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Brave ten man Lothian can't prevent Paisley victory

Lothian 1

Grotlin 75

Paisley & District 3

Macgennis 60, Lamont 61, Collin 90
  • Friday, 20 September 2013
  • Forrester HS 3G
  • Under 18´s
  • Scottish Schools FA National Trophy

Sascha Bolder | YFS South East Region Journalist

Last Friday’s SSFA Senior National Trophy match between Lothian and Paisley saw a very effective away team making use of nearly all their good scoring chances. Despite the fact that Lothian was down by a man for two thirds of the match, the clash was very balanced until the very end. A double strike in the 60th and 61st minute laid the foundation for Paisley’s 3-1 away victory. Although Lothian managed to come back and eventually reduced the deficit to one goal in the 75th minute, the home side was not rewarded for their courageous performance. However, it was not until the second minute of injury time that Paisley grabbed their third goal which finally decided the match.
Both teams played good football throughout the match, keeping the ball on the ground and playing on the wings whenever possible. However, both defences did a very good job and did not allow the respective opponent to create a lot of chances.
Twice, Paisley’s forward Marc Garner broke through Lothian’s defence but Sean Brennan kept the home side in the game with fantastic saves. Lothian’s scoring opportunities in the first half were mainly limited to shots from long distance.
One of the decisive moments of the match was a red card that the referee showed to Lothian’s defender Robbie Martin in the 30th minute. After a through ball from midfield had been sent into the path of Garner, Martin who was the last defender could not stop himself from holding Garner by the arm so that he slipped, leading to a red card for preventing a goalscoring opportunity.
Surprisingly, Lothian became better after being down to ten players. From now on, they did not only create chances with the help of shots from long distance but were able to get past Paisley’s defence with brilliant combinations. 
  • Half Time:
  • Lothian
  • 0-0
  • Paisley & District
At the beginning of the second half, Lothian could even have taken the lead when Kyle Hogg made his way on the right wing before delivering a low cross into the six-yard box from where James Flynn took a shot. However, Paisley’s goalkeeper Thomas Livingston was able to pull off a smart save.
Paisley finally opened the scoring in the 60th minute. Kjeld McIntyre received the ball in central midfield and sidestepped a defender before playing a through ball to Kieran Macgennis, who netted from 15 yards.
One minute after the opener, Paisley grabbed the second goal and thus lay the basis for their victory. Lothian’s second goalkeeper Darren Mitchell, who had replaced Brennan minutes before, had the ball on his right foot and was standing at the left angle of the box from where he planned to pass the ball to central midfield. However, it did not reach the intended team mate but found James Lamont who hammered the ball into the empty goal from 35 yards.
Lothian did not surrender, however. After a couple of chances, they were finally rewarded for their committed performance. Again, Hogg broke through on the right wing and delivered a pinpoint cross ball which found the head of Jonathon Grotlin who knocked it in from short distance.
Having reduced the deficit encouraged Lothian to pin all their hopes on attacking the away team whenever possible and especially in the last fifteen minutes, the ten Lothian players clearly dominated the eleven Paisley players. However, Paisley’s defence was well organized and prevented Lothian from scoring the equaliser.
The decisive goal was finally grabbed in injury time. Lothian had given up defending and nearly all Lothian players were standing in the opposite half when a clearance from midfield found Thomas Collins who did not have any other opponent in front of him apart from Lothian’s goalkeeper. Collins sidestepped him, placed the ball into the empty goal and made it 3-1, which was to be the final result. 
  • Full Time:
  • Lothian
  • 1-3
  • Paisley & District


Paisley & District

1. Sean Brennan
2. Kyle Hogg
3. Harry Oliff
4. David Scobie
5. Connor Brian
6. Calum Windram
7. Greg Binnie
8. Ryan Clarke
9. James Flynn
10. Jonathon Grotlin
11. Sam Jones
12. Jamie Dishington
14. Ryan Smith
15. Robbie Martin
16. Stuart Talac
17. David Henderson
18. Dean Ballantyne
19. Darren Mitchell

1. Thomas Livingston
2. Jamie Strapp
3. Fraser McLaughlin 
4. Alan Deans
5. James Lamont
6. Gregor Wylie
8. Kjeld McIntyre
9. Marc Garner
11. James Beattie
13. Ross Geddes  
15. Thomas Collins
16. Kyle Stewart
17. Ryan Dougan
19. Kieran Macgennis
20. Ewan Forsyth

Star Player
Paisley & District
Greg Binnie hardly lost a challenge in midfield and distributed the ball to his team mates very well.
Thomas Collins ran his heart out, broke through on the wings quite often and had a couple of chances. Apart from that, he earned his team the victory with his decisive goal in injury time.
Magic Moment
Paisley & District
Jonathon Grotlin's goal gave the home team hope and self-confidence. After that, Lothian was the dominating team.
The through ball from midfield which found Marc Garner in the 30th minute did not leave Lothian's defender any other option but to commit a foul. Having one more player on the pitch than Lothian was one of the keys to winning the game.
Club Views
Paisley & District
Simon Oliphant, coach of Lothian, said: "Especially after the red card we controlled the game and we played fantastic football. However, we made some silly mistakes which cost us the game in the end."
James Lamont, defender of Paisley, said: "We pushed it over the top and especially Thomas Collins was excellent today."
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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