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Sunday, 10 March 2013 13:22

Salvie swim as submerged Star struggle Featured

Written by  Martin Kimi
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Salvesen CFC
Redhall Star YFC
Williams 52
Townsley 67
Doherty 81


Under 19's SERYFL D2
Forrester HS 3G

Malcolm Glabus

By Malcolm Glabus
YFS South East Region Reporter
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salvie3It was a frigid and cold day for the North Edinburgh derby to be played on.

Why Redhall Star YC and Salvesen FC under 19s were destined to play each other on this freezingday, I will never know.The score as the whistle blew was Salvesen CFC 3-0 Redhall Star YFC.

At kickoff Salvesen started with teeth and nails bearing and put Redhall on their toes. 2 minutes in a cross from Jamie Clunie, let Redhall know that the game was going to be a battle for football primacy.

From the beginning, the Star’s defence had to perform some excellent control to keep Salvesen from breaking into accurate try distance. Four minutes in Connor Aitchison started out shining and took a shot at the Salvie’s goalkeeper.

At the 11 minute mark the ball was back in Redhall’s turf and the Star’s proved their defensive merit when not one, not two but three corner kicks were blocked. The last comer from Salvesen was finally headed clear.
The ball made its way up the pitch and into Redhall’s control.

Alex Walker took a fierce shot at the goal, however it was blocked. Chris Hunt of Redhall made an excellent deflection when Jonathon Dede returned the favour as he slipped past Redhall’s defences and took a shot.

The Salvies’ keeper kept calm and carried on blocking the shots from Gallacher, Robertson and Finlay, 26 minutes in. With Gallacher shooting off of the wrong foot it was not much of a challenge for the goalie. The subsequent shots from Robertson and Finlay proved more of a challenge to stop. Redhall had proved their ability to go on the offensive but they just couldn’t find the magic strike.

The score was nil-nil as the whistle blew. This half of the match was dominated by Redhall, and it seemed to be their match to lose.

Half Time: Salvesen CFC 0-0 Redhall Star

salvie2In the second half of the match, I was in for shock. When in the 52nd minute of play of Shaun Williams of Salvesen scored a header out of the blue and left the keeper regretting not having had his wheaties that morning. The ship that Redhall was piloting had begun to spring a few leaks. Salvesen 1-0 Redhall.

In what felt like the longest five minutes of the match, Redhall tried again and again to find an opportunity at goal but just couldn’t reach their would-be feat.

An hour into the match a pass that looked destined for the out of bounds lines was sprung into the back of the net by Jack Townsley as he slid in for a stroke of luck.  Redhall continued to try to empty buckets of water over the side but it proved futile. Salvesen 2 – 0 Redhall

Thomas Doherty headed the ball in after the initial effort sent the ball bouncing off the crossbar. The ship's fate was sealed as the leak had become a massive hole in the boat when they grazed the side of underwater mountain. Salvesen 3 – 0 Redhall.

Alex Walker provided a good quality free kick in the final moments of the game that proved Redhall would compete until the final whistle. The final score was hash on the visitors but Salvesen took their chances and were rewarded with three points.

Full Time: Salvesen CFC 3-0 Redhall Star

Salvesen CFC Redhall Star
3. Ethan Gilles-Denning
5. Jamie Clunie
7. Ben Hughes
8. Shuan Williams
9. Frazier Ewart
10. Daniel Brown
14. Liam Hugh McAdie
14. Thomas Doherty
15. Jack Townsley
16. Craig Roberson
27. Alexander Paget
99. Cameron McCulloch 
1. Chris Hunt
2. Scott Touchston-Hall
3. Josh Lawrie
6. Alexander Walker
8. Connor Aitchison
9. Liam Elder
10. Jamie Aitchison
11. Kevin Finlay
12. Sean McAdam
15. Jack Paterson
16. Colin Robertson
17. Brett Gallacher
Jamie Clunie continuously spread the ball to his team mates and never once held onto it for too long.
Connor Aitchison was excellent going forward and displayed good control of the ball.
Rankin Laing, Coach of Salvesen, said: "(It was a) Good game we took our chances and they didn't and we came out on top."
Scott Robertson, Coach of Redhall, said: "Thoroughly deserved win for Salvie."
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