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Watch: Hibernian FC run Fourth Quarter Kids recruitment event

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Hibernian FC's youth academy recruitment took a unique step and organised a pilot event aimed at providing an opportunity to young players who are potentially disadvantaged by the time of year they were born.

YFS TV visited the event. Watch a selection of highlights and interviews below:

Graeme Mathie said: "We were delighted with the turn-out to the 4th Quarter Kids event. The whole idea was for us as a Club to bring together players born late in the year as research has shown youngsters born in the 4th quarter of the year appear to have less opportunity to engage in a talent pathway within team sports. Academic studies show that this isn’t simply an ‘Academy’ problem, nor is it just a football problem, nor is it just a Scottish problem and as a Club we used our own research to start the ball rolling and find ways we can identify players who might not be currently viewed as the ‘best’ in their age group – possibly because they are 10-12 months younger than the oldest players in their team.

"The research goes further than just to suggest that physically developed players stand more of a chance of being seen. I am delighted that our ID Scouts have identified a wide range of players at the youngest age. Some of them are tall, some are small, some are quick, some are technically better than their peers but they have all been identified because they influence matches with their youth clubs.

"This event was an opportunity for us to explore other ways to identify players for the Club who have an attitude and skill-set that we can develop. There were over 70 youngsters who turned up on the day. The youngest players were involved in sport science testing and we can compare their results with those we have invited into the Academy of a similar age. All players were viewed in matches against their peers and we now have a further database of players we can ask scouts to view differently in matches, with the knowledge they are younger than most others involved in that particular game.

"We have invited 4 players to train with Academy squads a year younger – so now they are in a football environment where they are 2-3 months older than the majority of their peers and not 7-12 months younger and we hope this will give us an advantage as we look to recruit talented players for the Academy.”
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