hard task for any coach, Glen said this about why his team done so well. "We made a concious decision at the end of last season to develop the core of 16 players who I and the coaching staff believed had the right attitude and ability to take the team up a level or two. From the very first pre-season training session we could tell that we made the right decision. Their work ethic, attitude and willingness to listen, learn and develop themselves individually and as a team, is what made them so successful." It sounds like the team came together as the season progressed and the chemistry began to form. Team chemistry is one of the most important factors in a teams success and Murieston seem to have worked it out. 
After a great season, Glen still has high hopes for the future of Murieston United. He said this about the future of the team. "All the boys have signed again which is great. We'll look to continue to develop them as much as we can and with the continuing support from Coerver Coaching Scotland, hope to build on the success from the season." Great ideas from Glen, and we hope that the boys continue to find the success they are looking for.
Glen had some final comments to add about the season, he said this. "It's been a team effort, and without the support of other coaches, Wayne O' Connor and Stephen Bowes, and our team secretary Jim Murphhy, and treasurer, Zoe Nicolaou, we wouldn't have been able to help the boys achieve what they have. It's been a great season and one that the players, coaches, parents, family, friends and the club can rightly be very proud of." 
Congratulations to Murieston United Blues and good luck for their future seasons. 
Musselburgh Windsor Blues finished strongly at the top of the SERYFA League B, ending comfortably on 73 points, followed by runners-up Haddington Athletic on 60 points. We got the chance to catch up with Neil Laidlaw, the coach, to learn about what Musselburgh done right.
Winning the league is a great feeling for any team, and Musselburgh Windsor Blues are no exception. Neil said, "We are all delighted that the league has been won. It makes it easier to keep the boys enthusiastic for next year when we step up a league and expect it to be tough." The boys will be going into League A after being promoted this season, they are expecting a bigger challenge and after winning the league so comfortably they will be taking the challenge head on to prove themselves.
Neil has worked with the same team for a long time and his favourite memory of the season shows that he has been working for this moment. He said, "Our first 11-a-side match back in August 2016, we had been working five years to reach that point." A lot of dedication and hard-work went into building this team and to come out and win the league is a great achievement.
Despite ending the season with an astonishing record of 11 wins, one draw and suffering only one loss. Neil and his team still had challenges throughout the season. Neil said this about his biggest challenge, "Our away fixture against Leith Athletic Colts turned out to be a pivotal game, leading 1-0 at half time we had a player sent off for a harsh last man tackle about eight seconds into the second half. The team stuck in under a lot of pressure, eventually grabbing another goal for an important 2-0 victory." Winning an important game after being a man down shows how well the team worked together. They didn't buckle under the pressure, but they dug deep and earned themselves a victory. 
The reasons for their success involved the hard work in training and the chemistry the boys had off the pitch. Neil commented, I think the boys being able to stick to their jobs on the park was a huge factor. Three out of four games we were outplayed but came away with the points due to the lads sticking to their lessons learnt in training over the years. Most of the squad have been together since the team formed in 2011 and the fact that they played together at 4s, 7s and onto 11s is a major factor. Many of the boys have forged strong friendships at the team when otherwise they may not have known each other." Building a strong team chemistry and atmosphere is a crucial factor in the success of any squad. 
After a successful run, the boys are looking to continue their success in the A League next season after their promotion. Neil commented, "We are looking to continue our development in the higher league. We would love to get into a cup final next season and that will be one of our targets. Next year we would like to go to a tournament somewhere outside the UK." Neil has high hopes for the boys, and has no doubt that they can reach these goals after a spectacular season.
Neil had some final comments to add, he said, "The organisation that goes into the SERYFA is what makes this really good, without this, the guys would be having a much more inferior experience, so we would just like to thank them. I'd also like to thank my fellow coaches, Grant Hughes & Ronnie McKenzie."
We wish Musselburgh Windsor Blues good luck for their next season and hope they find the success that they are looking for. 
St Bernards BC Midlothian narrowly clinched the SERYFA Division 2 after a close matchup against Musselburgh Windsor Blues who finished just one point shy of St Bernards in the table. We caught up with the coach of St Bernards, Nicola Inglis, to find out about their success. 
Hard work is key to winning the league. Every team aims for the league title from the beginning of the season and St Bernards were no different. Nicola said this about the teams feelings towards the league win. "It feels great, and we feel very proud of the team as winning the league isn't just about three or four games like in a cup competition. It's about working hard week in, week out and getting results over the full season." The hard work has shown from St Bernards and it all paid off in the end.
After a great season which had many eventful ties, it can be hard to go back and choose a favourite moment. Nicola had this hard task and said this. "My favourite moment of the season was when our captain and central defender Corey Smith scored his first and only goal for the team. The whole squad ran up to him to congratulate him and showed him a great team spirit and camaraderie with the boys." Sticking together as a team is a huge part of the game. Team chemistry is one of the most important factors in a team and can make all the difference. 
St Bernards had a great season but they still had to go through some trials and tribulations to get to the point they are at now, league winners. Nicola said this about the teams biggest challenge. "The toughest match this season was our home match against Musselburgh Windsor in the league. It was end to end stuff and we eventually came out on top winning 6-5." It was a game of two halves and St Bernards just narrowly took the win and added three points to their league campaign. 
The main reason for success can be hard to find or choose, but Nicola thinks this reason is why the squad performed so well. "Our biggest driving force this season was building on and progressing from last season and by winning the league and the league cup, we feel as though we've achieved that." A great showing all year for St Bernards and the hard work and gruelling training sessions have been worth it in the end. 
Although they had a great season, St Bernards still have a lot to look forward to and Nicola said this about the squads future. "Our plans for the future are simple, keep working hard and giving 100% every game and training session and hopefully continue to grow as a team and as a club." A great attitude for St Bernards to have and an attitude like this will surely help them to maintain their success.
Congratulations to St Bernards BC Midlothian and we wish them good luck for the future.
Leith Athletic FC finished top of the SERYFA Division 1 League on 49 points after a very tough battle throughout, with their close competitors Hutchison Vale FC who finished on a close 44 points. We got the chance to catch up with the coach of Leith Athletic, Scott Drever, to find out all about the success of the squad. 
Finishing at the top of the league is a great achievement, and a difficult task for any team. Leith Athletic were no different and the hard work put in throughout the season paid off and was shown in the reactions after the game. Scott said this, "We feel ecstatic at winning the Under 14s Division 1 League - It's a very competitive league with some very good teams. Our boys have been tremendous all season showing an excellent amount of consistency all year." Being able to compete in the highest level, against strong teams and to come out on top is a hard task but Leith Athletic pulled it off. 
Picking a favourite moment from the season is a hard task for any coach and Scott was no different, he had this to say about the moment that topped the rest. "This has to be our last match against Hutchison Vale which effectively became billed as the 'league decider'. We were 3-1 down in the match and came back to win 5-3.  The boys in our team showed great character to come back and win that one against a very good Hutchison Vale side." Having the mental strength as well as the physical fitness to come back from a 3-1 deficit is very impressive. Some teams would drop the heads and continue playing without the motivation to win. Leith done the opposite and kept their heads held high to pull back the win and ultimately, the league.
Despite the great season, Leith still had challenges to face and Scott said this about their hardest challenge to overcome. "We actually played three cup finals in the space of 10 days winning each one in turn, and then we played the league decider. That was four massive games played over an intense 13 day period. This was a massive challenge for our squad of players. They handled the pressure these games bring very well." Again, the mental side of things plays a huge part in youth football and Leith Athletic showed that they were on the stronger side and this pushed them over the top.
The driving force behind a teams success can often be hard to pinpoint but Scott thinks that he's found the secrets to their success. "I think that the pure desire to win matches and to be able to compete at the highest level withing our age group is a strong factor in our success." The boys had something to prove, being part of a great team and they made their mark known. 
After such a great season, winning three different cup finals and securing the league, there isn't much more that Leith can do but Scott still has high hopes for the future of the team. "We are hoping to continue the success and go into next season and continue to play good football." The sky's the limit for Leith Athletic if the squad can remain together and as strong as they have been this season. 
Scott had some final comments to add, he said this. "The league this season has been very competitive and credit should go to all the teams for improving again and upping their game, making it a fun but hard league to play in." 
Congratulations to Leith Athletic on their successful season and we wish them luck for the future.
Broxburn Athletic Colts had a great season in the 1st Division. They finished with only two losses, nine wins and 2 draws. We got the chance to catch up with the head coach of Broxburn, Darren Pegg, to find out what went right for them.
Working towards a league win is something that every team aims for at the start of the season so emotions were running high for the boys at Broxburn when they finally clinched it all. Darren said this about his teams feelings after the league win. "The boys are understandably delighted with the achievement. They are new to the league this season after moving from West Lothian and showed great consistency across the season which was reflected in their final position. All the officials are proud of their achievement." Being a new team in the league and taking the 1st division by storm is a great achievement for everyone involved at Broxburn and their league win is fully deserved. 
Picking a favourite moment of the league can be a hard moment for a coach, especially after such a successful season such as Broxburn. Darren was given this hard task and he said this. "Being behind in the final two league games and having the character to turn both matches around by having the courage to continue playing football the way we have, being brave on the ball and prepared to attack and score goals. Nothing beats the day that you seal the league." An obvious but reasonable pick for favourite moment of the season.
A great season doesn't rule out any challenges for Broxburn, they still had to fight through every game to seal the league. Darren said this about the challenges they faced. "All of them are equally as difficult as the next, any complacency that creeps in can alter the end result. There are a lot of good teams and good players in the league." Treating each game as the same is a great way to remain disciplined and give the team a good attitude coming into each game. 
Being able to pinpoint any reason for the teams success can be a tricky task. There can be multiple reasons for success and Darren said this about his teams driving force. "The guys have the talent and ability to play good football. This is complimented by the efforts John, Stuart, Alan and Craig put in to providing them with an excellent football education through training and advice given. The boys took a real boost and were fully aware of their ability to mount a realistic challenge for the league after beating Leith away 7-1 as Leith were a terrific footballing team and top of the league at the time." Leith Athletic were Broxburn's biggest competitors during the season, finishing only three points behind Broxburn, so to beat them convincingly 7-1 must have been a real boost of confidence for Broxburn. Not only did they clinch the league against a strong Leith Athletic side, they also won the South East Regional Cup against a dominant Musselburgh Windsor FC, cementing their spot as the top U19s side in the South East.
Darren had some final comments to add about Broxburns season. He commented, "Thanks to all the boys who have served the team and club so well over the years and have now reached their final season in youth football, your efforts were greatly appreciated. Thanks also to John McCormick for the support he's given to youth football in the past 8/9 years. I'm sure he'll enjoy his rest." 
Congratulations to Broxburn Athletic Colts and good luck to everyone involved in the team for next season. 
Queensferry Community High School’s under 14’s football team, the 2003s, won their SSFA league for the second year in a row. Here we speak to both of their coaches to find out how they feel about being winners of the league once again.
It has been a tense season for the team. The biggest challenge for the 2003’s was their away game at Craigmount High School which was both a league and a league cup game. And if they hadn’t won the game, they would not only have lost the league; they would have been out of the cup entirely. Any football player can identify with the enormous amount of pressure the team faced but they pulled through much to their delight and to the delight of their coaches Matt Armes and Colin Boyes. The significance of the last minute goal which sealed their success in this match was felt widely by all participants and spectators as Coach
Matt Armes declared: “The relief felt in a game of huge importance was particularly gratifying.”. Despite the pressure felt by all, not only did the boys manage to work hard throughout the game but according to Coach Boyes they also “enjoyed the game while each of them played their part superbly”.
This strong work ethic and sheer enjoyment of the game has been vital to the success of the 2003’s team all season and consequently to their winning of the league. Another contributing factor to their success is the boys’ solid team spirit. Their ability to work together, work for each other and listen to each other has meant that they have “gained the result of some of their phenomenal efforts throughout the season”.
The determination and strong teamwork of the boys is a source of pride for both coaches. They are both sure that these star qualities of the team are the reason they have succeeded and came out on top of the league for the second year in a row.
So after two league wins in a row, what’s next for the 2003’s? Coach Colin Boyes wants to continue to develop the team and “cement the league and to progress further in the Scottish competitions”. And of course there is no doubt that the team will have to maintain their positive, strong team morale as well as continuing to have fun on the pitch and enjoy the game. In terms of skills development, coach Matt Armes plans to “keep it simple, practice on the basics” in the hope that “the rest will fall into place”. The team will revel in the glory of their winning games but will keep “learning from the not-so- good ones” to ensure they build on their capacity to succeed.
The coaches had some final words to add after two winning years coaching the team. Coach Matt Armes thanks the dedication of the parents for driving the boys all over Edinburgh for the whole season and praises the boys on their effort and commendable time keeping! The pride felt all round is evident and now the plan is to go on and win the league cup, which would obviously be the “icing on the cake”. Coach Boyes is sure the boys can win “if they play to their potential … but whether they win or they lose they can be proud of their achievements this season as I certainly am”.
Congratulations to the 2003’s and their coaches!
Bonnyrigg Rose finished comfortably at the top of the South East Region Youth Football Association (SERYFA) Division 2, with 50 points, followed by the second place Loanhead MYFC Blues with 39 points. Bonnyrigg remained undefeated, with 16 wins and 2 draws throughout the whole season. We caught up with the coach, Colin McCulloch to find out how they done it.
Any team is expected to be happy and excited about winning the league and Bonnyrigg are no exception. Colin said, "We are delighted with securing the league last Monday night against Penicuik Athletic, with 2 games to go, we have managed to go unbeaten in the league so far this season, and are hoping to carry that on with our 2 remaining games." Having a winning attitude gave Bonnyrigg the chance to win the league and that same attitude could see them undefeated by the end of the season. 
Picking a favourite moment from the season is a difficult task for any team coach and Colin picked an obvious but reasonable choice. He said, "The favourite moment was Monday night at the final whistle, when we secured the league. There was a mixture of relief, joy and satisfaction that the group of players who the majority of have been with the team for 10 or more years. The celebration on the pitch and in the changing rooms after where you could see the delight on all the players and coaches faces is a great memory." The hard work put in by the coaches and players on the pitch and in training sessions paid off with the league clinching win and, so far, undefeated season. 
Although they are undefeated in the league, they still faced trials and tribulations throughout the season. Colin said, "It has not just been one match, there were a few contenders at the beginning of the season, with Loanhead MYFC Blues setting an early pace in terms of points, and Cockenzie Star being our closest rivals in terms of winning games. Also other teams have been giving their all against us, but the squad remained motivated and had a "fight to the end" attitude." The teams have been battling it out for top spot since day one, with each team looking to dethrone the other from the top of the league. 
There has also been internal struggles with Bonnyrigg, Colin commented, "There has also been challenges with injuries during the season, one of our midfielders out since October, our goalkeeper was out before Christmas for a number of weeks and over the last two months losing both of our regular centre halves who were outstanding this season. The squad of players have been adaptable and willing to help out and cover a number of positions when needed." The internal struggles would have held a lot of teams back from achieving their full potential but Bonnyrigg pulled together and played as a team in every scenario.  
The reason for their success is plain and obvious to Colin, he said, "The group of players have developed a strong bond over the number of years they have been together, including the couple of new players who joined the squad this season, helping them to settle and be part of the group, and showing a real desire to play for each other and the team. This season is also the last season for the group of players and they were determined to finish with the best possible season they could achieve, and with two cup finals to play for before the end of the season, I think they have achieved just that." Having the final season of football potentially end undefeated is a great achievement.
Although the team won't be under the same coaching staff anymore, Colin has high hopes for the boys' future, he commented, "This will be the teams last season as the coaching staff retire for a well deserved rest and the players move onwards and upwards with half of the players moving on to play for university teams, one player off to America on a scholarship, and the rest hopefully moving up to Bonnyrigg Rose Under 21's team where I hope they will continue to enjoy their football as much as they have this season." After a very successful season the boys are looking to further their football careers and will hopefully find success. 
Colin had some final comments to add in regards to this season for his team, he said, "This has been a season to remember for myself, Paul and Danny in our coaching capactities, and i'm sure they would agree when I say we have enjoyed our time with them over the years but in particular this year, where we have achieved a great deal, and hopefully a wee bit more before we have finished." 
After a wonderful season from Bonnyrigg, they are moving on and hopefully each player finds the success they are hoping for wherever they go.
Currie Star FC won the SERYFA Division 2 League, finishing on 58 points, closely followed by Easthouses FC on 55 points.
Currie Star had a great record throughout the season, only suffering 2 losses in 22 games. We got the chance to catch up with the coach, John Brock, to find out how they did it. 
Winning the league is one of the highest achievements you can earn in football and the reactions and emotioins from everyone involved in a league win shows just how important it is. Currie Star are no exception to the joy felt from a league win. John said, "We were absolutely delighted and relieved. We missed out the league win by three points last season and we were hugely dissapointed so winning this season makes it less painful." Being able to bounce back after a loss in the previous season is great and it emphasises the strength of the team. 
Picking a favourite moment of the season is a hard task for any coach, and John was no exception. He commented, "Watching the players grow and develop, culminating with them winning the league title had to be a favourite." Working hard all year to reach the league winning moment is what it's all about. Putting in the long shifts and working hard in training and implementing it within games is what makes the difference and Currie Star managed to make it work all season.
Despite a successful season, the boys at Currie Star still had their struggles and challenges. John said this about his trials throughout the season, "Every game was a challenge for the boys because the boys had to keep motivating themselves against good opposition week in and week out. They deserve huge credit for doing so." Being able to stay motivated throughout the season is a hard task, especially after the dissapointment last season. The squad managed to pull it off, and they cemented themselves as league winners.
Finding one single reason for your teams success is a hard task and John think he's found out why they succeeded this season. He said, "We have always coached the players to play the ball out from the back and through the midfield. They have played some fantastic football this season, but more importantly , it had been great to watch." Making the game enjoyable for everyone involved, including spectators ensures that the game is played at it's highest, most competitive level.
After a successful season the boys at Currie Star are looking forward to their promotion. John said, "We will move into Division 1 and work hard to adjust to the faster of the game. It will be a challenge but we will work hard to achieve it." Improving and being able to play against harder competition is what it's all about, Currie Star are hoping to up their game and stay in the top division. 
John had some final comments to add about his team this season, he said. "Three of the current squad have been with us for 10 years, one for 8 years and three for six years so their loyalty should be highlighted. The coaches would like to thank all of the squad for their hard work, dedication and commitment not only for this season but all the year previously."
Congratulations to Currie Star FC and wish them luck in the 1st division next season.
Kirkfield United Reds finished top of the WLAYFC League B in a dominant fashion, with a record of 21 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. They won the league with 61 points and 1 games left in hand, followed by the second place East Calder Colts at 49 points and 4 games in hand. A commanding lead to have, and we caught up with the manager, Darren Foster, to find out the secrets to their success.
Playing the whole season and only having 1 loss and 1 draw is a great achievement and the coaches and players recognise that. Darren said, "We the coaches are over the moon for the lads. They have been outstanding this season having only lost 1 game and 1 draw is an unbelieveable achievement in itself. They totally deserve to be called champions." The hard work and dedication has paid off for Kirkfield and they have achieved the highest level of success for their age group, going all the way and winning the league. 
Picking a favourite moment from the whole season is a tricky task for any manager, but Darren was able to pinpoint an obvious one. He commented "My favourite moment of the season has to be seeing the look on the lads faces when that final whistle blew and them realising they had done it and had won the league. It was a fantastic feeling, very proud." Seeing all the hard work throughout the season pay off must be a relief. To realise that you worked hard and achieved what you aimed for at the start of the season must be an ecstatic feeling. 
Despite the incredible season, they still had to treat every match the same and come in with the same attitude. Their biggest challenge in the season came at home against East Calder Colts. Darren said, "I think our home tie against East Calder Colts was our biggest challenge. Both teams were pushing for the league and previous games were always a close affair so to win 7-4 and gain the 3 points to give us a cushion at the top was great." Being able to prove yourself against one of the top competitors is sure to give you a confidence boost. 
Every team has to have a plan at the start of the season, they have to know their strengths and weaknesses and be able to utilise them effectively. Even more important is to turn your weaknesses into strengths, this is what Darren had to say. "Keeping the lads positive and getting them to believe in their own ability was key for us. Some of our lads didn't believe in themselves when they came to us so having them enjoy the game again was great." Being able to enjoy the game is key to a lot of players, if you don't enjoy the game, you won't bring passion and dedication to every match. Darren commented, "I believe they are having fun while training and playing you will always get the best from them." Having a team that all enjoy playing the game and playing with each other is bound to bring success.
The boys at Kirkfield Reds are excited for the challenge ahead for next season. Darren commented, "Our plans for the future are to build on our success and be as competitive in the top league as possible. I'm sure we will relish the challenge." It is good news to hear that the boys aren't shying away from the challenge of the top division. They seem keen and confident to prove themselves.
Darren had some final comments to add, "We would like to thank all our parents that have put the time and effort into bringing the lads to training and games. Without them we wouldn't have a team. Also a huge thank you to our sponsors, Research Resource, KC Coaches, Valerios and Paterson Electrical for their generosity." Parents and sponsors play a huge role in allowing the teams to continue playing at a high level, so well deserved praise from Darren Foster and Kirkfield United Reds.
We wish them luck in the A League next season and hope they can remain successful.
Edinburgh South CFC finished top of the league in the SERYFA Division 3. Their league clinching match came against Dalkeith Thistle which finished 4-2 and included a cracking goal to top it off. We spoke with John Watt, one of the coaches to find out what made them successful. 
Edinburgh South finished the season with a great record of 19 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses, ending the season 9 points ahead of second place Gala Fairydean Rovers Colts. The coaches and the boys are pleased with the result, but thought they could have done better, John said "The coaching staff are all very happy with the boys for the hard work they have put in this season, it shows the teams ability to keep fighting and believing in themselves after losing a few silly points throughout the season." Being able to stay motivated and put in the work needed to finish at the top of table after almost losing it all is what makes all the difference in football.
A lot of the boys have never gone this far in the league before, and being league winners for the first time is a huge joy for the squad, John commented, "I don't think it's sunk into the boys yet, they all still look a bit shocked, since this is a lot of the boys' first time in the situation I hope they gain confidence and experience from this and keep winning more." Having the experience of winning a league clinching match and being able to stay calm and collected under pressure should give the boys something to chase. All of the players and coaches will be looking to continue on a winning football career and this first taste of victory could be all it takes to push them further. 
The favourite moment of the season is often a hard thing to choose for coaches, but not for John, he declared "My favourite moment was winning the league, last season I was coaching a different team that just missed out on winning the league. Being able to win it with this group of boys is a pleasure and they deserved it all." An easy but obvious choice for John, nothing comes close to winning the league. Spending all season playing a number of games to finally win it all, couldn't be better.
Edinburgh South faced a lot of challenges throughout the season, but John gave credit to Dalkieth Thistle, the team they beat to win the league. John said "Our biggest challenge could have been in January when we lost 6-4 to Cramond. We thought it was all over and Dalkeith would run away with the league. But Dalkeith started losing points, and we went on a crazy run. That's when we knew our final game would be against Dalkeith and fortunately we came out on top." Both teams had polarizing times in the league, with Dalkeith starting off strong and Edinburgh South starting out slow then the positions changed and Edinburgh South took advantage of it to win the league.
Every team has a reason for their success, and John thinks that the attitude and belief you have in yourself as a player makes a huge difference in the way you perform. John commented "For me, if you believe in yourself, you can be a success. So I told the boys a few times, to believe in themselves and they will do their best to win trophies and have a successful career in football." Having belief in yourself and being able to self-motivate is a huge factor in what makes a player confident and passionate about the game. 
John had some final comments to add, thanking his opponents and colleagues. "I'd just like to thank the boys for the hard work they have put in this season and I hope they enjoy many more. I would also like to thank Dalkeith Thistle for the cracking battle throughout the season, and I would just like to thank all of the other coaches and all the parents for the continuation of support throughout the season. If it wasn't for them, this would never have happened. I would also like to say a massive well done to Paul McKinnon. At the start of the season he was on the verge of folding the team due to losing almost all of his squad, to keep going and showing what he can do was an amazing feat and deserves the praise." John has had a great attitude towards his competitors and for Paul to keep the team running after what happened is a real show of determination, and it all paid off for Edinburgh South CFC.