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Mid Season Interview: Declan Gibson of Broxburn Athletic Colts

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1. Name: 
Declan Gibson
2. Team and age group:
Broxburn Colts Under 14's
3. Sum up your season so far in one sentence:
This season has been a roller coaster, very surprising, but In a good way.
4. What has been the low point?:
I have been hit by injury quite a lot this season, which meant I couldn't play in the last 16 of the Scottish Cup, where we got beat 2-1 by Ayr Boswell.
5. What has been the high point?:
We put together a really good Scottish Cup run, winning against a number of good teams along the way.
6. Which player from your squad has improved the most from the previous season?:
Amost improved has to be David Paton, but the team as a whole has came on leaps and bounds
7. What are your team's goals for the second half of 2013/14?:
We would like to finish in the top three of the league and beat our rivals, Shotts Victoria.
8. What are your personal goals for football in the calendar year 2014?:
My personal goals are to be noticed by more teams, as I have just returned from pro youth and would like to return there one day.
9. Funniest story from season 2013/14 so far?:
The funniest story was when there was a mix up in the box at the start of the season and a defender headered the ball away. I was searching not knowing where the ball was and before I knew it, the balled tanned of the back of my head, I prevented a goal so it's all good!
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