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Edinburgh South win the SERYFA U16's Division 3

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Edinburgh South CFC finished top of the league in the SERYFA Division 3. Their league clinching match came against Dalkeith Thistle which finished 4-2 and included a cracking goal to top it off. We spoke with John Watt, one of the coaches to find out what made them successful. 
Edinburgh South finished the season with a great record of 19 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses, ending the season 9 points ahead of second place Gala Fairydean Rovers Colts. The coaches and the boys are pleased with the result, but thought they could have done better, John said "The coaching staff are all very happy with the boys for the hard work they have put in this season, it shows the teams ability to keep fighting and believing in themselves after losing a few silly points throughout the season." Being able to stay motivated and put in the work needed to finish at the top of table after almost losing it all is what makes all the difference in football.
A lot of the boys have never gone this far in the league before, and being league winners for the first time is a huge joy for the squad, John commented, "I don't think it's sunk into the boys yet, they all still look a bit shocked, since this is a lot of the boys' first time in the situation I hope they gain confidence and experience from this and keep winning more." Having the experience of winning a league clinching match and being able to stay calm and collected under pressure should give the boys something to chase. All of the players and coaches will be looking to continue on a winning football career and this first taste of victory could be all it takes to push them further. 
The favourite moment of the season is often a hard thing to choose for coaches, but not for John, he declared "My favourite moment was winning the league, last season I was coaching a different team that just missed out on winning the league. Being able to win it with this group of boys is a pleasure and they deserved it all." An easy but obvious choice for John, nothing comes close to winning the league. Spending all season playing a number of games to finally win it all, couldn't be better.
Edinburgh South faced a lot of challenges throughout the season, but John gave credit to Dalkieth Thistle, the team they beat to win the league. John said "Our biggest challenge could have been in January when we lost 6-4 to Cramond. We thought it was all over and Dalkeith would run away with the league. But Dalkeith started losing points, and we went on a crazy run. That's when we knew our final game would be against Dalkeith and fortunately we came out on top." Both teams had polarizing times in the league, with Dalkeith starting off strong and Edinburgh South starting out slow then the positions changed and Edinburgh South took advantage of it to win the league.
Every team has a reason for their success, and John thinks that the attitude and belief you have in yourself as a player makes a huge difference in the way you perform. John commented "For me, if you believe in yourself, you can be a success. So I told the boys a few times, to believe in themselves and they will do their best to win trophies and have a successful career in football." Having belief in yourself and being able to self-motivate is a huge factor in what makes a player confident and passionate about the game. 
John had some final comments to add, thanking his opponents and colleagues. "I'd just like to thank the boys for the hard work they have put in this season and I hope they enjoy many more. I would also like to thank Dalkeith Thistle for the cracking battle throughout the season, and I would just like to thank all of the other coaches and all the parents for the continuation of support throughout the season. If it wasn't for them, this would never have happened. I would also like to say a massive well done to Paul McKinnon. At the start of the season he was on the verge of folding the team due to losing almost all of his squad, to keep going and showing what he can do was an amazing feat and deserves the praise." John has had a great attitude towards his competitors and for Paul to keep the team running after what happened is a real show of determination, and it all paid off for Edinburgh South CFC. 
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