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Bonnyrigg snatch draw from jaws of defeat in top of table clash

Cramond FC 4

Martin 19, 38, 53, Brodie 15

Bonnyrigg Rose FC 4

Allan 30, 47, 69, McGlone 67
  • Monday, 23 September 2013
  • Davidson's Mains Park
  • Under 14´s
  • South East Region YFL D3
Robin Haskins

Robin Haskins | YFS South East Region Journalist
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On a crisp and sunny November Sunday morning, Cramond FC came into the game knowing that a win would send them to the top of the league after achieving promotion to the division the previous season. For added spice, the teams are due to play each other in the semi-final of the cup at the same venue next weekend. Suffice to say it is set up nicely.
In a fantastic match that ebbed and flowed right until the end, Bonnyrigg rescued a draw with 2 goals in the final 3 minutes and some excellent football. Cramond’s Ben Martin notched up a brilliant hat-trick as his team appeared to have consolidated the win until a pair of injuries curtailed their rhythm.
Cramond FC took a 2 goal lead half way through the second half and in a sign of things to come, doggedly fought back to close the gap before half time. Immediately after the break, Cramond restored their two goal advantage and it was 4-2 with a little over a quarter of an hour remaining.
For a few minutes, Bonnyrigg looked to have conceded to the defeat, but they took a relaxed attitude to playing some good football and steadily ramped up the intensity going into the final stages.
With 3 minutes remaining a sublime goal inspired them to force the point and they attacked wherever they could with probing through balls and dangerous free-kicks until they were granted their reward in the final minute.
After 2 minutes the first meaningful action came from Bonnyrigg’s Aaron Abrahams controlling the ball well and releasing a good pass to set up play for a shot from Michael McFadzean. Then Cramond went up the other end and played Brodie McDiarmid in down the left. He cut inside and took a fine and deft shot towards the far stanchion, going close.
Cameron Stone and Ben Martin had a quick and clever interchange for Cramond in the right back zone before pressing forward but Bonnyrigg rescued the ball and had soon won the game’s first corner, following up with continued pressure on the Cramond goal. The home side’s Kesar Hassan made a long clearance after preventing a goal-scoring opportunity for Bonnyrigg and Brodie McDiarmid picked it up and was able to play a good pass down the line to Jack Howard on the attack.
Again McDiarmid was showing his creative side with a lobbed pass into the path of a colleague in the box but Bonnyrigg’s Matthew Blakewell showed composure and dealt with it, heading the ball backwards to his keeper Jack Deegan to collect. Then, Matthew McKinley for Crammond got the ball with fine control and was able to go past a couple of players before being tackled well.
On 9 minutes, Deegan made an excellent save to prevent a Cramond goal after a swift break. Then McDiarmid set about applying the pressure again by coming down the right, cutting inside the box, twisting and turning and winning a corner. This was crossed deep and fast and if any Cramond players had got on the end of it would surely have been a chance but it bounced right on through the area.
Soon Bonnyrigg’s Paul Allan turned well in attack, dropped off and laid on a good pass out to Reece Bertram down the right who slowed down the attack and returned the ball with intelligence to Allan. Cramond had retrieved the ball in defence with McDiarmid with another ball down the right to Howard followed by Ben Martin going looking for the ball with a fine run. Matthew McKinley saw it but it was well intercepted.
The pressure from Cramond continued as McDiarmid got to the byline on the right and did well to pull the ball back to Howard in the centre. His nicked shot was good and well considered but scooped past the wrong side of the post and into the side netting.
Bonnyrigg had their chance to go on the attack with Allan winning the ball and passing forward to Andrew Denholm before more pressure from Cramond lead to a corner which was crossed deep again by McDiarmid and reached Lewis Brodie who took one touch and then fired it up in to the roof of the net to make it 1-0 to the home side.
Bonnyrigg broke forward from the restart and Denholm got a chance running into the box but Cramond stood fast and marshalled the ball out for a goal kick. Then they were up the other end with good play down the left wing by Alfie Torbet and McKinley leading to a corner. McDiarmid took it well once again and a snap side-footed shot was cleared well by Abrahams for Bonnyrigg off the line.
It allowed a break with some excellent play for Bonnyrigg, Abrahams releasing a side-foot pass to his team mate who came inside and shot low and hard to the near post forcing Cramond’s GK into the save.
On the 19th minute, Cramond extended their lead with a great run through the centre by Martin being seen and located by McDiarmid with a first time ball, excellently executed. Martin took it in his stride and glanced it past the on-rushing keeper to make it 2-0.
McDiarmid was soon involved again, stepping inside on the edge of the box and shooting low and hard to the bottom right of the goal. Deegan in goal for Bonnyrigg made a fantastic save, palming it on to the post after a stretching dive to his side. It was a bittersweet moment though as the landing was obviously awkward to have caused a strain and Deegan came off in some pain to be replaced by Aidan Gibb.
At 27 minutes, Andrew Denholm collected the ball and dropped off, playing a well timed pass for Rose teammate Allan to get on to but Cramond’s Charlie Cumming did excellently to come in between and shield the ball for his keeper to retrieve.
At the half hour mark, Sean O’Donnell for Bonnyrigg laid on a great through ball to Paul Allan whose first touch in to the area set up his next brilliantly, and suddenly a fizzing low shot diagonally in to the bottom right of the goal had brought it back to 2-1 for the away side.
At the restart, Rose carried on playing with verve and zip, piling on the pressure seeking out an equaliser but Cramond broke away down the right and Gibb came off his line for Bonnyrigg with a great call and collected the ball.
For Cramond, McDiarmid had a sweet turn in the midfield and tried a through ball but Ethan Singh saw it and intercepted. His clearance eventually found a Cramond foot though and came back forward winning a free kick in a dangerous position for the home team. It was crossed in and headed over the bar for the final act of the first half.
  • Half Time:
  • Cramond FC
  • 2-1
  • Bonnyrigg Rose FC
The restart began with a break for Bonnyrigg and they managed to get a shot in which went just wide, clearly intent on getting that elusive equaliser soon after half time.
From a corner for Rose, Cramond broke away down the right and Jamie Jennings crossed it perfectly for Ben Martin who was in the right place to tap it home and restore Cramond’s 2 goal advantage, making it 3-1 just 3 minutes into the second half.
Jennings again looked menacing as he flicked it over the approaching opponent’s head, collected it at the by-line and pulled it back but it rebounded to safety and Bonnyrigg breathed again.
Shortly after, the most influential player for Cramond so far, Brodie McDiarmid stayed down injured and had to be subbed off, as it turned out having to go to hospital to possibly receive stitches on a nasty cut.
12 minutes gone of the second half and Michael McFadzean for Rose floated it in from a free kick to the back post and after a scramble at the back post it may got a touch but either way it appeared to go straight in to make it 3-2, and I think Paul Allan was claiming it for Bonnyrigg.
Two minutes later and another free kick for Bonnyrigg in a similar position was lofted in by McFadzean again and this time it was cleverly disguised for Reece Bertram to receive it tight on the byline but he couldn’t quite get to it.
By now, Bonnyrigg sensed opportunity as Cramond faltered but their resistance was tough and tackles were strong. The game was tight and well fought and soon Cramond had earned a free kick of their own wide on the right.
They lined up inside the area, and a searching deep ball created a scramble to get to it and a sharp poked header from Martin forced a reaction from Gibb in the Bonnyrigg goal but his touch wasn’t quite enough to guide it away from the goal and it trickled over the line to give Cramond a seemingly unassailable 4-2 lead.
With 23 minutes of the second half gone, a fine ball between the lines for Bonnyrigg’s Bertram allowed him to break in to the area and he got a strong shot away but was tackled at the last second and it spun wide of the far post. There were shouts for a penalty waved away by the ref and it was that age old quandary of the attacker getting a strike in and there being a follow up challenge after the event. Not a penalty in my opinion, the shot almost turning in to a good cross aswell.
Jamie McGlone made an impact for Bonnyrigg immediately jinking to make space at the edge of the area and letting go a good shot that took a deflection and won a corner. The ball in from McFadzean was hit first time at the near post and the Cramond keeper made an excellent stop, palming it away from danger.
Again McGlone came down the wing and dinked inside and out but Hassan did excellently to put in a sliding challenge and get the ball away for a throw-in. McGlone broke down the right again and met Hassan for the second time with another superb challenge where the ensuing throw was followed by  a free kick to Bonnyrigg, putting pressure on the Cramond goal. McFadzean had 2 great strikes which the goalie saved for Cramond and a good Bonnyrigg corner was almost met by Matthew Blakebell with his head.
Cramond broke away and Martin almost got on the end of a fine piece of play before Alfie Torbet got through the back line and sent a great shot just wide of the post.
How Cramond would rue that opportunity only instants later as, at the other end, McFadzean played a good ball to Paul Allan who got past a couple of defenders to the left edge of the area, turned inside cleverly, jinked past the next defender to the centre of the box and slid the ball in to the danger area where it went straight through to be collected by Ethan Singh who showed technical mastery to turn his man inside and slot the ball to McGlone in the 16-yard box.
McGlone ghosted past one defender and forced his way with the ball through the next, poking it home and showing strength and determination to get across the line and make it 4-3 with only minutes on the clock.
Bonnyrigg immediately went on the attack again, knowing that time was against them. Soon, Allan was on the break after another good ball and he managed to finish with an exquisitely deft shot to equalise and make it 4-4 in the final few seconds.
As Allan, now on a role broke down the left flank the ref blew the whistle and there was a collective applause from the spectators to show their appreciation of the marvellous spectacle they had just been treated to.
Bring on the cup semi next weekend!
  • Full Time:
  • Cramond FC
  • 4-4
  • Bonnyrigg Rose FC


Cramond FC
Bonnyrigg Rose FC

3. Kesar Hassan
4. Scott Russell
5. Charlie Cumming
8. Jamie Jennings
15. Cameron Stone 
17. Lewis Brodie
18. Ryan Hildersley
19. Alfie Torbet
20. Matthew McKinley
21. Ben Martin
22. Stuart Sutherland
23. Brodie McDiarmid
24. Josh Haggart

3. Matthew Blakebell 
4. Ethan Singh
6. Aiden Deegan
7. Lewis Burns
9. Reece Bertram
10. Ross Fisher
11. Andrew Denholm
12. Aidan Gibb
14. Aaron Abrahams
15. Sean O'Donnell
16. Jamie McGlone
18. Cameron Fenton
19. Hamza El-Helali
20. Paul Allan
21. Jack Deegan
22. Michael McFadzean

Star Player
Cramond FC
Bonnyrigg Rose FC
Ben Martin hit a stunning hat-trick and showed more than a little determination to help his team succeed with his first time passing and surging runs forward.
Michael McFadzean was a real stalwart in the centre for Bonnyrigg today and kept them moving forward and applying pressure right to the final whistle.
Magic Moment
Cramond FC
Bonnyrigg Rose FC
The through ball from Brodie McDiarmid for Cramond FC's 2nd goal - it was hit first time, played with a cushioned side foot at a perfect weight for the forward run of his team mate, showed vision and accuracy to squeeze it between the central defenders and split the defence.
Despite the breathtaking equaliser in the final moments, Bonnyrigg's 3rd goal inspired this with its excellence. The interplay, passing and the dribbling and turns inside was stunning to observe and proved to them that they had the quality to go on and get the fourth. Excellent team goal.
Club Views
Cramond FC
Bonnyrigg Rose FC
Steve Torbet, coach of Cramond FC, said: "This was an excellent top of the table clash which sets up a great game in the Semi-Final next weekend."
Jamie Deegan, coach of Bonnyrigg Rose FC, said: "The lads showed a lot of heart and determination and played some excellent football at the end there to snatch a draw from the jaws of defeat."
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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