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Strong wind cannot stop Hutchison Vale

Edinburgh City Whites 0

Hutchison Vale FC 6

McCann 29, 40, 65 McMahon 34, 46, 60
  • Sunday, 22 September 2013
  • Forrester HS 3G
  • Under 13´s
  • Division 1
Sascha Bolder

Sascha Bolder | YFS South East Region Journalist

Whenever an underdog plays an apparently superior team, it hopes that external circumstances will be in their favour and complicate the task for the other team as much as possible. Last Sunday’s heavy winds made it nearly impossible to play good football and Edinburgh City Whites hoped this might come in handy in their difficult Division 1 match against the second of the table, Hutchison Vale FC. In fact, the home side did very well in the first half and it was only minutes before the half time whistle that they had to concede two goals. In the second half, however, Hutchison Vale were supported by the wind, could show their impressive passing and dribbling skills and won 6-0 in the end.

The match began a bit slow as Edinburgh City Whites did not want to invest too much against a strong opponent and Hutchison Vale had problems keeping the ball on the ground due to the difficult weather conditions. Although the away side controlled the match and won most of the challenges, they were not able to create good scoring opportunities because Edinburgh City Whites defended well.

After 15 minutes, the home side took their courage in their hands and started their first counter attacks and, in fact, they were almost rewarded for this more offensive approach. After a foul in midfield, Edinburgh city Whites were awarded a free kick which was taken by Afoladi Osibanjo. Although standing nearly 30 yards away from the goal line, the drive Osibanjo released almost hit home but Ciaran Cairns was able to parry the ball just in time.   

Two minutes after that, Hutchison had their first scoring opportunity of the match, too, but Callum Anderson’s attempt from 20 yards narrowly drifted the wrong side of the post.

Although Hutchison Vale was the better team in terms of individual technique and passing skills, the home team was not easy to play against and had scoring chances themselves every now and then. In the 24th minute, they even could have taken the lead when Matteo Crolla nearly converted a corner kick directly but despite being supported by the wind, the ball did not cross the goal line.

Rather than that, Hutchison Vale opened the scoring five minutes later when Lewis McCann slammed home after having stolen the ball and being clear through on goal.

Only one minute before the half time whistle, the away side doubled their lead. After a brilliant dribbling and pass by McCann, McMahon found himself only 5 yards from goal and had no trouble knocking home.

  • Half Time:
  • Edinburgh City Whites
  • 0-2
  • Hutchison Vale FC

Right from the start, the second half was much more one-sided. Facing heavy wind, Edinburgh City Whites could hardly ever clear the ball out of their own half and Hutchison Vale dominated the match as they pleased. Even the home side’s goal kicks resulted in scoring opportunities for Hutchison Vale because the strong wind made it impossible for Daniel Spence and Sam Alexander to kick the ball away properly.

Five minutes after the match had been restarted, McCann scored his second goal from short range. A cross ball had been delivered into the box and found McMahon who took a shot which was deflected by a defender of the home team. However, the ball bounced to McCann who netted from 6 yards.

In the 46th minute, Hutchison Vale’s other striker McMahon scored his second goal, too – once again after a brilliant assist by McCann who had entered the box and sidestepped a defender before passing to McMahon.

Hutchison Vale’s number 7 eventually scored his third in the 60th minute. After a goal kick from Edinburgh City White, the ball was intercepted by Hutchison Vale and came to McMahon who found himself on the edge of the box where he sidestepped a defender and curled the ball into the upper left corner of the goal to make it 5-0.  

Hutchison Vale had a tough time getting a grip on the game in the second half. However, they could have rewarded themselves for their fighting spirit. Again it was Osibanjo who had a big scoring opportunity. Receiving the ball at the half-way line, he found himself marked by two defenders but was just faster than both of them and ran towards the goal. However, his shot from 18 yards narrowly missed the goal.

Five minutes before the final whistle, McCann scored not only his third of the day but also the most beautiful goal of the match when he converted a corner kick directly to make it 6-0 (watch here).

  • Full Time:
  • Edinburgh City Whites
  • 0-6
  • Hutchison Vale FC


Edinburgh City Whites
Hutchison Vale FC

1. Sam Alexander
3. Archie JacksonLean
4. Matteo Crolla
5. Daniel Spence
8. Brodie Miller
9. Archie Sommerville
10. Struan Maclean
14. Brandon McCutcheon
15. Afoladi Osibanjo
17. Jamie McGinn
25. Callum Simpson
27. Callum Smith
31. Ethan Quinn
46. Jack Sutherland
90. Freddy Peet

1. Ciaran Cairns
2. Jay Peat
3. Nathan Hill
4. Thomas Sweeney
5. Eden Paterson
6. Ross Young
7. Luke McMahon
8. Rory Campbell
9. Lewis McCann
10. Luis Malcolm
11. Brandon Blair
14. John Rea
15. Daniel Lock
16. Callum Anderson
17. Scott Latto
18. Declan McFadden

Star Player
Edinburgh City Whites
Hutchison Vale FC
Sam Alexander made a couple of magnificent saves.
McMahon and McCann converted almost every opportunity they had but most of these chances only came into being because of the fine passes of Callum Anderson.
Magic Moment
Edinburgh City Whites
Hutchison Vale FC
Afoladi Osibanjo's free kick in the first half could have given a completely different twist but his shot from 30 yards missed.
Despite the heavy wind which might have helped a bit, Lewis McCann's directly converted corner kick was simply amazing.
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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