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Vale return to Airdrie after seeing off brave Fernieside

Hutchison Vale 6

Auriemma 30, Young 51, Begbie 60, Swaney 63, Goodall 68, Currie 77

Fernieside BC 0

Robin Haskins

Robin Haskins | YFS South East Region Journalist
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Hutchison Vale took on Fernieside in a Trans World Soccer Scottish Youth FA Cup semi final that captured the imagination. The winner of the last two trophies, Vale, against the underdogs from the second tier of South East Region football. Could the south Edinburgh side pull off a 'giant killing'?
Fernieside kicked off and looked to go forward immediately but Kieran Young intervened with a strong tackle and Hutchison got it on the deck and started to get comfortable on their touches. They managed this with aplomb then for the next 2 minutes before a good big tackle almost put paid to it and Fernieside flooded the Hutchison field area. From a throw though, Hutchison broke right down pitch and through Ryan Fox got to the edge of the box where Jack Doyle made the tackle and after a cross from Lewis Swaney for Hutchison into the box, Fernie made the clearance and Hutchison settled back into a passing rhythm, working the ball out left through defence and up field before Fox came a bit deeper to look for a killer ball into the box. He was prevented and Fernieside went down the pitch in the modern Spartans Academy, Charlie Adams drawn into the box and he almost got a shot away winning a corner.
The Hutchison team brought a bit more tempo back into their game again with Sam Birch carrying his side out from the right and down before Fernieside got out of a tight spot with a strong tackle to retrieve the ball which was then touched on cleverly by Adams to get by his defender and then lobbed gently into the path of Ben Gardiner who, now tracking out of the box, was blocked on the cross and won a corner. Only some last ditch blocks prevented a shot from there but Hutchison worked their way down the field again calmly and then Fernie came back with another corner and Hutchison cleared out through Birch who was looking streetwise and composed and got the ball into Kieran Young on space on the edge of the area. He was tackled and with just 5 minutes gone the game was looking to level out after the early probing exchanges.
Adams for Fernie again found the ball and a way through on the left, getting it inside to Gardiner once more with a high shot. Now Hutchison made two good attacks both with Fox breaking down the left wing, coming inside and laid a grand ball back for a shot from a teammate which was blocked.
Then another attack and shot followed up before Fernieside got down the other end and Brendan Ogg came into the box and put a good pass into Lee Dillon who couldn’t quite find the return through ball in on goal. Now Hutchison Vale F.C. laid on a good few minutes of pressure in and around the Fernieside box, even controlling play in their own half after Charlie Adams for Fernie again looked dangerous.
On ten minutes, and after a moment of opportunity with a loose ball for Sam Birch almost getting in on goal, Fernie found Adams who played an exceptional ball in onto the area for Gardiner. Then, the key moment of the game so far, a young lady with a toddler who ducked a ball pile-drived out of play like it was all just a usual part of a Sunday stroll! Play continued on unabashed and Hutchie did the same with the pressure with Young and Fox going forward and Fernieside looking lethal in attack.
A rasping low shot came in which the Hutchison keeper Byron Gibb showed good technique to hold. Hutchie played it in and around the Fernie box not quite finding the opening to shoot before  their right back Cameron Milne saw a pass early and intercepted the ball coming forward into the area, finding a colleague with the pull back and winning his side a corner.
Then a period of indecisiveness got a hold of both sides for a few minutes of stop start play and a time out and then Hutchison got things back on the deck and Milne found an opportune ball out to his winger down the right.
On the twentieth minute, Fernieside with Adams collected again and found Gardiner who headed neatly passed the defender and took a shot which was met in the area and retained. For a few minutes it was Fernieside who shifted play in and around the box whilst there were sporadic but consistent quality bursts from Hutchison Vale.
It was Adams this time though who had the clearest chance of the game so far, when bearing down on the keeper Gibb, his chipped attempt was prevented by an outstretched palm and cleared. 23 minutes gone and Ogg was standing ominously over a free kick just 7 yards outside the box after a strong challenge drew a foul. The shot, in the swirling wind, didn’t quite come down though and play resumed from a goal kick.
Next, another free kick was floated in by Fernieside, clearly having the upper hand in play at present, and this time it was looping and deep and the header down almost found two alert collectors but the goal keeper Gibb was quick and pulled it into his arms.
An injury curtailed action on the 27th minute and a Fernieside goal kick restarted play with Birch looking to get in amongst Fernieside and Fox finding himself disappointed at the awarding of a free kick to his team just as he had broken the line of midfield in the Fernieside half. The free kick took play out wide left for Hutchison and then back inside for a marauding Cameron Fraser  to come onto it and hit a mighty shot, controlled on the outside of his right boot that went arrowing towards the top left corner but passed just a little wide.
On half an hour, Kieran Young broke for Hutchi his line from left back and put it through to the byline where Ethen Hamilton took a touch to the line and then pulled it back into an area where he found Gabriel Auriemma and he turned it in to take the lead and make it 1-0 to Hutchison Vale F.C.
From the restart, Fernieside pushed down the left wing with a couple of throws and won a free kick on the edge which was curled in at a nice height and with stark pace but went spinning past everyone and out for a goalkick. Then Hutchi looked to regain a bit of composure after taking the lead but were re-buffed and Fernieside won another free-kick on the opposite side this time, which, although not quite as accurate this one had enough spin to cause a nervous moment in the area as Adams almost nipped a forehead on to it but the Hutchi keeper Gibb collected.
Vale broke and had a challenge draw a yellow for Fernieside. From the resulting free kick Hutchie had a good shot blocked from Lewis Swaney and then the corner very nearly curled in at the far post. A break through the midfield from Ethen Hamilton was then met with a crunching challenge drawing gasps from the crowd as the defender, obviously coming off worse, lay prostrate on the ground. This turned to consternation as well, as the released pass made had found goalscorer Auriemma through on the area and the advantage stymied by the referee’s whistle. There was a last defender coming across though and there was also a potential injury needing urgent attention so the referee deserved credit here.
As it was the injury was attended to for a good few minutes and the referee took the opportunity to call both teams over to him, obviously taking a very sensible approach and managing the game and the incident through communication. There was some indication that he had called half time as the teams wandered over to their respective sides, almost 8 minutes now gone and the player still lying on the ground receiving some care. The onlookers murmured and rumours of an ambulance abounded as the generally good atmosphere and reflectively end-to-end game had turned into something of an anxious commotion as sirens bleared into action away in the distance.
The sides tried to keep warm at their respective ends and the paramedics tended to the injury, now with 20 minutes of the pause in play, the lad was atop the stretcher and being carefully taken on to the ambulance with a warming applause accompanying him. Hutchison passed the ball back to the Fernieside goalkeeper and play resumed under a distinctly leaden sky. Hutchie played it around the width of the box and out to the left and Ryan Fox turned it into Auriemma in the area, it was a better opportunity than it felt but maybe football wasn’t the prime consideration just now.
As the play, went back down the right wing with Hutchison Vale, the referee blew for the long awaited half-time whistle and as the teams trudged back to their dressing rooms, the smell of rain tainted the air and the wind blew ominously through the stand. The ambulance did a 3 point turn and the 1-0 lead Hutchison took into the break seemed of little consequence where there was a mother and her concern for her son to consider.
Hutchison kicked off and it went along across their back line and the passing down the right and back and out left was exceptional and continued for a good few minutes, ending in a through ball to Auriemma into the area which he brought back inside before Reece Cron for Fernie intercepted and cleared for Gardiner to chase. Hutchie Vale cleared out right and Fernie intercepted once more, getting it into Adams who turned his man, came back inside and laid it into Lee Dillon for a powerful shot from the edge of the box which goalkeeper Gibb parried away.

Vale drove into the Fernie box with Auriemma, ending with a shot before Hamilton powered down the left wing, gaining a corner off an attempted cross. On the break away, Adams dummied a header to leave a way clear for a run for his colleague which drew and deserved applause but the drive was stopped by some clever movement falling back from Hutchi Vale’s defence before Adams again got on the ball in through on the box and with a couple of keepy ups found the room for a cross. The keeper held it and cleared.

With 5 minutes of the second half gone Vale had a shot from Auriemma held and Fernie then got it down and linked a whole load of passes together determined to find an equaliser soon after the interval which almost released Adams down the right. Swaney came across for Vale and came out with the ball and laid on an attack through Cameron Fraser who put it down the right with Auriemma bearing down with a run into the Fernie area, a hard cross and nearly an opportunity for Swaney, who started it all, to collect or hit first time on the edge.

Fernieside came forward but again Swaney proved a difficult way to go and Hutchison worked it out once more and between Hamilton, Auriemma and the indubitable Swaney – the same trio that linked up for the goal in the first half – this time ended a good attack with a goal kick.
Ten minutes gone, Vale played it around at the back again, looking majestic on the ball as their centrebacks stepped out of defence. However, a heavy touch left the marauder stretching for the ball and got him caught up in another unfortunate challenge resulting in a Fernie player going down and a yellow card. It was unlucky because there was no intent but in this situation it had to be given.
The free kick went high into the area for Fernie and caused a melee which almost ended in a goal but a corner ensued which again looked to have bothered the Vale defence, with Adams applying a half volley down into the ground and a defender having to head it away from goal out from under the bar. On fifteen, Ryan Fox for Vale broke through the centre looking for a through ball, Swaney brought it back across and Auriemma’s attempt couldn’t quite find Fox who had strayed too far.
Play reached the half way line with Fernie but Hutchie passed it back down the right again, patiently waiting for support a measured cross came in from Auriemma who had looked, seen and found 3 of his men coming into the box. He found Kieran Young perfectly and he connected with it squarely and firmly and headed it to the left of the keeper Sneddon and into the net to make it 2-0 to Hutchison Vale in the 16th minute.
After the restart, Vale looked to probe some more, kept composed around the defence and midfield lines and another piece of direct play saw Fox again bearing down into the area choosing to shoot instead of cross this time, the right decision but unlucky on the execution as it got sent just wide of the far upright after getting under the keeper.
Suddenly, Fernieside were at the other end, Reece Cron with a dink inside to Adams who pulled it back for a shot but both of Vale’s centre backs were tracking in, coming across, and managed to get a foot on and it was corner. From here, Hutchison again showed how the triangle between their centre backs and Cameron Fraser in deep midfield to collect, was enabled to work it out right on the rotation, establishing efficiently a counter attack with Auriemma through and passed the defensive line with Fox screaming in to the middle for it. The Fernie defence were quick though and chased back, forcing the shot which was hard and true but the keeper parried it and got hands to it before the onrushing attacker Fox could get a toe.
After 24 minutes of the second half a free kick inside the Fernie area for Hutchison was fired in by Auriemma with curl and the deflection went high towards the goal and was touched over the crossbar really well by Sneddon for a corner. Vale got a head on it and knocked it on towards the back through the air. When it came down, a volley on the floor from Hutchison captain Cameron Begbie fired it high into the roof of the net. It was no chance to stop and looked to have clinched the game at 3-0 for Hutchison, capping a commanding performance.
Both before and after this, Hamilton had been starting to maraud forward down the left for Vale and this hadn’t stopped come the third goal with 3 defenders going in to stop him crossing at the byline. Fernie cleared and through Young and Fraser, who had paired up exceptionally in the centre of midfield, Hutchison retrieved play and worked yet another route forward to the right this time with Swaney passing out to Fraser whose shot took a deflection, looped up and down and went out off the bar for a corner. The ball found Begbie loose again at the back post and his shot came across and was directed in surprisingly nonchalantly by Swaney who by now much deserved his goal. However, the 4-0 scoreline was harsh on Fernieside if reflective of the quality in Hutchison’s well-developed game.
Half an hour into the second half and Gardiner for Fernieside sent a curling free kick into the Vale area but the goalie held it and released it, playing it out wide down the right. Hutchison worked it between the lines and into Innes Goodall this time, his cross was well blocked. Fernie persisted, winning a throw but Hutchison pushed on with Hamilton, linking with Arran Currie and Fox, claiming a throw in deep in the Fernie half. The ball was crossed in and nearly found the boot of a first time volley on goal but Fernie cleared and got away up field.
The Vale came down straight through the centre now, showing some gall, on a couple of occasions ending it in a testing volley for Currie who didn’t quite keep it down but even centre back Begbie was finding a route through on goal now. As Hamilton, who had now dropped centrally, came down the right and looked for a lay off to a team mate inside, Hutchison were looking like they knew exactly what they were doing, now with a lay off to Begbie again bursting into the area from centreback having a cross blocked well.
Only seconds later another cross found a particularly brave toe from Innes Goodall that directed the ball into the net to a great reception from the crowd to make it 5-0 but he hobbled off and the celebration from Hutchison was more in consideration of the injury than the scoreline.
Charlie Stewart for Fernieside had shown some fine interceptions and they broke forward with Vale again showing skill in stifling the attack, turning play around and setting up their attack, this time Currie it was who broke free and, finding his shot blocked, he retrieved it out to the side off the defender and set up some fleeting interchanges in the box from Hutchie, 3 of which nearly but not quite resulted in a shot before Fernie broke away.
Again Hutchison retrieved play and went on the attack with 3 of their players through on goal it was Currie who collected if and slotted it comfortably passed the keeper and into the bottom left corner to make it 6-0 with just 3 minutes remaining.
The pitch opened up now demonstrably demonstrating the discipline Hutchison had been applying and Fernie were able to play some of their best football demonstrating how exceptional they could have been, ending in a shot on goal and a worthy time, given all that had gone on today, to hear the final whistle blow and a respectful round of applause pass through the ground.


Hutchison Vale
Fernieside BC
1. Byron Gibb
2. Cameron Milne
3. Frazer Paton
4. Sam Birch
5. Cameron Begbie
6. Thomas Prior
8. Cal Sheridan
9. Ryan Fox
10. Ethan Hamilton
11. Kieran Young
12. Arran Currie
14. Gabriel Auriemma
15. Cameron Fraser
16. Innes Goodall
18. Lewis Swaney
21. Stewart Johnston
1. Reece Sneddon
2. Jack Doyle
3. Ryan Forrest
4. Callum Sibley
5. Brendan Ogg
6. Brandon Smith
7. Charlie Adams
8. Jordan Dolan
11. Charlie Stewart
12. Jacob Hutchison
14. Lee Dillon
16. Reece Cron
17. Ben Gardiner
18. Lewis Gormley
Star Player
Hutchison Vale
Fernieside BC
Imperious display from the captain Cameron Begbie set the level of his team, demonstrating an ability to begin attacks from defence.
Charlie Adams had a hand in almost every attack for Fernie and was devastatingly accurate with his set up play and quick on the counter
Magic Moment
Hutchison Vale
Fernieside BC
The third goal was the point in the game where Hutchison could finally feel like they had clinched it, which was testament to the level of Fernie's play and the level of competitiveness overall in the game
The period in the first half where Fernie were battering Hutchison from all angle but Hutchison resisted for a sustained period and knew they had some serious work to do to beat the Fernieside team.
Club Views
Hutchison Vale
Fernieside BC
Hutchison Vale's coach said: “It was a hard game, they were on top of us for a period in the first half but we kept playing our game and the laddie’s injury took the edge off the game you know? And then, with Fernie having ten men, we were able to get on top but fair play to them they played a good game. But I don’t know how the laddie is, I asked a couple of the opposition and they said there’s no news yet, the boy had concussion you know, so our thoughts are really with him.”

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