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Kicktrix™ Is The Revolutionary Football Training Technology

Written by  YFS
Anthony Hamilton, the sports management entrepreneur who guided his son Lewis to Formula One World Champion, has turned his hand to football and launched a device which allows children and adults of all ages to develop their football skills and control techniques while in the comfort of their own home.
The revolutionary KickTrix™ system is designed to improve performance of one of the most crucial skills in football – the keepy-uppy. This time-tested technique improves ball control, fitness, strength, focus and confidence but is hard to practice indoors due to the space required and risk of damage . However, KickTrix™ solves these problems.
By tethering the ball to a central console Anthony invented a device, which allows the freedom of movement required to practice a keepy-uppy without needing a large space and with no risk of damaging furniture! It enables players to keep fit and practice improving their fine and gross motor skills even if they don’t have access to enough space outside, or if the weather isn’t good enough.
Click Here to watch Miller practice his tricks with KickTrix™
KickTrix™ is small enough to fit in the corner of a room, so players can train at anytime and anywhere. This also makes it easy to build into physical therapy programmes, especially for anyone returning from any sort of leg injuries, as it helps to build up ligament, tendon and muscle strength through repeated movement. The ball is connected to the central console via a removable connector, which slots neatly into beginner or advanced positions allowing greater or shorter reaction time.
Each KickTrix™ unit is able to display and keep a performance log, which can be used by players, parents and coaches to track progress. This is done through a customised KickTrix™ app, which records data via a unique reference number. The app, which can be downloaded via the KickTrix™ website, allows friends to compete against one another and take part in future KickTrix™ championships. The highest national scores are displayed live on the Freestyle League on the KickTrix™ website and top scorers will be entered into a championship competition due to be announced in 2017.
On why he invented KickTrix™, Anthony Hamilton explains: “I came up with the idea after visiting a friend’s house. She has three boys who love football. They haven’t got a big front room and were knocking a football about. The ball was going everywhere and breaking things as they were trying to do keepy-uppies. It gave me the idea of coming up with something to help them train and improve their ball control without fear of breaking anything.
"KickTrix is a training tool that allows young players to be the very best they can be. The better you are at ball control, the fitter you are and the more chance you have of being a much better football player. KickTrix™ allows players to train themselves to be focused, confident and dedicated on the ball and in the process, learn how to improve their skill and ultimately – their game.
"It’s so important that youngsters do some form of exercise and in a culture where so many sit for hours in front of their computers, I wanted to create a fun training system that would get kids active but still allow them to have fun and compete and interact with their friends via the KickTrix™ app.”
KickTrix™ is suitable for players of all ages. The system is portable and each unit has a carry handle and can be filled with either sand or water for stability. KickTrix™ has already won an A’ Design Award and has been nominated for The Plastic Industry Awards’ Consumer Product Design of the Year award. KickTrix™ comes in four standard colours and bespoke designs and limited editions are available - it can also be customised with personal initials and numbers at the point of sale. KickTrix™ is priced from £199 - £250 and can be purchased via the KickTrix™ website.
For more information, news, videos and views visit www.kicktrix.com. Like KickTrix™ on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.
To order Kicktrix™, go to the Order Now page on their website.
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