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Decisive first half goals give Tynecastle cup final win

Tynecastle FC 2000 3

Smith 17, Smith 22, Slow-Clayton 34

Leith Athletic Colts 0

  • Tuesday, 04 February 2014
  • New Dundas Park
  • Under 14´s
  • David Innes Cup - Final
Robin Haskins

Robin Haskins | YFS South East Region Journalist
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The game kicked off and Leith had the early ball, Jake Enguidanos playing it back through defence and passing it about before a challenge came in and Leith looked to attack down the right but it was stewarded out. Tynecastle came forward, getting into a dangerous area to the right of the Leith box and almost crafting a chance but Leith defended well and cleared the ball out of play to the far side.
The game was still settling down when Glen Smith broke away for Tynie but was tackled and then Leith responded, almost putting in Lewis Eddington but the keeper Kalum Fielding came out.
On 4 minutes, a couple of fouls and throw-ins followed as Smith and Kieran Connell looked for openings down the right again but again Leith foiled them and they were relieved of pressure through a free kick near the centre circle .
A long ball from Leith bounced awkwardly for the keeper Fielding but he dealt with it well and accepted a Leith corner. It was cleared and Fraser Murdier for Leith managed to recycle it and keep up the pressure, leading to a period of a couple of minutes forcing Tynecastle to keep defending cleverly and marshalling balls out where necessary. A pair of shots came in from Leith but they were speculative and ran for goal kicks.
With 11 minutes gone, the play was lengthened and suddenly Tynecastle were on the attack, two sweet one-two touch passes from Michael Joyce and Josh Slow-Clayton putting through Smith to shoot hard against the post but the offside flag was raised.
Tynecastle kept up the pressure but Leith were steady at the back and before a couple of goal mouth scrambles followed a corner, it was Leith who displayed some strong midfield play with Enguidanos fashioning an opportunity that the Tynie keeper Fielding stopped well with his feet.
At the quarter hour mark, the game became a power battle with big headers and big tackles contested whilst opportunities for passing still were sought. From a throw-in by Jay Corner Tynecastle won a corner but it came to nothing and from a goal kick Leith looked to work it out and upfield but Tynecastle came back and from a throw-in on the right, Smith reached the byline and pinged in a high looping cross which looked mean and swung in, crashing off the far post and in – an unbelievable goal! One nil to Tynecastle!
Leith immediately had two chances to chase down from the restart but the Tynie keeper Fielding cleared bravely and Tynecastle were forward again with another throw-in which, no sooner had it been cleared, the game was stopped for an injury for Leith. The substitution had to be made and play resumed.
Twenty-two minutes on the clock and from a Tynecastle free kick, the ball was played in low at an angle and Smith came onto it, was blocked off and fell and the referee deemed it to have been fair and penalty shouts were dismissed and Leith got to the half way line before Tynecastle wrestled it back and had Leith pegged into their corner again.
Leith were playing good football and worked it out to the right wing before Slow-Clayton looped a lovely ball forward and Smith raced onto it, nicked it away from the defender and slotted it past the on-rushing keeper, sneaking it inside the post to make it two nil to Tynecastle!!
Leith were rocked and Tynecastle looked confident , playing some good exchanges before Leith went forward and the Tynecastle keeper was forced to clear it. John Webley for Leith Colts stepped out of defence in strident mood and set Leith away but they were struggling with their touches. Persistence should be rewarded and Leith started knocking it around better with Glendinning, Webley and Cameron Coppola setting the example and there was a sense of their nerves dissipating. Tynecastle though stayed firm and kept pushing forward, Glen Smith shaping it into Daniel Joyce with Sam Anderson shouting for the ball on the edge of the box.
Coppola rescued it and Leith broke quickly, winning a corner which Mathew Scotland and Enguidanos almost got heads to. On 34 minutes, Tynecastle suddenly came forward and a lay back from Joyce allowed a pass down the wing for Anderson to latch onto and he came inside and fired a cross into Smith who chested it neatly down in the area, shielding it from the keeper who put in a good challenge and despite getting his foot on the ball, was deemed to have gone through the man and a penalty was indicated by the referee!!
Josh Slow-Clayton pulled up his socks with the ball placed and then blasted it high into the top right corner, and it was three nil to Tynecastle with some sympathy with Leith who were playing well. They pushed forward after the kick-off with Enguidanos sending out to the left wing but the Tynecastle defence cleared and a quick one-two set Smith off down the right inside channel, attempting a cross, recovering it and then trying with another but an excellent diving header from Glendinning showed Leith still believed.
Tynecastle saw the need to stay solid and their central defence cleared long direct passes straight into the chests and feet of their midfield who then had the confidence to lay off and go again as they half time whistle blew to end an intense first half.
  • Half Time:
  • Tynecastle FC 2000
  • 3-0
  • Leith Athletic Colts
Leith were out first and Tynecastle followed soon after to kick off, Lewis McClure immediately showing his intent with a direct ball out wide left. Leith came back but Tynie were down the left in seconds winning a free kick out on the wing which was scrambled clear by the Colts. Anderson tried to play in Smith but 2 fantastic challenges by Webley and Coppola stopped a certain chance and a possible 4th for Tynecastle.
Leith broke really well and Murdie was through with some swift feet into the area and a fine effort frustratingly saved by Fielding in goal. Leith, through Enguidanos were showing much determination, braking through the lines and playing in Leighton Rodgers on the right, he put in a strong ball which was cleared before Montgomery put in a deafening challenge and Leith had the bit between their teeth.
Rodgers had a speculative effort that curled just shy of the angle and Lucas Gibbons and Gary Tickle had to be even more alert in defence; eventually releasing some pressure with a throw-in on the centre line. Before long a couple of balls into the box had caused some jitters for Leith, determined not to concede a harsh fourth as Murdie was proving a good outlet for them further up field.
With 15 minutes gone of the second half, play paused for a Tynecastle injury and substitution and Montgomery was battling hard to clear the Tynecastle attack when he saw Murdie again and put a lovely long, angle pass in and he was unfortunate to be ruled offside.
Enguidanos started to dominate the midfield but Gibbons and Tickle were switched on and before another fast and angled cross from Montgomery nearly reached Murdie running into the area, they were stalwart, but here the ball evaded them and thankfully it swerved just too close to the goalkeeper Fielding and Tynecastle cleared and Leith had a goal kick.
Enguidanos won a succession of headers and Leith were packing their forward line but immediately play was congested and a loose ball allowed Tynecastle to break away through Slow-Clayton and Smith, with Coppola having to make a last ditch interception and clearance before Pennycuik picked it up, went by two in midfield and played it out wide right, Joyce knocking it over the approaching defender but Coppola stepping in a gain to make the clearance.
Twenty minutes into the second half and the linesman flagged for an odd free kick on the edge of the box, Brett Pennycuik laying it off to Slow-Clayton who curled it hard at the far post and forced the goalkeeper Lewis Reid to make an exceptional save to his left. From the corner the goalie collected and cleared up field.
Throw-in then followed throw-in as both sides battled to battle on, Tynecastle’s Glendinning eventually running away down half the length of the field, laying it inside to Glenn Robertson who played a stinging shot that was blocked by Tickle and cleared.
Leith got a few passes together and as Smith stepped inside and laid in Daniel Joyce, the offside was called and Enguidanos strode forward, bringing play up field before the left back again dinked inside and out of four players to reach the crossing position and won a corner. Tynecastle cleared through a strong header and then Rodgers nicked it back and passed it forward left where good play from Robertson and Rodgers gave Lewis Eddington the space to shoot. He did well and it curled just past the post.
We had had twenty-six minutes this half and Brett Pennycuik put his foot on play in midfield and worked it out wide right and some excellent interchange led to Smith getting it into Joyce who took it to the side of the defender and hit a shot back across goal which the keeper Reid did well to hold. Two minutes later Murdie made another good opening for himself and again was frustrated by the save by the Tynecastle keeper Fielding.
Rodgers broke forward this time and played an excellent ball to Murdie who touched it with his knee onto Eddington sprinting clear and he did everything right but still the keeper Fielding came out and saved it! Next, a looping cross from Leith was left by the keeper and it struck the post! Leith just weren’t destined to score today it seemed, they were trying everything and it just wasn’t coming off.
However, their persistence was something to behold and Tynecastle broke away and had a foul given against them so Leith’s Murdie was away down the right again but couldn’t quite find the opening to run into the box and Tynecastle cleared. Now the clock was against Leith and Tynie got it down and Smith played it back to Pennycuik who laid it out to Slow-Clayton, the ball went wide right and was passed to Glen Smith who laid it to the edge of the box for a shot from Glenn Robertson coming in forcing the Leith goalie to make a save.
Thirty-five minutes gone and Tynecastle made a substitution and from a throw-in another excellent piece of individual skill from Webley flicking it up and inside his man before clearing to get his team safe. However, Tynie came back down the left with another throw before Joyce tried a clever well-paced ball into the box and Robertson nearly got to it but it went for a goal kick.
There was a noticeable drop in intensity and Leith struggled to get out but again a ball from defence into Murdie required Gibbons to step across and clear. Webley tried a cross come shot high up the pitch but Tynecastle looked confident and as Leith continued probing, Connell  got a toe in and nearly broke away before Jay Corner returned the favour and set off with intent again, putting in a low hard shot towards the far post and if his team mates were just a bit more eager, they may have made it.
Tynecastle broke and Coppola had to battle to release a clear goalscoring opportunity as the ball was set up for Slow-Clayton. His shot spiralled high and wide, but he cared little as the full time whistle blew and Tynecastle had won the game 3 nil! They’d won the cup.

  • Full Time:
  • Tynecastle FC 2000
  • 3-0
  • Leith Athletic Colts


Tynecastle FC 2000
Leith Athletic Colts
1. Kalum Fielding
2. Jay Corner
3. Michael Joyce
4. Lucas Gibbons
5. Gary Tickle
6. Lewis McClure
7. Kieran Connell
8. Josh Slow-Clayton
9. Glen Smith
10. Daniel Joyce
11. Sam Anderson
12. Brett Pennycuik
14. Glenn Robertson
15. Lewis Blues
16. Nathian Wright
1. Lewis Reid
2. Jake Montgomery
4. Cameron Coppola
5. Matthew Scotland
6. Jack Enguidanos
7. John Webley
8. Mike Monaghan
9. Lewis Eddington
10. Fraser Murdie
11. Kieran Milne
12. Leighton Rodgers
14. Cameron Fellenger
16. Evan Glendinning
Star Player
Tynecastle FC 2000
Leith Athletic Colts
Glen Smith - two goals and a whole bag full of determination took Smith and his team mates to lift the cup almost settling the result in the first half.
John Webley - Showed culture and maturity and in spite of the result epitomised the work ethic of his team with their persistence to keep going to the end
Magic Moment
Tynecastle FC 2000
Leith Athletic Colts
The first goal was a spectacular effort which came out of nowhere and set the game off to a flyer for Tynecastle FC 2000
Leith had many opportunities and were unlucky not to convert any and so each one was a story of what might have been for this gritty and determined outfit
Club Views
Tynecastle FC 2000
Leith Athletic Colts
Coach of Tynecastle, Murray, said: "The boys did well, we set out to always improve and have a successful season and we said at the beginning we would try and accomplish that and before the match we just reminded the boys that the game was there to enjoy. Too many people come away not remembering these sort of games and you’ve got to take it in, and if you work hard you will get your rewards afterwards and the first half proved that. True we stepped back a bit but the goalie made a couple of fantastic saves at the key moments and towards the end there he was brilliant."
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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