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Leith scrape past Spartans Youth

Leith Athletic FC 1

Watt '12

Spartan FC Youth 0

  • Saturday, 27 May 2017
  • New Dundas Park
  • Under 13´s
  • Stewart Brien Cup

Although this game may not have looked like a thriller from the scoreline, it was interesting for several other reasons, most notably the fascinating tactical battle that played out in the second half as Leith tried to cling to their narrow lead and Spartans threw everything at them.

Right from kick off, Jordan Young tried a very speculative effort from just behind the halfway line, which Spartan goalkeeper Shaun Azam saved very comfortably. 

The game settled into a general rhythm of a midfield-based fight, characterised by patterns of continuous headers and the occasional rather vicious tackle.

However, it was from a handball that the first and only goal of the game came. 

Just past the ten minute mark, from just inside Spartans' half, and slightly away to the right, Leith won a free kick. 

Young launched a swirling, high ball deep into the Spartan penalty area, causing havoc, as all the Spartan defence seemed to misjudge the ball, allowing the ball to fall straight into the feet of Brodie Watt, who coolly volleyed into the net.

It was a lead that Leith would never give up.

The rest of the opening period passed without much to comment, aside from another free kick that was taken by Young, although this was dealt with in a far more confident fashion by Leith, Azam saving easily.

The tackles were flying in, and by half time, it really was a wonder no one had been badly injured. 

Half time came, with both teams feeling rather frustrated at the fact that their efforts had been significantly hindered by the solidness of the opposing defence.

  • Half Time:
  • Leith Athletic FC
  • 1-0
  • Spartan FC Youth

The game somewhat livened up after half time, with Spartans certainly seeming to wake up a bit.

Despite this the first set of chances fell to Watt, who saw his first effort saved by Azam, and then poked the rebound just wide. 

Several moments later, Leith had another chance when Leon McDonald took on a shot from a very long way out, but this missed comfortably. Finally, Spartans were starting to assert themselves more, as Leith retreated in defence of their lead. 

First, it was Keir Foster, who had a chance from out on the right, but dragged his shot past the far post. 

Not long after this, Spartans' best chance so far, and what would turn out to be their best of the game, fell to Cole McKay, when he got clean through on goal and got a good deal behind it, but it was straight at the keeper.

Foster had another chance, from further out, but shot wide once more. Lewis MacLachlan had a free kick, but sent it over the bar by quite some margin.

The waves of Spartan attacks seemed to be endless, but Leith found an opportunity to hit back, with Daniel Fennel putting a volleyed attempt straight into the arms of Azam. 

There was time for one more chance for Spartans when Connor Daly took on a shot from the edge of the area, but goalkeeper Jason Meikle saved. And that was it. Leith had won, and their joy was very evident. 

Spartans cut a very different picture, looking dejected and disappointed, perhaps with some justification. They really had thrown absolutely everything, but it had been thrown back with interest by Leith.


  • Full Time:
  • Leith Athletic FC
  • 1-0
  • Spartan FC Youth


Leith Athletic FC
Spartan FC Youth
1. Finlay Sinclair
2. Maksylmilan Plucke
3. Zak Williamson
4. Ben Moffat
5. Jamie Ruddy
6. Cameron Chamber
7. Brodie Watt
8. Leon McDonald
9. Ben Aitchison
10. Charles Harte
11. Jordan Young
12. Daniel Fennel
13. Jason Meikle
14. Michele Marenduzzi
15. Connor Young
17. Louie Buckle
1. Shaun Azam
2. Craig McBay
4. Connor Daly
5. Oscar McIntyre
6. Oliver Margate-Badree
7. Eliot Miller
8. Cole McKay
9. Ryan Turner
10. Keir Foster
11.Lewis MacLachlan
14. Jack Egan
15. Adam Weir
16. Rui Black
17. Sean Burrel
Star Player
Leith Athletic FC
Spartan FC Youth
Jordan Young set up the only goal of the game and was the rock that anchored the Leith defence throughout.
Shaun Azam kept out almost all the Leith efforts, and kept Spartans in the game, allowing them to mount an assault in the closing minutes that almost won it for them.
Magic Moment
Leith Athletic FC
Spartan FC Youth
It had to be the lovely volley from Watt that proved to be the winner. The free kick routine appeared to have had some thought put into it and it worked perfectly to win the cup.
Azam's save from the second of Young's free kicks that, like many of his others, kept the game alive. The save itself was made to look relatively easy, but it could easily have ended in the net, which may well have killed of Spartans at that point.
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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