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Monday, 03 September 2012 01:00

Second half double earns Whitburn victory at Vale

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Hutchison Vale
Whitburn Girls


U15 SWF South East Division
Saughton Park


By Robbie Forsyth
YFS South East Region Reporter
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Hutchison Vale vs Whitburn Girls A mild cloudy Saturday morning at Saughton Park saw a very tense 15's match between Hutchison Vale and Whitburn Girls. As the match drew on, the sun showed face and concluded with the victory of Whitburn Girls.

The game began with an impressive display from the Hutchie girls as they instantly took possession of the ball with an early shot at range from Lauren Mackintosh that was quickly met by Whitburn followed later by an impressive header by Robyn Wilkinson steering the ball away from any obvious danger.

Whitburn then set up for their first attack with a good display of intricate footwork from Robyn Wilkinson and another strong shot at goal, this time from the Whitburn Girls. The attempt was effectively met however, by Hutchie's Demi Summers who quickly changed the direction of play.

Only a mere fifteen minutes into the game and yet many shots at goal had been played. Whitburn's Katie Barrie corageously aimed and forcefully attacked Hutchie's goal, only for Lindsay Golder to scoop the attempt right out of Whitburn's reach.

Following this, yet another impressive attack from Hutchie as Demi Summers skilfully retrieved the ball in a fierce tackle resulting in a powerful shot that was only a few yards short of a chance at their first goal.

As half time approached the girls efforts did not waver as Hutchie's Lauren Mackintosh teased the ball down the pitch towards the goal until Whitburn were able to retrieve the ball stopping the oncoming risk in its tracks.

As well as strong attacks from both sides an active defense was obvious as Whitburn's Jane Marshall defended a forceful attack delivered by Hutchie's Belle Christie ensuring the ball did not hit the target.

The whistle blew at half time marking the end of a highly enthralling first half despite no goals as of yet.

Half Time: Hutchison Vale 0-0 Whitburn Girls

Hutchison Vale vs Whitburn Girls The restart of the match showed some nice touches from both teams followed by some impressive link up play between Hutchie's Louise Picken and Danielle Dunlop resulting in a well fired shot at goal met between the posts however, by the onrushing goalkeeper.

It didn't take long for Hutchie to bounce back however, with Lauren Keay retrieving the ball to smoothly drive it again towards the goal only hesitating slightly to pass to Louise Picken who barely missed the goal, sending the ball slighlty off to the left of the post.

An hour into the match and the game began to heat up with great play from both sides. After a free kick by Whitburn, some quick and effective passes followed, before the ball fell to the feet of Rachel Johnston who sent the ball flying into the back of the net resulting in the first goal of the match. 1-0.

More skill from the Whitburn Girls was displayed when shortly after their first goal, Sophie Kelly got hold of the ball using her very competent dribbling skill to deliver the ball towards the goal once again. Realising the many determined Hutchie players were at her back, Kelly gracefully slid the ball to her teammate Rachel Byrne, who produced a stunning snap shot into the back of the net to make it 2-0.

As the second half drew on, Hutchie were fighting hard to hold on to the ball, refusing to back down. Hutchie's Lauren Mackintosh and Whitburn's Rachel Johnston tackled for the ball for the length of the pitch, both giving their all.

Just before the referee blew the final whistle, Whitburn's Sophie Kelly very nearly landed another shot in the goal but a superb save by Lindsay Golder ensured the score was not altered and as the whistle sounded it signalled a well deserved victory for Whitburn Girls.

Full Time: Hutchison Vale 0-2 Whitburn Girls

Hutchison Vale Whitburn Girls
1. Lindsay Golder
2. Chloe Innes
3. Bethany Wilkinson
4. Vanessa Inman
5. Lauren Keay
7. Demi Summers
8. Rebecca Rennie
10. Louise Picken
11. Danielle Dunlop
12. Aisha Lawrie
14. Lauren Mackintosh
16. Demi-Lee Kelly
17. Belle Christie
23. Nadia Elbekhti

2. Aimee Pringle
3. Lauren Divers
4. Alison Mulraney
5. Amy Brown
6. Jane Marshall
7. Kelly Black
8. Rachel Byrne
9. Nicole Smith
10. Rachel Johnston
11. Robyn Wilkinson
12. Sophie Kelly
13. Lauren Brown
14. Melissa Byrne
15. Sarak- Jane Holt
21. Katie Barrie
22. Sophie Harrison
Lauren Mackintosh never hid, producing some excellent tackling and great footwork.
Rachel Johnston scored a great goal and good defensive qualities when required.
Dougie Jappy, Head Coach of Hutchieson Vale, said: "We played football when we had the ball but the closing down just wasn't there today. We're a new team and you've just got to learn from it."
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