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Currie Star FC U16s steal the highly contested SERYFA Division 2

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Currie Star FC won the SERYFA Division 2 League, finishing on 58 points, closely followed by Easthouses FC on 55 points.
Currie Star had a great record throughout the season, only suffering 2 losses in 22 games. We got the chance to catch up with the coach, John Brock, to find out how they did it. 
Winning the league is one of the highest achievements you can earn in football and the reactions and emotioins from everyone involved in a league win shows just how important it is. Currie Star are no exception to the joy felt from a league win. John said, "We were absolutely delighted and relieved. We missed out the league win by three points last season and we were hugely dissapointed so winning this season makes it less painful." Being able to bounce back after a loss in the previous season is great and it emphasises the strength of the team. 
Picking a favourite moment of the season is a hard task for any coach, and John was no exception. He commented, "Watching the players grow and develop, culminating with them winning the league title had to be a favourite." Working hard all year to reach the league winning moment is what it's all about. Putting in the long shifts and working hard in training and implementing it within games is what makes the difference and Currie Star managed to make it work all season.
Despite a successful season, the boys at Currie Star still had their struggles and challenges. John said this about his trials throughout the season, "Every game was a challenge for the boys because the boys had to keep motivating themselves against good opposition week in and week out. They deserve huge credit for doing so." Being able to stay motivated throughout the season is a hard task, especially after the dissapointment last season. The squad managed to pull it off, and they cemented themselves as league winners.
Finding one single reason for your teams success is a hard task and John think he's found out why they succeeded this season. He said, "We have always coached the players to play the ball out from the back and through the midfield. They have played some fantastic football this season, but more importantly , it had been great to watch." Making the game enjoyable for everyone involved, including spectators ensures that the game is played at it's highest, most competitive level.
After a successful season the boys at Currie Star are looking forward to their promotion. John said, "We will move into Division 1 and work hard to adjust to the faster of the game. It will be a challenge but we will work hard to achieve it." Improving and being able to play against harder competition is what it's all about, Currie Star are hoping to up their game and stay in the top division. 
John had some final comments to add about his team this season, he said. "Three of the current squad have been with us for 10 years, one for 8 years and three for six years so their loyalty should be highlighted. The coaches would like to thank all of the squad for their hard work, dedication and commitment not only for this season but all the year previously."
Congratulations to Currie Star FC and wish them luck in the 1st division next season.
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