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Bo'Ness triumph over Lanark in Dalyell Cup final

Boness United 3

Weir 24, Stenhouse 41, French 74

Lanark United 0

  • Saturday, 17 May 2014
  • Energy Assets Arena, Livingston
  • Under 15´s
  • WLAYFC County Cup - Final
Robin Haskins

Robin Haskins | YFS South East Region Journalist
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The teams kicked off on Saturday afternoon with the crowd in fine fettle; Bo’ness passed it back around the left side before Lanark wrestled the ball back and headed clear. Bo’ness’ James Rintoul then played a good ball out wide right to Finlay Carlin who got it down and won a throw-in. This was defended well but then Anthony Campbell dropped it to Rintoul again who took it to the byline and looked to cross but it hit the defender’s leg and went out for a corner.
The corner came in and Campbell got a strong head on it, the crowd thought it was in but it was unfortunate to be straight at the keeper, Allan Dickie, who held it well. A few minutes of play went by and then Campbell played a fantastic ball down the right wing curling inside the full back for Rintoul to chase onto making a good run in behind the defence.
From the corner the keeper Dickie collected the ball and took it to the edge of the area where he cleared it and got his team way downfield, a mark of his intent. From there his team applied the pressure to the Bo’ness defence, searching for inroads to the goal but Bo’ness held their shape and they were able to take play up field where they won a free kick on the right outside the area. Cameron Donaldson stood menacingly it and fired in hard and straight but it went just over the bar.
The game was end to end with plenty of bite and after fourteen minutes Bo’ness were seemingly getting the upper hand in the possession stakes as captain Conor Weir held play up well and put it out wide to Campbell on the right who dropped it back to his right back Donaldson. He knocked it forward and his team broke, the attack resulting in a shot which went wide for a goal kick.
A long high clearance reached the head of Callum Cook for Lanark, knocking it inside and down in front of him to run onto himself. He chased it and got a toe on the ball trying to guide it to the right passed the on-rushing keeper but Ryan McCuein goal for Bo’ness saved well with an outstretched left boot poking it away behind him.
Weir came inside cleverly by his man and on fifteen minutes a good cross come shot from Izaac Stenhouse tested Dickie who palmed it away straight into the path of Stuart McIntyre trying to get to it but excellent defending from Grant Ebbs the captain coming in gets it clear.
Bo’ness then had a few throw-ins and the game seemed to have settled down after a frantic first twenty, Donaldson heading it on to Rintoul to chase and winning a corner. This reached the head of McIntyre and it went just wide. Lanark United tried to get it clear from the goal kick but it came back at them with McIntyre in the air before Campbell took a series of throws again.
The third of these was laid back to Weir and he stepped outwards on to his left, making enough space for a shot which he hit with curl and dip and the keeper’s outstretched palm was right under it but the strength and momentum took it straight down and into the back of the net and it was one nil to Bo’ness and the whole team wheeled away and sprinted over to their dugout as their supporters went wild.
Straight from the kickoff Lanark won a free kick which was lashed into the Bo’ness area and then cleared and they worked their way down field on the left and then used Campbell and Finlay Carlin as an outlet on the opposite side before Campbell crossed well but saw it blocked and go out for a throw.
Lanark were defending well and looking dangerous on the break, but a looping ball came down on the edge of the box in Rintoul’s path and he attempted a clever lob with the outside of his right boot which the keeper could only watch go just over the crossbar. Some longer ball and heading football got played before Rhys Stuart looked to get a hold of things and burst through the centre, bearing down on the defence, but the ball was nicked away and a foul ensued, allowing Lanark to clear up field before it came straight back at them but ran through to the keeper.
Then McIntyre for Bo’ness headed it down to the marauding Stuart who showed strength holding off his man going into the area and got a shot off to the near post and it was saved excellently. Great football all round. Lanark got away with Gary McBride almost getting through three players and on into the box but he was crowded out and despite the foul being given nothing came of it.
At the other end, Bo’ness won a corner and Dickie saved well from McIntyre with a good header down to his left. Thirty minutes of the game had passed as a long lob attempt came in and slightly worried Lanark and their keeper but it dipped over and they pressed on with a few throws, McBride ghosting inside down the left and getting nicked for his troubles. From the free kick which he took himself, showing good poise and technique in the run up, the ball curled and dipped through the wall and bounced a few metres before the goal to the left of the keeper, making it awkward but necessary to stop, McCue did well.
McIntyre broke away from a long ball for Bo’ness and Cameron Cairns came across on cover well, putting in a superb challenge and it resulted in a corner. It was clear that Bo’ness had a couple of players  with a real height advantage at corners, each and every header was won high in the atmosphere and was able to be directed down well.
Campbell works on going down the right from a throw in with Rintoul at his shoulder, the cross cleared by McBride before Criag Reilly played an excellent ball out to Daniel MacConnall who looked to go on but the ball was interceded with a head coming in and clearing it in mid-air. Bo’ness looked to be about to break away but a foul was called but previously that was great build up play from Lanark United.
There were still a few high balls getting bandied around in the game and plenty of contested headers but these were reactions to the pressure of the final and it was interspersed with good play if not a few to many throw-ins. Counter to that as well, everyone was looking to get passed their man if they could, this was an entertaining game and this was epitomised as Campbell brought it down consummately out of the air spinning on heels on the turn and immediately facing the opposite direction with poise to immediately slot the ball through the lines and in for McIntyre and his angled run. On into the box and clear he fires into the side netting but that was yet more excellent movement and technical play.
Then Rintoul was on down the left with the associated volume of the crowd going up as he passed them by but Greg Watson got back and stopped the cross, putting an end to that. From a throw, Campbell again clears some space in front of him for McIntyre but the ball is calmly played back through Conor Weir and on to Jack Anderson, who expanded the play forward and found Stenhouse out left before Lanark closed up and kept play along the touchline for a time before a cross came in which the goalie collected.
He sent Lanark forward with Callum Cook bringing it out of the air with his chest, directing it ready to come inside with three men around him. He pulled it off for two and was threatening to shoot when Donaldson put in an excellent challenge and set play off down the right where his teammates knocked it around and Bo’ness were starting to look confident in their abilities, trying some outlandish moves on the deck in the centre of the field.
With Lanark pushing for the upper hand and certainly having had the territory in the previous five minutes the feeling of the approaching half time whistle took over and the ref blew for the break.
  • Half Time:
  • Boness United
  • 1-0
  • Lanark United
The second half kicked off and within 30 seconds Izaac Stenhouse dipped inside off the left wing, sidestepped inside his man and into the area and hit a mean dipping shot over both the defender and the goalkeeper, a small nip adding extra verve and sending it looping down and into the far corner of the goal, what a start to the second half as Stenhouse may have given the cup to his team.
Lanark went forward but were rebuffed and tried again, smarting after the restart, Greg Watson passed it out wide to Ewan Warwick but Bo’ness closed up, took the ball and set play back off down the right and they won a series of throws before playing it out over to the left where Kristian French looked to start an attack with their structure in place through the back of the team, passing it to centre back Donaldson who recycled it patiently along the back line and out to the right again. This worked because in seconds the ball was over into the path of Rintoul bursting onto the ball with a header down in front and a shot that he couldn’t quite get away as Euan Robertson fought to get back for Lanark.
Then Rintoul dominated play down the right of the field, going inside and out for an age with the ball before sending his own corner straight out of play – his own play probably made him as dizzy as the spectators!
Next, Stenhouse came inside again and was fouled  but play was waved on for the advantage and he laid it on for a deafening shot from Kristian French which went just wide at some pace. From the goal kick Rintoul latched onto it and looked to return to goal but slipped just before the shot and Lanark through Watson and Grant Ebbs played their way inside the pitch and Bo’ness guided their fine passing interchange away to the right, stewarding them away from goal until it went for a goal kick.
Rintoul collected it and played it inside to Stenhouse but it came to nothing and Lanark move the ball around superbly for two or three minutes before Rhys Stuart goes racing through the centre looking for the killer through ball to McIntyre who couldn’t quite make the space for the shot. Then Craig Reilly for Lanark raced down the left wing with Callum Cook clear in the centre yelling for the ball but three Bo’ness defenders came across and smothered him, snuffing out the danger. The crowd sensed some injustice but the referee was clear and Bo’ness worked play down the right again darting balls forward and off each other, Campbell laying it on to Stuart into the area and Lewis Ross had to come in with toe to put it out for a corner.
Rintoul took the corner and Allan Dickie collected it excellently, clearing it immediately down field with Callum Cook holding it up well but Bo’ness forced and won a throw to recover possession before making a couple of substitutions.
The game got back underway and Lanark United went down the left, Bo’ness continuing to keep their shape well and playing with composure in defence with Carlin taking a one-two with verticalised passes which meant that in seconds he had steamed past three or four players and almost got clear into the area but had to settle for a corner.
For Lanark, Ebbs took it down well and got it to Watson, he dropped it inside to Sandy Smith at pace before sending the ball out wide left where Bo’ness thwarted it and commenced once more to work it along the touchline. Rhys Stuart found a pass through to Rintoul who laid it back for Stenhouse to get an opening for a shot which he hit well but it went over. McIntyre and Lewis Connelly were linking up deeper changing the shape of the team and allowing Stuart some more space to maraud through the centre. He collected it and looked for the through ball this time to Ross Brown but was blocked so moments later he looked again as Lanark, drifting forward to force the attack, left space behind the midfield.
Reilly and Cook were good outlets for Lanark United going into the final stages of the game though, going forward with intent however each time the ball was rescinded by Bo’ness they were positioned so well throughout the pitch they were able to move the ball efficiently through the phases and Ross Brown was looking pacey and dangerous.
Rhys Stuart spun on the ball and linked play down the right, eventually with Stuart McIntyre running to reach the ball before the byline. From the goal kick, some long ball play returned before the energy dissipated slightly and then Lanark snapped it back into gear, and went forward looking for opportunities to be in with a shout. Bo’ness United’s midfield and defence funnelled play and recovered it and in seconds Stuart had latched on to the ball and travelled forward, knocking it in to Mcintyre who backed up the defenders and took a shot, the ball coming back to him. He controlled it and pulled it to one side and won a foul.
Kristian French lined it up. He stepped forward and struck through it terrifically, he’d demonstrated poise with his left foot and his general play through-out the whole game and his quality was rewarded with this, a slamming free kick that arrowed inside the left hand post of the keeper who did not stand a chance, there was such power behind the shot. I was compelled to applaud such an excellent strike and it was a befitting one to settle this game, which had been contested so well by two excellent sides. Lanark were superb but Boness United had shown a maturity and mastery of the game of football itself, taking a steadily tighter grip on the game and their comprehension of the opponent as the minutes passed by.
But the game was far from being over as a form of entertainment, Lanark were convinced they had come up against a good opponent and were inspired by their own ability and Bo’ness grew another level of expression to their play and for the final few minutes it was end to end, characterised by two rasping shots from Reilly and Cook in quick succession being followed by Rintoul playing in Declan Lapsley, clear on the counter and bearing down on the goalkeeper, he could see exactly what he needed to do and shaped well for it but leant over a slight too far and pulled the shot into the near post and it was easy for the keeper to collect. Lapsley continued to be excellent down the left linking up with Conor Weir and Kristian French and Rintoul was holding off four players inside the area at one point but alas as the ball was cleared it was time to draw the curtain on this wonderful final spectacle to the game and as the whistle blew for full time the Bo’ness team knew it was their day and they ran away together celebrating a fulfilling and proud victory over a superb opposition.
  • Full Time:
  • Boness United
  • 3-0
  • Lanark United


Boness United
Lanark United
1. Ryan McCue
2. Cameron Donaldson
3. Lewis Conway
4. Rhys Stuart
6. Jack Anderson
7. Anthony Campbell
8. Conor Weir (C)
9. Lewis Connelly
10. James Rintoul
11. Finlay Carlin
12. Izaac Stenhouse
14. Ross Brown
15. Cameron Wilson
16. Kristian French
17. Stuart McIntyre
18. Declan Lapsley
1. Allan Dickie
2. Zak Quinn
4. Cameron Cairns
6. Lewis Ross
7. Sandy Smith
8. Grant Ebbs (c)
9. Craig Reilly
10. Callum Cook
11. Daniel MacConnall
14. Gary McBride
15. Ewan Warwick
16. Euan Robertson
18. Greg Watson
Star Player
Boness United
Lanark United
Rintoul - Orchestrated play alongside his captain superbly all game and offered added bite and attacking flair to stretch and probe Lanark for the full 80, wearing and grinding them down with distinction
Gary McBride - put in a cultured and inspiring performance, constantly pushing his team forward and retaining the energy in midfield by setting the example from the off
Magic Moment
Boness United
Lanark United
The excellence of the third goal - the free kick of Kristian French, top class
The pair of shots that came in at the very end of the game epitomised both the quality of the attack from Lanark and the hardship of not quite getting the rub of the green despite all their endeavour, proving that with the shackles of pressure and control finally released, this was a great team.
Club Views
Boness United
Lanark United
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