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Courageous Rose stun City with huge comeback

Edinburgh City Blacks 3

A. Webster 4, Dunbar 25, Kavanagh 31

Bonnyrigg Rose Reds 5

McEwan 44, 74, Storie 46, Spratt 50, Fuller 63
  • Sunday, 20 October 2013
  • Forrester HS 3G
  • Under 15´s
  • South East Region YFL D3
Sascha Bolder

Sascha Bolder | YFS South East Region Journalist

Being down by three goals at half time is demoralising and does not leave much hope to do better in the second half. But in football almost anything is possible. Bonnyrigg Rose Reds proved this in their league match against Edinburgh City Blacks last Sunday. After a disastrous first half, the away team was 3-0 behind. However, a courageous performance in the second half earned them an astonishing 5-3 victory for the Midlothian side.
Both teams had not got off to a great start to the season and hence, it was not surprising that at the beginning of the match, both sides were content at keeping the ball in their own halves and playing safe passes in order to become a bit more self confident.

After four minutes, Edinburgh City Blacks made their first effort to attack and were immediately rewarded for this with the opening goal of the match. Findlay Smith and Kieran Scant broke through on the right wing with a fine combination and delivered a cross into the box which found Angus Webster, who headed in from 9 yards.

The home team dominated the match from that moment on and had a couple of good scoring opportunities, whereas Bonnyrigg Rose Reds had a rough time against Edinburgh City Blacks’ well-organised defence. In the 25th minute, the home side extended their lead. Two defending players of Bonnyrigg Rose were not able to clear the ball properly on the left wing so that Scant got hold of it and swung a pinpoint cross over goalkeeper Sean Fraser to Max Dunbar who netted from close range to make it 2-0.

Only six minutes later, Edinburgh City Blacks scored again. Michael Kavanagh was given the ball 25 yards away from the goal. Rather than unleashing a drive which may have stuck due to a number of defenders that were standing in front of the Edinburgh City midfielder, Kavanagh decided to rely on his accuracy and curled the ball into the bottom left corner.
  • Half Time:
  • Edinburgh City Blacks
  • 3-0
  • Bonnyrigg Rose Reds

Whatever happened during the break – the players of Bonnyrigg Rose Reds that entered the park at the beginning of the second half did not have anything in common with those that had played in the first 40 minutes. From now on, the away side had more ball possession than Edinburgh City Blacks and won most of the important challenges.   
Also, very early in the second half, they found out that through balls were an appropriate way to outsmart Edinburgh City’s defence which had until then been so well organised. Four minutes after the restart a through ball from midfield was played into the half of Edinburgh City Blacks. Although it was played far too long, Edinburgh City Blacks’ goalkeeper Patrick Ferry hesitated before leaving his goal, which gave Fraser Spratt just the couple of extra seconds he needed to reach the ball first. Ferry hit the Bonnyrigg striker’s foot and fouled him so that Bonnyrigg was awarded a penalty, which was netted by Cameron McEwan (click here to watch video).
Only two minutes later, Bonnyrigg reduced the deficit to a single goal. After a long and high free kick delivered from the halfway line, the ball bounced through the box and could not be cleared by Edinburgh City’s defence. Eventually, it came to Fraser Storie who knocked it in from a single yard.      
The away side was now back in a game that had previously appeared to be beyond their reach. Edinburgh City Blacks’ players started to get nervous because their comfortable three goal lead had been dramatically cut in just two minutes of the second half.
Again, it was a through ball that earned Bonnyrigg Rose their third goal of the match in the 50th minute. One clever pass outsmarted Edinburgh City’s defence and all of a sudden, Spratt was clear through on goal and had no trouble beating Ferry.
Shortly after that, McEwan could have grabbed his second goal of the match but his shot from a difficult angle hit the post. However, Bonnyrigg Rose was rewarded for their incredible spirit and took the lead in the 63rd minute when Stephen Fuller curled a ball into the top right corner of the net from 22 yards.
Six minutes before the final whistle, McEwan grabbed his second. Once again, it was a through ball that left Edinburgh City’s defense bamboozled. McEwan was clear through on goal with only the goalkeeper to beat – an opportunity the Bonnyrigg forward did not miss out, which resulted in the 5-3 that finally decided an extraordinary match.
  • Full Time:
  • Edinburgh City Blacks
  • 3-5
  • Bonnyrigg Rose Reds


Edinburgh City Blacks
Bonnyrigg Rose Reds

1. Patrick Ferry
2. Finlay Arnot
3. Max Dunbar
4. Cameron Forsyth
5. Tendai Kalima
6. Michael Kavanagh
7. Ross Lamb
8. Ewan Malcolm
9. Lewis McGraw
10. Glen Meston
12. Findlay Smith
14. Kieran Scant
16. Angus Webster
18. Calum Webster

1. Sean Fraser
2. Alexander Scott
3. Ben MacGregor
4. JJ Kelly
5. Aaron Sloan
7. Stephen Fuller
9. Cameron McEwan
10. Fraser Storie
11. Fraser Spratt
12. Robbie Munro
13. Jamie McLellan
14. Liam Sim
15. Colin Aitken

Star Player
Edinburgh City Blacks
Bonnyrigg Rose Reds
Ross Lamb's physical play let him win most of his challenges. He distributed the ball well to his team mates and had a couple of scoring opportunities with shots from long range.
Fraser Spratt always timed his run well in order not to be judged offside. A number of times he could run towards the goal with no offender but the goalkeeper in front of him. In the end, he scored a goal, was given a penalty kick and had two assists.
Magic Moment
Edinburgh City Blacks
Bonnyrigg Rose Reds
Michael Kavanagh's shot from 20 yards was not only incredibly accurate but also seemed to be the decisive goal of the match. However, in the end, things did not turn out as expected.
The first through ball that found Fraser Spratt at the beginning of the second half changed the course of the match completely. First of all, the penalty resulting from that brought Bonnyrigg Rose back into the game and second, from that moment onwards, the away side had found out how to break Edinburgh City's defence. After that, Bonnyrigg Rose created scoring chances with the help of through balls to Spratt or McEwan again and again.
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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