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Lochend and Earlston gather a point apiece

Lochend Youth 1

Siveright 59

Earlston Rhymers 1

Dickson 35
  • Sunday, 24 February 2019
  • Portobello High School
  • Under 15´s
  • SERYFA Division 3

Lochend Youth and Earlston Rhymers managed a goal and red card each as they drew 1-1 in their Division 3 contest in Portobello. On an early Spring day the shared spoils were a fair reflection of a game in which the defences were generally in control.

Matters started slowly, with no meaningful attempts until a snapshot from Rhymers Gavin Dickson went just wide in the 9th minute. Despite significant space occasionally presenting itself on the wings, neither team could connect their approaches into dangerous moves in these early stages.

The match heated up across three minutes midway through the first half. After a Cammy Robertson shot from 20 yards was tipped wide by Lochend’s Zak Eunson, the resulting corner created a frantic goal line scramble. The ball was eventually cleared, but the mood for wild swiping had obviously not been wholly abated: a minute later a violent clash near the Lochend box provoked the referee to reduce both teams to ten.

Lochend’s response to the new numbers was positive, as Jay Stewart had two chances, both set up by fine work by Matthew Hudson. On the first occasion, Hudson embarked on a long run down the left wing before centring; the second was the fruit of a beautiful ball from halfway that Stewart, under pressure, could only toe-poke wide.

But as the interval approached, so Rhymers awoke. In the 34th minute Charlie Haetzman nudged the ball past the last defender but could not beat Eunson when 1-on-1. It did not matter: a minute later a corner was not sufficiently cleared, allowing captain Dickson to win a 50/50 on the edge of the box. With players in every direction, he jabbed the ball high at goal and was delighted to see it fly over the reach on Eunson to give Earlston the lead.

  • Half Time:
  • Lochend Youth
  • 0-1
  • Earlston Rhymers

Lochend started the second half with more urgency and a tactical shift, with Sam Siveright allowed to control and pass the ball in an advanced midfield position. Earlston did not immediately grasp whether defenders or midfielders were marking, and a flurry of Lochend chances subsequently arrived in a hectic 48th minute. These opportunities all involved Rhymers’ keeper Connor McLeod scurrying back, forth, and out of his 18 yard box, the last of which fortunately sent Scott McIntosh too wide.

These missed opportunities were nearly immediately costly for the home team, as a great ball by Dickson sent Rhymers’ Haetzman clear once more. Again Eunson denied the one-on-one. That piece of goalkeeping was sturdier than the parrying upwards of a speculative 30 yard shot by Allan Marr, the slowed ball unnervingly dropping a yard short of the line.

This, however, was Earlston’s last moment of superiority, for Lochend were soon to equalise. In the 59th minute a driven cross from the left struck a defender’s calf and ricocheted to the edge of the area. This was the exact spot at which Siveright was waiting to hit the ball crisp and low and into the bottom left corner. One-all, and all to play for.

There were still over 20 minutes for either side to fashion a winner, but the equaliser appeared to settle the game into a stalemate. For the effort and energy that remained there were few chances, and those were slim. Possession was mostly in the Earlston half, but it was territory alone. The defences were back on top, and the game eased into a comfortable, fair draw.

  • Full Time:
  • Lochend Youth
  • 1-1
  • Earlston Rhymers


Lochend Youth
Earlston Rhymers
1. Zak Eunson
2. Aaron Golden
3. Max Swann
4. Evan Veitch
5. Daniel McIntyre
6. George Nearn (c)
8. Connor Daly
9. Matthew Hudson
10. Jay Stewart
11. Ben Crowther
14. Sam Siveright
15. Calum Barlas
16. Matteo Maiello
18. Marc Shortel
19. Scott McIntosh
20. Adam Laidlaw
1. Connor McLeod
2. Mark Davison
4. Ben Bouache
5. Joe Charlton
6. Gavin Dickson (c)
7. Allan Marr
8. Sander Miles
9. Cammy Robertson
10. Ross Moffat
11. Charlie Haetzman
12. Callum Gourdie
17. Aaron Kennedy
Star Player
Lochend Youth
Earlston Rhymers
Lochend’s best period of the match was largely built around Siveright. However, that their tougher moments during the game only resulted in a single goal had much to do with sweeper Maiello. Getting across to cover behind his fullbacks, and then trying to locate midfielders, Maiello gave Lochend’s defence the security blanket it needed to push forward.
Centre back Bouache was the best player on the pitch. A calming influence on his defence, positive in meeting Lochend’s attacks, and shifting across to help fullbacks when required, he created a spine in the team vertically and horizontally. This is the sort of performance that keeps managers and goalkeepers at ease.
Magic Moment
Lochend Youth
Earlston Rhymers
In the first portion of the second half, Sam Siveright began to dictate play inside the Earlston half. It was therefore appropriate - and perhaps no coincidence - that when a ball fell loose outside the Earlston box Siveright was awaiting it and ready to shoot. Full credit for keeping the ball low as he hit the corner of the net for the equaliser.
With around 10 minutes of the game left, Bouache broke up a Lochend attack and saw 30 yards of free space in front of him. Thus he set off, a buccaneering run from a defender that then took him through the opponent’s midfield. The centre back was eventually crowded out and had to search for support, he and his team mate winning a throw in, but it was a fun moment of adventure.
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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